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Kidney Failure in dogs – A senior superdog’s battle

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Kidney Failure in dogs - A senior superdog's battle

When you hear senior rescue, what does it mean to you? To us, it means finally finding a forever home, the place to spend your golden years. We are so happy for The Marvelous Miss Minn. She was a 16-year-old female dog, when she was picked by her mom Kate. This little superdog is now the happiest pup in the world.

Kate shared with us her Gotcha Day Story about Miss Minn’s first night at home. A story which many of our pet parents can relate to.

When I brought her home she was so, so stressed and sick. Our first night together we spent with her panting madly and walking back and forth and back and forth in the house. I just let her do it because I knew she had to settle in on her own, which she finally did. It took her another 4 weeks to regain her health and six months after, she finally wagged that nubby little tail of hers. It was well worth the wait!! Three years later, when I look at her, I’m not sure who rescued who!


The Marvelous Miss Minn came to us in July, when she was diagnosed with Kidney failure. Her mom did not have much information about The Marvelous Miss Minn’s past. This included knowledge about what health issues she had faced and what she was going to go through. Mom Kate was determined to help her in every way possible, and reached out to us explaining her furbaby’s situation. On that cue, we immediately sprung into action.

The Marvelous Miss Minn-Tripsy-MilkThistle-Turmeric-NHV

For our sweet lady, we suggested a holistic regimen with the help of Kidney Failure Super Support Kit which consists of:
Tripsy – our main supplement for Kidney health and urinary tract disorders. It helps to keep a healthy urinary tract, including the kidneys, bladder and the pathways in between them. An all-natural anti-inflammatory, Tripsy also helps with the breakdown of kidney stones and crystals, easing painful urination and other symptoms.
Milk Thistle – for overall kidney and liver health. It works hard to detoxify the liver and kidneys, removing harmful toxins which can be built up from taking vet prescribed pharmaceuticals.

For liver conditions it is especially important, as it helps the liver regenerate. Containing high anti oxidant properties, your pet benefits from anti-cancer support as well as promoting cellular regeneration.
Turmeric –  is well known as being a superfood, and for pets this is especially true. Paired with lots of our products, Turmeric makes an excellent addition to most pet health care regimes. It has wide ranging uses including anti inflammatory properties which make it a great choice for joints conditions like Arthritis, and it also aids the heart and digestion.

The Marvelous Miss Minn-Tripsy-MilkThistle-Turmeric

Kidney failure in senior pets can be very painful and uncomfortable. We always advise our pet parents to take medications prescribed by the vet along with our natural supplements. This will ensure that they are receiving the best care possible.

After starting the Kidney Failure Super Support Kit, The Marvelous Miss Minn started to show improvement. She was becoming brighter and more active as the days went by.  Kidney Failure can not be reversed but Kate has ensured that Miss Minn is comfortable and happy for as long as she she will be with her Mom.

NHV-The Marvelous Miss Minn-Tripsy-MilkThistle-Turmeric

For new Paw-rents of senior rescues we have a Rejuvenation Kit for Senior Pets. This kit helps boost their immune system, ease aching joints, provide digestive support and give them all the vitamins that they need. The kit itself contains 3 of our most popular supplements.

Multi Essentials – Older pups need extra help staying healthy, and our blend of multi vitamins and minerals helps to reduce fatigue, promote a healthy skin and coat, and aid in digestion! Vitamin deficiencies can cause many problems, including hair loss, fatigue, skin problems and reproductive issues.

Yucca – provides a source of pain relief for inflamed muscles and joints by acting as a great anti inflammatory. A highly nutritive herb, Yucca is rich in Vitamin C, Beta- Carotene, B Vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, protein, niacin and phosphorus. Yucca also helps with digestion and improving appetite.

Old Timer – supports our more elderly pups helping to soothe painful joints and arthritis, ease inflammation and rejuvenate their energy levels. Containing 6 different herbs: Guggul, Asian Ginseng, Ginger, Astragalus, Alfalfa, and Cayenne. Old Timer also helps support the spleen, lymph nodes, and major arteries.


Unfortunately, TMMM had to be put down on October 18th, 2019. Her health had declined due to the old age and she had pretty much stopped eating. It was very apparent to her mom, Kate, that she was in pain and was having bouts of depression and she knew TMMM deserved so much more than that.  After a very difficult two weeks and a very long and difficult conversation with her vet, they both agreed that it would be the kindest thing to do for her. We will cherish all the memories we’ve shared with our little terrier girl.


This little superdog stole our hearts at NHV and we wish her many more happy golden years with her mom. For senior rescues life can be tough. Depending on where they have come from they may not have received the correct nutrition and care through their lives. This can leave them more susceptible to illnesses. As a pawrent of a senior rescue it is also tricky to know how to help. Our pups cannot tell us what they have been through, and we do not know what underlying conditions they have. Your NHV Pet Experts can guide you and are always here to help you. We have a special room in our hearts for the frosted faces. We love your pets, naturally!

Published: August 31, 2019

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