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Pet Health Information & Learning Center

Pet owners everywhere can discover which diseases may be putting their pet’s well-being at risk here at NHV’s learning center. NHV is proud to offer essential pet health information and resources on common cat and dog health issues. Learn how to identify early symptoms, what the common treatment options are, and how you can help your pet stay healthy.

Proactive Pet Parenting

Making sure your pets live a happy, healthy life starts with knowing what symptoms and diseases to watch out for during their lifetime. Pet owners who are aware of the common dog and cat health issues pets face can provide preventative care and recognize what may be the early signs of kidney or heart disease. Early diagnosis in pets with diseases like cancer can be the difference in a healthy life for your animal companion.

Remember: it’s easier to prevent a disease than treat it.
Find important pet health information and preventative solutions for common pet health issues today.

Common Cat Conditions

What to Know if Your Dog or Cat has Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the exocrine part of the pancreas. The pancreas is a glandular organ located in the abdominal cavity near the stomach which produces several important hormones.

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What to Know if Your Dog or Cat has Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease or chronic renal failure is kidney dysfunction lasting longer than 3 months.

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Supporting Dogs and Cats with Seizures

Seizures in pets, also called convulsions or fits, are sudden neurologic events that cause changes in consciousness and involuntary movement.

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Common Dog Conditions

Lymphoma in Cats and Dogs

This condition is a cancer of the white blood cells known as lymphocytes B or T, lymph tissues, lymph nodes (glands), spleen, liver, bone marrow, and thymus.

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Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs Cushing’s Disease

Hyperadrenocorticism arises from the overproduction of glucocorticoid hormones by one or both adrenal glands.

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Causes, Care, and Signs for Food Allergies in Dogs and Cats

A food allergy is a reaction to a specific food by the body’s immune system.

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Prevent and Heal with Natural Pet Products

Many common cat and dog health issues stem from nutritional gaps in a pet’s diet. NHV’s natural pet products can help supplement your pet’s diet by providing essential herbs in a palatable formula pets love. Our holistic pet aids are safe, effective, and ethically-sourced. Pet parents who are looking for alternatives to many name brand pet aids may also love NHV.

Our pet health information learning center can help you pinpoint what essential nutrients benefit certain health conditions. Finding NHV products to complement your pet’s treatment plan is easy once you have an official diagnosis from a veterinarian. Filter through our wide array of herbal solutions by species, breed, or condition. Many of our supplements provide preventative support as well for dog and cat health issues like lymphoma, joint pain, and diabetes.

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