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Everything You Need to Know About Your Pet's Health

6 Facts About Cats That Will Surprise You

Pet Care Tips 2 min read

Loyal, intelligent, and cuddly. Cats are wonderful little companions that are always there for us when we need them. But did you know your purrrfect feline buddy has tons of qualities about them that make them unique and ameowzing? Keep reading to learn these 6 facts about cats that will surprise you! Scent-marking Your cat...

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Featured Articles

Is Chamomile Safe For Pets?

Herbs For Pets 3 min read

Chamomile is a commonly known plant among humans. Its apple-scented smell appeals to many of us to use it in teas and use this plant’s properties to calm us down, help with digestion and decrease inflammation and pain. You may be wondering if chamomile is safe for pets and if it is, does it have...

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beautiful blue-eyed Shine recovered from corneal ulcer

How Shine The Cat With A Corneal Ulcer Recovered

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read

Shine is a beautiful blue-eyed cat with corneal ulcer. She nearly had her eye amputated. Fortunately, she received support and supplements in time.

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When Zelie was diagnosed with liver disease, her furmama Marybeth reached out to us for some extra support.

Liver Disease In Dogs And How Zelie Conquered It

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read

Dogs have such a special way of connecting with humans. Whether they’re cuddled up next to you or staring at you lovingly from across the room, our furkiddo’s unconditional love and quiet support can be so comforting especially when we need it most. That’s why it’s so hard seeing your furry little ones if they’re...

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husky dog laying down and human hand holding a large clump of shedded dog hair

Spring Shedding or Hair Loss?

Pet Care Tips 3 min read

Do you feel that your dog is shedding more and more lately? You’re not crazy, over-shedding is normal if it happens twice a year and in a consistent manner. But how can you be sure if it is just seasonal/spring shedding or hair loss? An easy way to tell is if there is no alopecia...

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Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous

Capturing Hearts and Photos: The PBJ Pack Story

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 5 min read

Nothing goes together better than PB&J. We know you’re probably thinking about the sandwich, but we’re talking about a different kind of PBJ. The one and only @PBJ_Pack! The PBJ Pack is made up of four adorable pups Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser, and Jax, and their pawrents Pete and Brandi! These six travel around Arizona, their home state,...

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Charlie: The Little Rascal Living With Joint Pain

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 2 min read

We recently caught up with our NHV furriend @charlie.little.rascal to get to know Charlie a little bit better. Charlie is a 5-year-old pup who’s always active and running around. We met him when his pawrent reached out for support for Charlie’s joint pain. He had weakness in his hind legs, a luxating patella, and a spondylopathy. He was having...

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Patch And The Mystery Coughing in Cats

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 3 min read

There can be many reasons why your kitten is coughing a lot. If the rumbly purr turned into a cough, that means something is irritating their throat, airways, or lungs. Kristen reached out to us because of her fur baby, Patch, as he had a mysterious cough for the last two years. Patch started taking Stimmune and Resp-Aid...

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Five Floofy Furriends: Supporting A Dog With Liver Failure

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 3 min read

We recently caught up with our NHV furriends @angelswithwetnoses to get to know the floofs a little bit better. Angels With Wet Noses is a pack of five beautiful girls named Penelope, Flower, Zoey, Ruthie, and Daisy. We met the furmily when their pawrent reached out for support with Ruthie’s skin issues and Daisy after...

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Easy Recipes For Pets

Homemade Peanut Butter For Pets With Just TWO Ingredients!

Easy Recipes For Pets 2 min watch

It’s no surprise that dogs love peanut butter – so in this video, we’re going to show you how to make this homemade peanut butter for pets with just two ingredients! Peanut butter is high in protein and is a good source of vitamins and proteins. Peanut butter contains healthy fats and is a source...

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#AskNHV​: The Easiest Eggshell Calcium Powder Recipe EVER!

Video play button icon

#AskNHV​: The Easiest Eggshell Calcium Powder Recipe EVER!

Pet Diet & Nutrition 2 min watch

STOP throwing away your eggshells! This eggshell calcium powder is the easiest recipe to make and is a great source of nutrients for both humans and our furry friends! Eggshells are rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and many studies have shown that eggshell calcium helps with arthritic pain and increased bone density. Turning those...

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thanksgiving recipe for pets. Turkey patties and pumpkin pie tarts

Thanksgiving Recipe For Pets

Easy Recipes For Pets 3 min read

As we start planning our Thanksgiving dinner, we can’t forget to make a meal for those we’re incredibly thankful to have in our lives each day – our pets! In this blog, we’re putting together a Thanksgiving recipe for pets that will be an entree and dessert that is suitable for both cats and dogs....

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Rat terrier mix dog eating sushi from chopsticks on orange background. Chopsticks holding a piece of sushi above a plate with the rest of the sushi roll with NHV Matricalm in the background.

Salmon Sushi Recipe For Dogs And Cats

Easy Recipes For Pets 4 min read

We love sushi, so it only makes sense our furkiddos would too! Sushi shouldn’t be fed to your pet as a regular meal but it makes a nice treat on special occasions. This salmon sushi recipe for dogs and cats is easy to make and can be enjoyed by humans and furry ones alike! When...

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Vet Talks

Why Should You Spay Your Dog Or Cat?

Vet Talks 5 min read

Spaying is a term that refers to the removal of the female reproductive organs, the ovaries and/or the uterus. Some pet owners may have concerns when talking about spaying their pets. You may ask yourself if there are benefits or if you will regret it in the future. So here are some good reasons to...

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Two veterinarians in blue scrubs examining a Boston terrier dog. Why should you neuter your dog or cat

Why Should You Neuter Your Dog Or Cat?

Vet Talks 4 min read

Neutering is a term used to refer to the removal of the testicles of a male pet. There are still many people who have doubts about neutering their pets. Some pet owners, especially men, feel like neutering is taking away their pet’s manhood, while many others are afraid of possible weight gain or personality changes....

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happy terrier mix dog sitting outside on the grass on a sunny day wearing a collar

How To Choose The Right Collar For Your Pet

Vet Talks 7 min read

Collars are an essential part of dog ownership. They allow dogs to be identified, they allow pet parents to walk their pooches on a leash and they also provide a proper place to hang important information such as ID, license, and vaccination status, for instance. For many pet parents, getting a collar for your new...

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Sick cat laying on a blue blanket - feline calicivirus

Feline Calicivirus: Prevention and Support

Vet Talks 4 min read

Today we are talking about the most charismatic felines in this world, of course, I am talking about cats. As much as they are independent and appear to be made of iron, kitties can suffer from infectious diseases, especially respiratory ones like Feline Calicivirus. What Is Feline Calicivirus? Calicivirus is an infectious disease that directly...

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