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Hairball Control Kit

Natural Support for Hairballs and Digestive Health

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Coughs and Whiskers: A Comprehensive Look at Hairballs in Cats

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Even though hairballs in cats is a natural phenomenon for kitties to experience, it can be concerning to see our little ones gag and retch. This informative guide will help you understand, manage, and potentially minimize these pesky hairballs.

What are hairballs?

Hairballs in cats are compacted masses of fur that accumulate in your kitty’s stomach or intestines. During their grooming rituals, cats will ingest loose hair. Ideally, it will pass smoothly through the digestive system and exits unnoticed. However, sometimes, the fur accumulates, forming a hairball that our kitties may struggle to eliminate naturally.

Symptoms of hairballs blockage in cats

side view of a young grey tabby maine coon cat experiencing Hairballs in Cats sitting in a grey litter box in front of white wallpaper

Monitoring your kitty can help you identify signs of hairballs:

  • Persistent Retching & Vomiting: This is the most prevalent indicator. Your kitty may gag or even throw up in an attempt to get rid of the blockage.
  • Straining in the Litter Box: You might observe your cat straining to defecate as they attempt to pass the hairball.
  • Appetite Loss: The discomfort caused by the hairball can lead to a temporary loss of interest in food.
  • Lethargy: Hairballs can make your cat feel sluggish and less energetic.

How to prevent hairballs in cats naturally?

While hairballs are a common occurrence, proactive measures can help minimize their frequency! Here are some actions you can take at home:

grey british shorthair with hairballs in cats being fed a spoon full of food
  • Regular Brushing: Brushing your cat consistently and regularly (at least once daily) can help prevent tangles and remove dead hair (hairball ingredient!).
  • Keep em Hydrated!: Adequate hydration maintains healthy coats! Water also supports digestion and helps the clumps of fur smoothly pass through your cat’s digestive tract. To encourage water drinking, you can put multiple water bowls around your house or use a water fountain!
  • Hairball Control Diet: For instance, adding fiber to your kitty’s diet facilitates the passage of hair through their digestive system, mitigating blockages. You can incorporate a high-fiber cat diet from pumpkin and sweet potatoes, all of which are excellent fiber sources that aid in reducing hairball formation!

Natural remedies for hairballs in cats

In addition to the measures mentioned above, some natural supplements might offer some relief for your kitty with hairball issues too!

NHV Hairb-Ez is a natural hairball remedy that helps your little one pass indigestible hair from their system and reduces regurgitated hair. It also helps with hairball blockage symptoms like vomiting, eases constipation caused by hair build-up, and helps reduce discomfort and bloating.

NHV PetOmega 3 contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial in reducing inflammation and preventing hairball obstructions in cats.

Hairballs in cats, though unpleasant, are a natural part of a cat’s life. By understanding the causes, implementing preventive measures, and knowing how to manage hairballs naturally, you can help minimize its occurrences!

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Published: April 12, 2024

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