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Cat Hairball Remedy

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Anxiety and hairballs in cats? A timid Jeffrey was overgrooming.

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Anxiety and hairballs in cats? A timid Jeffrey was overgrooming.

Clearly, the little guy had been overgrooming.

What’s that one sound which a pet parent would never want to hear? The sound of a hairball getting ejected.  Even more effective at springing you into action than a fire alarm.

Jeffrey’s mom Allison is one of our dearest pet moms who always turn to us for advice and tries to do what she can naturally before resorting to strong medications. She ensures all her kitties go to the vet regularly and get all the care they need.  Jeffrey had always been a nervous little guy and we weren’t surprised when Allison told us about his hairball troubles. Clearly, the little guy had been overgrooming. Jeffrey’s timid nature and long hair contributed to terrible hairball issues.

Jeff-jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-Cat-Lion cut-timid

After getting to know Jefferey better, our first two recommended supplements were Matricalm and Hairb-EZ. Matricalm helps keep kitties calm and Hairb EZ helps the body eliminate ingested hairballs in poop.

jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-multi-essentials-Cat-Lion cut-matricalm-calm

While Jeffrey found his way to a comfortable holistic solution, we thought why not shed some more light on this concern of an overgrooming cat, anxiety, and hairballs

jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-multiessentials-Cat-Lion cut-timid

What causes hairballs?

Hairballs happen when your cat is licking her/his fur clean, tiny little hooks on their tongue collect loose hair and your cat swallows these little strands, which eventually form into a hairball–medically known as a trichobezoar.

How do cats naturally get rid of it?

Cats generally hack, to vomit the hairball out.

When should you see a doctor?

Typically, cats are able to pass hairballs on their own, but if you notice them getting too many hairball episodes or if you notice them straining to poop, it could mean that vet attention is critical. Other signs that a kitty with hairballs will show include lethargy, constipation, diarrhea, and lack of appetite, you will know something is amiss.

What precautionary methods can you take?

Here are our tips that should help you help your cat with anxiety lead hairballs👇

1. Brush your kitty’s hair

Jeff-jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-Cat-Lion cut

Cats are usually picky about who should be touching them, brushing can be challenging. In most cases, only a pet parent can do this. Brushing can significantly reduce anxiety, build a warm bond and also reduce hairball occurrences. For shorthaired cats, a fine-toothed flea comb works well. It also removes the undercoat and dead fur. For long-haired cats, one can use wide-toothed combs.

2. Try the “lion cut”

jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-multi-essentials-Cat-Lion cut-matricalm-lion hair cut

The “lion cut” requires the fur to be shaved down to the skin. As a pet parent, you will be surprised to know how well tolerated the “lion cut” is by the kitties themselves; for a fact, they seem to feel much better after!

3. Introduce fiber and nutrition to their diet

jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-multi-essentials-Cat-Lion cut-matricalm

Try pumpkin or plain yogurt for a natural approach. NHV Multi Essentials can help promote digestion, fill dietary gaps, and also support a healthy coat.

4. Cat Hairball Remedies:

jeffrey-hairballs-hairB EZ-NHV-multi-essentials-Cat-Lion cut-matricalm-lion

Supplements, like lubricant hairball remedies, can help alleviate and prevent hairballs. We suggest products without petroleum. A natural formula, which we recommend is NHV Hairb-Ez, which helps support the liver in addition to helping to dissolve hairballs.

5. Help reduces stress:

Jeffrey cat sitting with NHV supplements

NHV Matricalm is a natural supplement that helps cats cope with stressful situations. There are various other ways that you could use in conjunction to help your cat. Some cats show improvement when given an enclosed space in the house to call their own and feel safe in. It should have their food, water, litter box, and all the smells that they associate with positive memories. Some cats calm down when you play soft piano music or acoustic guitar rhythms. Some cats appreciate being given the time to bond with each person or animal in the house, individually. Whatever it takes to help your cat calm down, we are here to help you.

These are general tips for long-term support and prevention, but if your cat’s furbaby is showing signs of overgrooming and excessive hairballs, a vet visit is always the best idea.

In case you have any other questions, just reach out to us! We’d be happy to come up with a natural solution for your pet’s health problems.

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Published: September 18, 2019

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