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Hairball Control Kit

Natural Support for Hairballs and Digestive Health

USD $93.90
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Tatiana Had Terrible Bouts of Hairballs Until NHV Hairb-Ez

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Tatiana Had Terrible Bouts of Hairballs Until NHV Hairb-Ez

Hairballs! The gift your cats often leave for you around the house or right on your bed. But when they get too frequent, you should worry. Cat mommy, Randi from Toronto, had started to get worried about her precious cat Tatiana. Here’s what she left as a review for us:

My cat used to suffer from terrible bouts of hairballs–to the point that vet visits and tests would be needed to ensure she wasn’t dangerously dehydrated and her kidneys were okay. She was on this product for a year and in the entire time she didn’t toss up one hairball. I ran out of the product a few weeks ago and since then, she’s had two bad bouts with the dreaded hairballs. I’m now completely convinced this product works wonders.

Thank you, Randi, for your lovely review. We are glad to be able to help Tatiana with her furballs. Some cats have a natural tendency to have trouble expelling hairballs.

Hairb-Ez is safe long-term support that is all-natural and effective. Besides helping with hairball elimination through normal stool, it also supports the liver, reduces discomfort, and relieves constipation caused due to hairballs plugging up the intestines.

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Published: August 8, 2017

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