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The Benefits of Echinacea For Pets

Herbs For Pets 4 min read
Bright purple echinacea flowers growing in a field. The benefits of echinacea for pets.

Echinacea is a very popular plant, and you may already be familiar with it. You can find them as purple, daisy-like flowers in your garden, favorite teas or cough drops you take for colds. Humans and furry friends alike can benefit from echinacea as holistic support. We’re here to help you better understand the benefits of echinacea for pets.

What is Echinacea?

Echinacea refers to multiple species of plants in the sunflower family. There are nine species of echinacea native to North America. A common name for echinacea is purple coneflower. Echinacea purpurea is the most common species of echinacea.

Echinacea is a perennial plant that blooms in early to late summer. It is often purple in color, ranging from pale to dark, and can grow up to 40 inches tall. Echinacea prefers to grow in open plains and woodland areas. These plants are a threatened species by overharvesting in the West. Echinacea is only wild in small areas west of the Missouri River. The echinacea commercially available for gardens or herbal products now comes from plants cultivated in the US and Europe.

Fresh and dried echinacea plants laying on a wooden table.

History and Traditional Use of Echinacea

Indigenous people of North America have traditionally used echinacea. The Comanche people used it for toothaches and sore throats, while the Sioux people used it as a remedy for snake bites, septic conditions, and rabies.

Humans often use this herb for colds, flu, throat infections, allergies, respiratory problems, skin issues, and fatigue.

Medicinal Properties of Echinacea

Many active ingredients in echinacea make it beneficial for medicinal use, especially for the immune system. Studies have found this herb to help fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Echinacea can be beneficial for respiratory conditions, skin issues, and wounds. The key uses of echinacea are its immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, detoxifying, anti-allergenic, and wound healing properties.

The properties in echinacea that support the immune system come from various chemical compounds, that’s why it is effective in multiple forms. The key active ingredients in echinacea include:

  • Alkamides – which have antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Caffeic acid esters (echinacoside and cynarin) – which are thought to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulating properties
  • Polysaccharides – which help protect the body from invading microbes
  • Humulene volatile oil – which may have anti-inflammatory effects
Dried echinacea flowers, stems, leaves, and roots, in a wooden bowl.

How to Use The Benefits of Echinacea for Pets

The roots, leaves, stems, and flowers can all be used for medicinal properties, even though the roots are the most potent. Echinacea can be beneficial for proactively supporting a pet’s immune system. Echinacea’s properties may work synergistically with other medicinal herbs like Oregon grape, usnea, and goldenseal.

Echinacea is considered a safe herb for both humans and pets.

Echinacea is considered a safe herb for both humans and pets. To ensure that your pet receives the right dosage for their size and health condition, we recommend using echinacea in supplements formulated for pets.

We use two types of echinacea in NHV products: Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea. These two species are often interchangeable because they have similar active compounds.

Echinacea in NHV Supplements

We use Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea in eight NHV products.

Alge-Ex is our herbal supplement formulated to help pets with environmental and seasonal allergies. Echinacea is included in this formula for its anti-allergenic properties.

All-Clear Ointment is the topical ointment we recommend for skin issues like bacterial or fungal infections, and inflamed or irritated skin. Echinacea helps promote skin healing and fight infections.

BK-Detox is a formula to support the immune system and detoxification of the vital organs and blood. We often recommend this supplement for pets fighting cancer.

Echo Gold is our herbal ear drops to help with ear issues like infections and irritation. These ear drops are also helpful for regular ear cleanings. We use echinacea in this formula to help fight infections and promote healing.

Lesstress is a supplement that we recommend for dogs with anxiety or stress. Stress can make pets more susceptible to illness and echinacea is in this blend to help support the immune system.

Mouth Drops is like a natural mouth wash for your pet. Mouth Drops works great with regular brushing and dental cleanings to prevent dental issues. We use echinacea in this formula for helping to fight bacteria in the mouth.

Stimmune can be beneficial for pets struggling with food allergies, autoimmune conditions, and recurrent infections. We use echinacea in this blend to support the immune system, support healing, and help fight infections.

Tripsy is our natural support for kidney, bladder, and urinary health. Echinacea is beneficial for fighting bacterial and fungal infections of the urinary system.

Our team of pet experts is here to help! Feel free to reach out using the button below to ask your questions about using echinacea for your furry friend.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: November 3, 2021

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