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Matricalm for Cats

Natural Help for Stress Reduction, Anxiety Relief, Behavioral Problems, and Aggression in Cats

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Understanding Pets And Stress

Vet Talks 3 min read
tabby cat hiding under a multicolor blanket with mouth open and looking scared. pets and stress

Pets, just like us, show stress in various ways and we need to be paying attention to the signs they give us since they cannot verbalize their feelings. Stress can be dangerous and, depending on what is causing the stress, it can be life-threatening. This blog will help you better understand pets and stress.

Signs of Stress

Dogs show stress by panting, pacing around, and being restless. A sign in cats is open-mouth breathing.

Dogs show stress by panting, pacing around, and being restless. Sometimes they will bark and shake, some will try to hide or be extra clingy. One of the main signs of stress in cats is open-mouth breathing. If that happens, please take your cat to the veterinarian, since this can be serious and a symptom of issues like heart issues. Overall, if the signs of stress are constant and not obvious (like in cases of fireworks and loud noises that you know what the source is), it is always important to check with your trusted veterinarian to rule out any health issues.

Causes Of Stress

Common causes of stress can vary from potentially harmless new situations or change in routine, like the arrival of a new baby, moving houses, or even if their human has changed jobs and daily habits. Stress can also be caused by more serious situations like heat waves and cold waves, trips, going to the vet, and health issues that can cause discomfort

. Loud noises, like fireworks, thunderstorms, and sirens, are very common causes of stress that can create panic and if the pets are not in a controlled environment, they can hurt themselves.

Stress can be both a symptom of a pre-existent health condition, as well as be the cause of a health condition. Depending on the levels of stress the life’s pet can be threatened. For example, heat and cold waves can cause immense stress that can lead the pet to overheat (in a heat wave) or lose body temperature ( in a cold wave) and die. Heart or breathing issues can be a constant source of stress in pets, causing them to constantly pant and pace while trying to breathe better, as well as put their lives at risk if they cannot breathe or if they are overstimulated.

Chihuahua dog standing outside on grass, looking scared and cowering back from a person's hand. Stress and pets.

How To Help Your Pet Cope With Stress

The best way to prevent common causes of stress is trying to predict what can cause stress and be ready. Herbal supplements like Matricalm and Lesstress can be important allies in these situations. Natural calming supplements can be safely used long-term and they are particularly important for pets that suffer from anxiety, excessive fear, and even excessive excitement.

Matricalm is an all-natural supplement that provides anxiety and stress relief in cats and promotes calm behavior. Helps calm aggression and reduce agitation. Safe for long-term use in dogs and cats.

Lesstress is natural support for dogs with stress and anxiety. Because it is a calming formula, it also helps with discomfort.

If your pet is already stressed, try to put them in a closed room with less or no stimulation. Especially if the source of stress is noise, this can be helpful to calm them down. If they are stressed because of heat, pay attention to see if it is possible to cool them with ice packs and cold blankets only, or if the signs are severe, rush them to the vet. For a cold wave, keep them comfortable and warm. If the body temperature is too low and if you notice any change in the color of the skin, like frostbite and cyanosis, also rush them to the vet. These conditions can be fatal, so not wasting time is essential.

For predictable sources of stress, like fireworks, moving to a new home, or even going to the vet, preparing them with herbal supplements, training them to be handled, and to like the carriers (if they need carriers) can help with decreasing the stress.

Each type of stress requires a different approach to help the pet. Sometimes small actions like holding the pet and putting them in a blanket will solve the case. Sometimes, however, only a veterinarian can assess the source of stress and treat it. Always contact your trusted veterinarian in these cases.

At NHV we love your pets naturally and with Lesstress and Matricalm we can help them live a calm and peaceful life. If you have any questions about managing your pet’s stress, feel free to ask our team of pet experts by clicking the button below.

Dr. Rebeca Oliveira DVM

Dr. Rebeca Oliveira DVM

Dr. Rebeca is a holistic veterinarian from Brazil with a passion for natural and integrative medicine. She’s been studying integrative medicine and alternative (and healthier) diets since 2015, and now started to study the power of herbs with the NHV Family. In her spare time, you can find her spending time with her golden retriever, Kuga.

Published: October 1, 2021

2 replies

  1. Jill says:

    Hi. My elderly cat has an overactive thyroid and after four years is no longer responding to the medication in the same way. Her T4 count is high, she continues to lose weight and excessive itching is leading to overgrooming. Worrying she has also developed a heart murmur. Can you suggest a herbal remedy which may be useful and make her more comfortable?

    1. Team NHV says:

      Hi Jill,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

      We’re so sorry to hear that your sweet girl isn’t feeling well. It sounds like she must be uncomfortable. Thank you so much for sticking by her when she needs you most, we’re sure she appreciates you so much.

      We would recommend our Hyperthyroidism Gold Support Kit for your little one’s overactive thyroid. This kit contains Resthyro and Turmeric which when used together can help to relieve uncomfortable symptoms, support the thyroid, and controls hormone production. This kit can also help to support important organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, and circulatory system.

      Here’s more information on the Hyperthyroidism Gold Support Kit for you:

      In addition to the Hyperthyroidism Gold Support Kit, we also recommend our Hearty-Heart. This supplement can help to support healthy heart function, relieves uncomfortable symptoms like weakness and difficulty breathing, and can also help with circulation and pulmonary issues.

      Here’s more on Hearty-Heart for you:

      We hope all this information helps! We know it’s a lot to take in so please feel free to ask us any questions! Sending lots of love and healing vibes to your little furkiddo.

      Yours in wellness,
      Team NHV

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