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Constipation, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Oh My!

Vet Talks 9 mins read

Constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting are symptoms most pet parents are terrified of. Being worried is a common gut reaction, however, sometimes these symptoms are normal and will resolve themselves. In this article, we’ll explain when these symptoms are normal, when you should bring them to the vet, and what you can do to help. Constipation

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Feline Calicivirus: Prevention and Support

Vet Talks 4 min read

Today we are talking about the most charismatic felines in this world, of course, I am talking about cats. As much as they are independent and appear to be made of iron, kitties can suffer from infectious diseases, especially respiratory ones like Feline Calicivirus. What Is Feline Calicivirus? Calicivirus is an infectious disease that directly

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Coco Furcare—How To Help Keep Your Pet’s Coat Healthy

Herbs For Pets 6 min read

There are many factors that can cause unpleasant smells in your pet’s fur. Excessive secretion of oil by the skin, allergies, bacterial infection, and yeast infection are only a few examples of conditions that can benefit from NHV’s Coco Furcare. Coco Furcare is a vet-formulated topical spray that happens to be one of our best

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Neem leaves on the branch of a neem tree - is neem safe for pets?

Is Neem Safe For Pets?

Herbs For Pets 2 min read

Neem can be found in a variety of natural health and wellness products for both humans and pets. Some pet parents may be wondering, “is neem safe for pets?” before trying products with neem in it. Neem is safe for pets when used topically or in the right dose for their size. In this blog,

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How To Read Labels On Dog And Cat Food

Pet Diet & Nutrition 5 min read

Reading pet food labels seems like an impossible task. And if that is not hard enough, we also must make sure we are the best pet parent possible in all other aspects. Most information is readily available online, like what kind of toys can I give to my pet, or how to play fetch. More

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Vaccines That You Must Get For Your Cat And Dog

Vet Talks 6 min read

As fun and exciting as it is to get a new furbaby, it can sometimes it can be overwhelming to get a new pet. Choosing what kind of pet we would like to adopt, researching everything we can about a dog breed, or cat behavior, are just a few things to keep in mind. We

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Autism In Dogs – The Story Of Pacino And Anna

Inspiring Pet Tails 5 min read

This is the personal story of our loveable and sweet office dog, Pacino who’s pet parent is our pet expert, Anna. Learn all about Anna and Pacino’s experience with autism in dogs in Anna’s own words. The Story Of Pacino Enter Pacino, 10 weeks old when I brought her into my home to a Rottweiler

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foods you didn't know are toxic to pets. Dog staring at pizza on counter

12 Foods You Didn’t Know Are Toxic To Pets

Pet Care Tips 5 min read

With the holidays just around the corner, thinking of how to keep our pets safe from toxic foods is more important than ever. Some foods can be toxic to pets and cause more damage than just an upset stomach, which is why we created a list of 12 foods you didn’t know are toxic to

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5 Ways You’re Raising Your Pet Wrong

Pet Care Tips 6 min read

Before working at NHV Natural Pet Products, I admittingly knew nothing about pet care, although at the time I thought I did. With my new-found knowledge, I feel like it’s my duty to expose the 5 ways you’re raising your pet wrong. My family adopted a dog from a rescue shelter when I was ten.

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Ginger cat laying down and wearing a santa hat for the 12 days of petmas.

12 Days Of Petmas 2020

Promotions & Giveaways 2 min read

To get the holidays started off right, we are offering 12 days of special discounts leading up to Christmas Day! Offering some of our most popular supplements, we will be highlighting a different supplement every day and offering 12% off for that day only. Check out our Instagram and Facebook for the deal of the

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dog with cancer

Step-By-Step Guide: What To Do When Your Pet Has Cancer

Vet Talks 5 min read

Learning your beloved pet has cancer is scary without a doubt. And it is during uncertain times that we, the NHV family, are here to help you on how to deal and cope during these difficult times. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide on what to do when your pet has cancer. We find

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