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5 Lifehacks To Do With Your Pet: It Will Transform Your Life (and Theirs)

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5 Lifehacks To Do With Your Pet: It Will Transform Your Life (and Theirs)

It’s been an amazing year, but it’s been tough—really tough.

We’re grateful for how things have been with NHV. We’ve been able to help so many pets (mostly thanks to you all for spreading the word). We’ve done some good with the #nhvnaturalselfie and calendar donations and completed a clinical trial. But, personally… with all of us here… well there’s not a lot we can say, except we’re kind of there with you. We’ve said goodbye to furry companions, we lost friends and family, we saw people we love lose everything from those horrible fires and storms. Sometimes, it all feels like a bit much.

But, no matter what’s going on, there’s this weird thing about January. It’s a feeling, something in the air that stirs possibilities, of new beginnings. Something that makes you hope for transformations. Somewhere along with all those bumps in this past year, we figured out a couple of secrets together. There are actually 5 little steps that if done every day, can actually transform your life, and the life of your furry kids. Anyone can do them. They’re really easy. We tried fitting them in our specific goals, it worked for all of them; from getting healthy in our body, to being healthy in our spirit, to bursting out of our shells.

So cuddle up with your fur kids, because like we said this involves them too. They are actually the secret to transforming your life and your furkiddos. Because what you do for your sweet fur babies, you do for yourself. It’s connected. Don’t forget to take our challenge at the end. Okay, are we ready?

#1: Cook for your pet. Cook for yourself.

It’s been said that cooking is love made visible. The simple act of sourcing out a healthy recipe, shopping for ingredients, the meditation of chopping vegetables, and the joy that comes with serving food is healing.

miso beagle taking real food for cushings
Above: Miso beagle takes real food that her mom cooks for her

Take joy in simple ritualistic actions.

Instead of reaching for the same bag of kibble for your fur kids, try incorporating a balanced ‘just for pets recipe’. They love you unconditionally, so talk to them while you’re cooking. Tell them what you’re doing with love (our fur kids understand more than we think sometimes). If you have a sick pet, and they finally eat a bit of bone broth or home-cooked when nothing else would do, know in your heart that your efforts are healing them, even it’s only a bit of momentary comfort. Now, do the same for yourself. Instead of just nuking that latest prepackaged dinner, cook for yourself – only yourself. Take joy in simple ritualistic actions. And when you sit down to a meal you made, know in your heart, that you are healing yourself.

#2: Move Together.

Weight and fitness goals always top the chart for New Year’s resolutions.

But it isn’t just about taking the dog for a long walk to lose weight. Recently, the founder of NHV, Patra, had her elderly parent suffer from a heart attack. When he was back from the hospital, simply walking around the house was a trial. Her parents also have a senior dog, who is around fifteen and is a large breed Husky/Malamute cross, named Hunter. Hunter’s hind legs are wasting away due to Lupus and standing has become difficult for him too. But her dad decided to start walking around the house as much as he could. Hunter spent the first couple of days just staring at this new activity wondering what was going on. Then, Hunter suddenly decided this was also a good idea for him too and now they both walk around the house, weaving through furniture, and laughing together.

Similarly, if you have a kitty, get down on that floor and onto their level. Crawl around with them. You’ll feel silly at first, but they’ll love you for it, and you’ll find your spirit quickly transforming from stress to joy.

Edna motivating dog dad to do workout together
This is Edna, a senior dog who keeps the household motivated to stay fit. They often indulge in workouts together. Edna has kidney disease but that doesn’t stop her. Follow Edna and her family on Instagram @wolfgang2242

#3: No-No Gadget Time.

Hands up if when you take your dog for a walk, you spend some of that time staring down at your phone? Don’t feel too bad – we’re guilty of it too. So let’s do this one together. Put down the phone—or better yet put it away in a cupboard where you won’t be tempted to reach for it, and just spend time with your fur kid. And this leads us to #4.

#4: Schedule It Out.

Want to know where your values are? Look at where you’re spending your time. Does it match up? Sometimes we all get so tied down with what we have to get done that we neglect our needs and the needs of our pets. Our furry companions have such a short time with us here, so don’t wait. Schedule time with them, preferably in the morning when wet kisses and cuddles will set you up for an amazing day ahead. Once scheduled, remember that it’s your time and theirs. It’s precious. Nothing else in that moment is more important.

kitty mojito out on walks
Here’s Kitty Mojito having her scheduled walkie time! Follow her on Instagram @kittymojito

#5: A Friend to Hold You Accountable.

Setting goals is easy. Keeping them is hard. And it only gets harder if you’re not accountable to anyone for it.

Friendship, love cats and dogs. Black Dog Bulldog, white cat transform

Want to lose weight so you can go running with your dog? Want to learn to knit, so you can make them the cutest cats hats in the world? Maybe you want to learn more about holistic health? Whatever your goal is, it always affects your fur family. And since our goal is to always make the lives of pets better, we are here to help you too! So, take our challenge.

Set a goal, let us know how it affects your fur kid, and we’ll be right there for the next 3 months. We’ll send you suggestions, we’ll check in with you, we’ll share your goals and progress on social to keep you motivated, and get others inspired. In March, we will celebrate your success with you and will send one lucky challenge winner a basket of goodies from NHV to get your pet healthy and a special little surprise for you. Fill out the form below to take the #NHVtransformations challenge

nhv transformations challenge dog cat

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Published: January 5, 2019

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