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7 Signs You’re a Zen Pet Mom

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
7 Signs You’re a Zen Pet Mom

Your dog’s walkies or your cat’s playtime is more important to you than your client’s presentation. You sometimes fall sick just so you can spend more time with your pet. Your pet picks your friends for you. Like literally. You plan your holidays according to your pet sitter’s schedule. Congratulations! You’re a doting pet mom. But what makes you a zen pet mom? 5 signs that spell loud and clear, your furkid and you zen together:

Sign #1. It’s sale season

Others: A new dress or new shoes?
You: New outfit for my cutie or new yoga pants for me?

Trixie Dog Loose Stools NHV natural

Your wardrobe has more clothes for working out than for Fridays with friends. In close competition to the number of yoga pants you have, is the number of bandanas, bow ties, and outfits your pets have. Your hardest decision during sales is choosing between new workout gear for yourself and the newest accessory for your dog and cat that’s trending on Instagram. You end up doing both, and that’s how you like it!

Sign #2. Your pets are all rescues. And you proudly tell everyone. Again and again.

Rhea dog rescued cushings cancer

You are all for rescuing, adopting, fostering, and donating. Your family won’t be surprised if you walked home with a pet, each time you visited the local shelter. You tell your pets’ rescue tales so often, your friends can now narrate it for you. If it were up to you, you’d donate all your money to the abandoned dogs and cats on Instagram. You not only wish for the world to be a better place for animals, but you’re ready to do something about it.

Sign #3. Downward dog or upward hike, you can’t imagine working out without your pet.

 chilly chi from az dog instagram
Image © @chilly_chi_from_az

You get furious when your human friends text you during your ‘om’ meditations. But your cat is allowed to walk all over it! Doing yoga without having your dog’s cute face peep up at you takes the fun out of yoga for you. You take your dog or cat to every hike. If pets are not allowed, then you don’t hike that mountain. Coz what’s hiking without furry footprints ahead.

Sign #4. You’ve turned vegan but you feed your pet meat because you respect her as a carnivore.

Milo dog cancer labrador

You’ve picked a vegan lifestyle for yourself and you chose your brands by their animal loving standards. But you’re willing to compromise with that when it comes to your pet. You don’t mind getting the meat proteins for your pet because you know they are carnivores and they might need to eat both, plants and meat.

Sign #5. ‘All-natural’ is your key word and your pet peeve

Dandelion herb for pets liver Zen pet mom

You make your own cleaning and grooming supplies, if you cant find anything all natural. No chemicals for your pet. Period. You will look for all natural tick sprays, all natural liver support, all natural joint pain relief, it’s always about picking all-natural. And guess who’s here there to help you find those? All natural NHV Natural Pet Products. 🙂

Sign #6. You’d rather Netflix binge dog and cat movies than go out with ‘humans’

tux dog anxiety meds Zen pet mom

Your evenings involve Netflix binging but guess who decides the program? Your furry couch partner. You frequently play the dog and cat channels on Youtube to keep your pets entertained. You chose sitting at home and ‘netflixing’ over going out and facing the crowds! Zenning out any negativity, pretty much!

Sign #7. Kale, broccoli, blueberries, you make sure your pet eats what you do

nougat cat instagram eating natural Zen pet mom
Image © @bamboubiscottenougattricotvan

You avoid junk food and look for healthy wholesome substitutes for yourself and your pet. In fact the only DIYing you do is for healthy snacks and recipes for your fur buddy. You know about the benefits of turmeric for your pet and you know about the benefits of Kale smoothies for yourself. You can share a bunch of blueberries together or do things to make broccoli look interesting! You make sure your pet walks with you on this healthy trail.

So what is it? Are you a zen pet mom or not? If yes, then we’ve got lots in common. We’re all for doing those 108 sun salutations and we’re all for throwing that ball 108 times. Just like you, we love pets. And we love them, naturally! Our desire to create an all natural resource for pet’s health sprung from our own needs. We wanted something that wasn’t plastic and steroid-like. We wanted something that could work with their system holistically, just the way grass does when they eat it to find help with an upset tummy. Our natural remedies and supplements are here to help Zen pet moms like you keep their promise to stay natural and holistic.

Before you head out for that Meowga session or before you start watching ‘Marley & Me’ for the nth time, don’t forget to browse though our all natural pet products for your furkid. Common pet problems like ticks, flea, diarrhea, constipation, arthritis and even chronic diseases like liver failure, heart problems, cancer, tumors and diabetes, can be handled naturally. You just need to know here to look. Talk to your NHV Pet Experts today. Zen for all!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: November 17, 2017

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