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Cat Personalities: It Does Matter if You’re Black or White

Pet Care Tips 2 min read
Cat Personalities: It Does Matter if You’re Black or White

Unlike books, you can judge a cat by its cover. That’s right: The color of your cat’s fur says a lot about his or her personality. Not only that, but cats of the same coat color will often share a number of character traits between them. Curious if your pet cat fits the bill? Take a peek at our list of cat fur colors and associated personality traits and see how your furry friend measures up:

Solid Black Cats

Is there any truth to the “black cat superstitions” that we all know so well? In part, yes. Independent, wild, and somewhat unpredictable, black cats are closely related to their wild ancestors and like to stake out large territories when left to roam outside. However, black cats are also friendly and personable, both with fellow felines and humans alike, making them wonderful companion animals.

Cat Connection - Black Cats

Solid White Cats
Sadly, solid white cats are at very high risk for congenital disorders, such as skin irritation, poor vision, and deafness. For this reason, their personality often reflects their physical discomforts. White cats are typically clingy but irritable, and understandably so.

Black and White or Gray and White Cats
Have you ever noticed that most “alley cats” are bi-colored? Black-and-white and gray-and-white cats tend to be intelligent, resourceful, energetic, and excellent at catching mice. This makes evolutionary sense, as the ancestors of these cats tend to be city dwellers, having spent time fending for themselves in urban areas.

Gray Tabby Cats
Did you know that all domesticated cats descend from a single group of African wildcats domesticated about 10,000 years ago? These original housecats were gray in color, and many of today’s gray tabby cats are closely related to their wild relatives. In this sense, gray cats tend to be opportunistic, eager to hunt, and somewhat solitary.

Color-point Cats
Interestingly, all cats with colored points (markings on the extremities such as the paws, tail, and muzzle) are descended from the Siamese, and therefore share the breed’s personality traits. Vocal, assertive, and independent, these quirky cats even tend to enjoy walking on leashes much like a dog.

Knowing which coat colors are associated with which personality characteristics is an easy and simple way to determine which cat is right for your family.

Having a basic understanding of the personality traits associated with a cat’s coat color can be helpful in choosing a new pet, particularly in an adoption scenario. Shelters often have little information about the lineage of the animals they house, making it difficult to assess how genetics will play a role in your new animal’s personality. Knowing which coat colors are associated with which personality characteristics is an easy and simple way to determine which cat is right for your family.

Of course, whether black, white, gray or spotted, keeping your cat’s coat clean and healthy is essential to the wellbeing of your new animal companion. Natural pet products such as NHV’s Multi Essentials herbal multivitamin promote healthy skin and coat by regulating your cat’s body processes, helping to metabolize nutrients and improve digestion.

So the next time you see a black cat cross your path, eyes full of mischief, don’t feel the need to switch to the other side of the street. Yes, a cat’s coat does influence his or her personality, but there’s nothing superstitious about it.

Does your cat’s coat colour fit their personality? How do you find they fit or don’t fit this mold?

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Published: February 19, 2014

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