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Eyebright For Dogs and Cats

Herbs For Pets 3 min read
Cluster of eyebright plants with flowers in full bloom.

Just like its name implies, eyebright has been used for centuries to improve eyesight, relieve inflammation and promote an overall “brightness” to one’s eyes.

What is Eyebright?

Eyebright is an elegant flowering plant that grows in dry pastures and chalky soils all over Europe, North America, and Northern and Western Asia. Within this plant family, there are over twenty different species. In this post, we will be focusing specifically on Euphrasia officinalis. Flowering from July to September, E. officinalis plants grow white or lilac flowers with purple veins and a bright yellow center. Its stem, leaves, and flowers are used for liquid extractions, and more.

History of Eyebright

Eyebright, also known as “Euphrasia,” is a name derived from Ancient Greek mythology. Euphrosyne, whose name means ‘gladness’ was one of the three graces known for her joyfulness and laughter. It is said that this plant was named after Euphrosyne because its many healing properties for eye health and preserving eyesight were sure to bring gladness to the life of the sufferer.

Medicinal Properties of E. officinalis

Eyebright has been used for centuries to improve eyesight and promote overall eye health.

Eyebright was first recorded as a medicinal herb in the 14th century and was written about in the Doctrine of Signatures. It was noted that the purplish veins and yellow spots of its flowers resemble diseases of the eye. Traditionally, it has been prized for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial, and antifungal properties to help relieve itchiness, inflammation of the eyelids and blood vessels, and help prevent mucus buildup.

One of the main uses of eyebright is to ease symptoms of conjunctivitis. It works by helping to relieve itchiness and watery eyes, fight bacterial or viral infections, and promote healing. Other conditions that may accompany conjunctivitis like sore throats, allergies, skin issues, and bronchial disorders can also be aided by the use of eyebright.

Close up of eyebright flowers growing in the wild.

How To Use Eyebright Safely For Pets

Eyebright has a long history of use in humans but it can be very beneficial for pets as well! Like anything in life, too much of a good thing can still be too much. This herb is safe for pets when the dosage is based on their weight and size. It is best to only use eyebright when formulated to be at a safe dosage for your pet or under the guidance of your trusted veterinarian.

Eyebright in NHV Products

Overall, eyebright is a great herb to help with any eye issue and to add proactive eye care to your furkiddo’s life.

Since eyebright has so many great properties, it is used in some NHV products: Ey-Eas, OcuLove, and Alge-Ex

Ey-Eas is an all-natural eyedrop formula to soothe eye infections, watery eyes, or help reduce inflammation in the cornea, pupil, and/or eyelids. Do not use on scratched or ulcerated eyes. It may also help prevent the spread of infection to other furry friends in the house.

Alge-Ex is our seasonal allergy supplement designed to naturally help control the histamine and immune response to environmental allergens such as pollen, grass, and mold. This holistic formulation also contains healing ingredients to help reduce inflammation in the sinuses, skin, and respiratory tract.

OcuLove is formulated specifically for pets with ocular issues like cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and more. It uses eyebright along with other herbs to help relieve inflammation in the eyes and surrounding tissue, help eliminate infection and help to restore eye health.

If you ever have any questions about our supplements or your furkiddo’s eye health, our Pet Experts are always here to help! Click the button below to start chatting with us.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: February 5, 2022

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