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Father’s Day: Which Kind Of Pet Dad Are You?

Pet Care Tips 4 min read
Father’s Day: Which Kind Of Pet Dad Are You?

To celebrate Father’s Day, we put these five types together for you to read along and find out which one you are!

Pet parents deal with their pets’ sickness in different ways. They all love their pets, but not all show it the exact same way. Our pet experts come across pet owners from all walks of life, and when it comes to pet dads, we can identify a few broad types. To celebrate Father’s Day, we put these five types together for you to read along and find out which one you are!

The Single Pet Dad Type

His furkiddo is always number one in his heart but he is still on the lookout for the perfect stepmom or stepdad for his furry friend. His pet isn’t just his best friend but also the best wingman. Always playing games and pranks. This could also be the sporty type that is always taking their furkiddo to the park or the beach and loves to play for hours.

golden retriever playing with his pet dad white man at the park

The Hipster Type

This pet dad is usually younger but there are older hipster pet daddies. They sport tattoos, creative hair, beards, or mustaches and lean towards the arts. The hipster is the most vocal of pet dad advocates and will jump on pet-related causes. They are hip to the need to spay/neuter pets, to micro-chip, and feed the best organic food possible. Often vegan, animal rights are close to their hearts. They aren’t ashamed to take selfies with their pet, rock the most ridiculous pet t-shirt, hat, or commission a portrait of their furkid.

white dog with a man plating on the grass

The Strong Silent Type

This pet dad brings their pet in for vet appointments but doesn’t usually say much. He’ll leave it to the family to speak with the vets and techs about what’s going on. He’ll stay behind the sidelines, quietly observing but you can still sense that he is deeply affected by how his pet feels. When a serious illness arises, or end-of-life discussions become necessary, he is 100% involved. He just doesn’t want to express his feelings very openly.

But here’s a secret about these types, they are devastated when it’s time to let go. When it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved pet they are no longer silent. They let their buddy know how much they mean to them, and it’s at that time they put the silence aside and cry along with the rest of us.

man whith a blue shirt holding a grey dog on a bed

The Smitten In Love Type

This pet dad has no hang-ups about showing just how much he loves his “little-fluffy-baby-kissy-face”.  He is definitely not afraid to let their love shine. He will cringe along with his pup and blurt out a dad joke when it’s time to take a temperature. He will grab his kitty after a blood draw and say “it’s ok baby, it’s all over”. He will have a very hard time letting the vets or techs take their little lovey to ‘the back’.

They’re great at owning what they feel inside for their pets, and there’s definitely no shame in that! Men are expected to keep a strong stance in many situations and it can be quite stressful. It is good to know that their pets give these men a chance to let it all go and be the actual love bugs they are.

man kissing a white cat

The Secret Admirer Type

This type of pet dad that stands out is a mix of the previous two. This dad constantly tries to hide his love for his pets but he can be secretly caught a baby talking to them. We think this is the most populated category of pet dads.

You open the door to the exam room and catch them in a snuggle fest or “prep talk” with their pet (“It’s ok when we get home, I’m gonna give you so many cookies and the best belly rubs…”) When they realize you’re there, they quickly turn to the strong silent type. When tough situations arise, they put on their sunglasses so no one will see their eyes well up with tears. They choke back their emotions, but you just know when they get home, they let it all go.

man cuddling with his terrier dog

No matter how they show it, pet dads love their pets as if they were their own children. They all show their love in different ways, but when you look deep down, they want what’s best for their little-fluffy-baby-kissy-face. At NHV we get to help pet dads every day and we have some really lovely stories to share. If you are a pet dad looking for holistic advice, please contact us directly and we’d love to help. Happy Father’s Day.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: June 11, 2020

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