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Tripsy™ for cats

Supplement for kidney, renal and bladder problems in cats

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Feline Urinary Syndrome Support For Pumpkin

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persian cat with FLUTD

The feline urinary syndrome occurs when a condition affects the lower urinary tract and urethra of your kitty. This condition can be related to the environment or even stress.

Common health problems that lead to urinary tract complications include urinary crystals which are a build-up of minerals.

Common health problems that lead to urinary tract complications include urinary crystals which are a build-up of minerals. Another cause can be a lower urinary tract infection due to infection. Urethral obstruction is the most serious complication, this is more common in male cats and occurs when there is a complete blockage and should be treated as an emergency by taking your pet to the vet immediately. Symptoms of a complete urethral obstruction are little to no urination, vocalizing in the litter box, straining to urinate (commonly mistaken for constipation).

The common symptoms of Feline Urinary Syndrome include: Excessive licking near the urethra, urinating outside of the litter box, frequent attempts to urinate with little to no amount of urine.

Unfortunately, this sweet kitty Pumpkin was dealing with Feline Urinary Syndrome for the past 3 years. When Pumpkin began using NHV’s Tripsy and Milk Thistle, trips to the litter box became much easier and discomfort-free, it certainly helps that Pumpkin loved the taste too!

I have been using Tripsy and Milk Thistle for one of my cats who has kidney problems. My 18-year-old boy Pumpkin has had feline urinary syndrome for 3 years now. Tripsy is not only really delicious to him, but they also seem to have helped make urinating less uncomfortable. Tripsy is the second bottle I’ve purchased and my cat loves it It has helped keep his urinary issues minimal and non-existent. He likes the taste as well which makes it easier.

What Supplements Are Helping Sweet Pumpkin?

Tripsy and Milk Thistle are the perfect combinations when combating urinary complications.

Milk Thistle detoxifies the liver and kidney by removing toxins that can build up in your fur baby’s system when taking pharmaceuticals or from chemical-laden foods. It also helps to improve liver and kidney function, supports the regeneration of the liver, and supports overworked kidneys. Lastly, it contains antioxidant properties and may benefit as anticancer support.

Tripsy provides support for the kidneys and helps to maintain bladder health. Tripsy is currently undergoing studies at the University of Georgia for its efficacy in dissolving urinary crystals and stones. It is a soothing formula that controls infection, has a demulcent effect for urinary calculi, and will help break up kidney and bladder stones so they don’t become problematic and can be flushed from the urinary tract.

Besides incorporating supplements like NHV’s in your kitty’s diet, there are other things you do to help avoid urinary disorders:

  • Give your kitty smaller portions of food – more frequently
  • A balanced diet that is customized for a cat’s needs is very important when dealing with urinary disorders
  • Ensure the litter box is in a safe area, is always clean and that each kitty has its own litter box
  • Maintaining a healthy weight is very crucial
  • Any changes in the routine should be introduced slowly
  • Help your kitty avoid or cope with stress

Please get in touch with an NHV Pet Expert and find out how we can help your kitty with feline urinary syndrome. The regimens are unique for each pet.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: May 5, 2019

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