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Missing These Moments With Your Pets, Means Missing Christmas

Pet Care Tips 6 min read
Missing These Moments With Your Pets, Means Missing Christmas

Christmas with Santa’s little helpers. Oh, what fun! We went about asking some NHV pet parents what makes Christmas the most fun-est time of the year. They gave us a lot of answers! We went back a second time and asked them what really, really makes Christmas the fun-est time of the year. We ended up with a shortlist of 4 moments! You’ve got to capture these on your phone and keep them with you forever. They are as precious as catching the big red guy come down your chimney.

1. The cat-bum-in-tree moment

A lot of cat parents shared how hilarious it is to catch their cat in the tree with just the bum sticking out like an ornament. If you are lucky and quick enough, you might catch this moment on your camera.

ellie from twitter cat bum in tree
Photo credit: Ellie | @SunnyGrady Twitter

Most cat households avoid tinsel and breakable ornaments altogether because they know their cat is going to try to bring Christmas down. Others have seen so many cat bums in the tree that they worry about their tree making it as far as Christmas eve and hence place it on the porch where the cats can admire it (or plot its demise) from inside. (Here are some ideas to pet-proof your Christmas tree)

christmas tree on the porch
“The tree is on the porch. The cats stay in the house and look at it through the window.” – Three Jazz Cats in one house | @3JazzCats Twitter

Metta the cat’s mom says “Well, actually we can’t have a tree because METTA thinks she’s real funny about knocking things over. Like that glass of water you got there, she’ll stare you in the eye, knock it over and run. So trees, no way. LIGHTS UP HIGH where she can’t get them are a thing tho! I made them this box tree one year for like a day (fire hazard)’

Sanga ‏ @Thesangcafe Dec 4 More I literally made them this one year. For like a day because I didn’t want us to all burn and die. But check this out!!
Photo credit: Sanga | @Thesangcafe twitter

tries to chew on christmas tree branches
“Tries to chew on the Christmas tree branch!”: Marjie Cunningham | @missmarjiectwitter

“Hides in the middle of the Catmas tree, and all you can see is his bum”

“Decide they don’t like the way the tree is decorated and proceed to ‘tweak’ the ornament arrangement”

“Normally he is so well behaved but this year my cat has released his inner kitten”

Looks like it is a phenomenon that most cat households notice and makes for a lot of fun memories. You shouldn’t miss them either! You can refer to our Holiday Checklist to make it safe for the bum to be in the tree.

2. The Dog-vs-Christmas-train moment

They say there’s something about the train running around the Christmas tree that gets their dogs so excited.

A lot of dog parents chimed together for this one. They say there’s something about the train running around the Christmas tree that gets their dogs so excited. You’d think they weren’t given tickets to the North Pole and are really miffed about it. Some even mentioned placing treats on the train’s compartments to add to the fun. Smaller breed dogs tend to enjoy it more. Well, as long as your dog won’t chomp on the train, it seems like a fun memory to make and check off your Christmas list.

Missing These Moments With Your Pets, Means Missing Christmas

3. The ugly-Christmas-sweater moment

Ugly Christmas sweater is a thing for humans not for pets. Pets can make everything look cute. We were suggested by many NHV pet parents to get Ugly Christmas sweaters and watch them go from ugly to cute as soon as the pets get in them. Your pets may not appreciate the idea but they are cooperative enough to give you a few clicks wearing them.

lil jacx sweater
NHV Pet Jacx in a lovely Christmas sweater. Look at him pull it off. Handsome dude.

We hear some cats can topple over when in a sweater, so although it makes for a hilarious video, it is best to do it on a level ground where cats won’t harm themselves. But dogs are pros at pulling off all our fashion fads. Guess this tradition is more fun with four-legged pals and worth taking a few pictures of every year!

Cats Wearing Sweaters

4. The unwrapping-presents moment

Unboxing NHV supplies is always exciting and we are amazed by how excited our pets are considering the fact that they are not even treats. This gets us thinking about the joy pets show generally for “unwrapping”. Cats love to play with boxes and wrappers and dogs love ripping them apart. So it’s not a huge surprise that Christmas presents are fun for our pets and it is even more fun for us to watch them unwrap them.

“I wrap different size boxes in dollar store wrapping sheets just so my dog Simba and my cat Mico can enjoy unwrapping them. They think that’s Christmas for them!”

Pets Opening Christmas Presents 2017

So we have given you four moments that you must enjoy this Christmas with your pets. And while you are at it, here’s the fifth thing! We are running a Christmas giveaway.


NHV’s Santa Paws has 10 supplements to give away!

With #NHVchristmaslivingroom – Our Christmas Giveaway

Post a picture of your pet in your Christmas living room with NHV – all pictures enter a draw and we will choose 10 winners!

Up for grabs are 2 Multi Essentials, 2 Yucca, 2 Matricalm, 2 Lesstress, 1 Pet Omega 3, and 1 $50 coupon code!

Entries open till Dec 26, 2018. For more details and to enter head to our Facebook post or Instagram post

From bringing down the Christmas tree or eating Santa’s milk and cookies or opening up the presents or hiding from ugly Christmas sweaters – NHV would love to be a part of all your Christmas moments with our winter favorites.

Here are some supplements you should definitely get your pets to unbox for themselves this Christmas!

Vet approved holiday essentials kit for pets

Heal Care Ointment
It is a herbal salve that can be used on cracked paw pads, dry scabby noses, or sore limbs. The snow or the winter chemicals out on the sidewalks can be harmful to your pets. This ointment is an excellent all-natural balm to keep handy around this time of the year.

If your pets are getting too anxious with all the festivities and with you running in and out, off schedule, NHV Matricalm will help your pet de-stress. It helps induce calm and reduces anxiety. It can be your pet’s calming buddy while you handle everything Christmas.

Old Timer
Most senior pets need hip and joint support throughout the year. But around this time of the year, it becomes even more crucial to support your older pets move better and avoid any damage to their aging joints. NHV Old Timer helps provide relief in a variety of joint-related conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, IVD, luxating patella, and osteoarthritis.

Everyone is guilty of a little overeating around the holidays. Our pets will most likely get into things they are not supposed to. If you notice an upset tummy or diarrhea, or if your pet is indeed vulnerable to GI issues around this time of the year, it will be a great idea to be naturally armed with Plantaeris- NHV’s herbal support for diarrhea, gut infection, and intestines. It works gently and brings relief quickly. Ask your NHV Pet Expert how it can help your pet’s particular condition.

Yucca works as a natural discomfort reliever and a natural anti-inflammatory. It is great for supporting digestion as well as for settling any discomfort. Besides being a nutritive herb for the muscles, it also helps stimulate appetite. Sounds like a perfect winter supplement for pet households!

Please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to understand how we can make this Christmas and the next a healthier and happier one for your pet. Merry Christmas everyone!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: December 7, 2018

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