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National Fire Pup Day: 5 Fire Hazard Prevention Tips

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
A fire pup with an American flag scarf on a leash, walking alongside other firemen.

Did you know that over the years, some fire departments have had the help of a brave fire pup? Back in the days when the fire equipment was horse-drawn, dogs would help clear the way for the fire carriage to pass. Even today, pups play a vital role in search-and-rescue missions! Not to mention the unofficial fire department mascot, Dalmations, that are often brought into schools for fire safety education. That is why the United States honors canine members of America’s fire departments on October 1st, with National Fire Pup Day!

While these furry friends are out there keeping us safer, how do we reciprocate by protecting them from house fires? Whether it’s a fire, a natural disaster, or any unexpected situation, being prepared is key to keeping our little ones safe and secure. Here are six tips on how to pet-proof our place to prevent accidental fires and how to keep our little ones safe in fire emergencies:

1. Pick Candles Wisely

A playful and curious cat looking at a candle with flames to illustrate an article for national fire pup day.

We all love a cozy night with a bubble bath and scented candles on the side. However, traditional candles can actually pose a fire hazard, especially with playful furkiddos around.

If you can, opt for flameless alternatives (e.g. LED Candles) next time you’re shopping for candles. This way, you and your little one can both enjoy the coziness and unwind without compromising safety! But if you prefer scented candles with flames, make sure to always keep an eye on your curious dog or cat while the fire is burning, and never leave the house without making sure the candle is out.

2. Pet-Proofing the House

The kitchen is a dangerous place for furkiddos to enter, mainly because of your gas or electric stoves. Their curious paws could find their way to your stove knobs and may even accidentally turn them on.

That’s why we recommend using stove knob covers, or limiting their access to the kitchen altogether when possible, to prevent your little one from unintentionally triggering a fire hazard.

3. Invest in Pet-Friendly Fire Alarms

Accidents can happen despite our best efforts to pet-proof our homes. Installing pet-specific smoke detectors and fire alarms can make a significant difference.

These devices are designed to consider the unique behaviors and movements of our furriends, ensuring early detection of fires and timely alerts.

4. Fire Pup Trainee: Practice Makes Perfect

A cute black dog with hazel eyes lying down in a crate, looking into the camera to illustrate a blog for national fire pup day.

Just as we conduct fire evacuation drills for ourselves and our families, involving our pets in these drills is equally important. Turn your own dog into a fire pup trainee by including them in your drills. Crate training is a proven and effective way to prepare your pet for emergencies.

Familiarizing them with their crate or carrier can make evacuations smoother and less stressful for both your pet and you. A comfortable and familiar space can provide them with a sense of security during unsettling times.

It’s also important to familiarize them with designated meeting points outside the house, to help minimize panic in case of a real emergency.

5. Creating a Safe & Calming Environment

Keeping our furry friends calm and maintaining a serene environment for them is crucial in averting accidental fires.

Another way to minimize panic is to provide proactive calming support by using natural supplements. Our vet-formulated NHV Matricalm and NHV Lesstress are designed to help soothe your little one and reduce hyperactivity, anxiety, and aggressive behavior. They can be given life-long for gentle support with behavioral issues and in times of stress.

As you may already know, it’s not uncommon for our pets to accidentally cause fire and end up hurting themselves. Keeping them calm and maintaining a calm environment for them is important in addressing the issue from its root. In addition to the above herbal formulas, playing classical music and/or getting them a comfortable crate/bed may also help achieve a stress-free space!

Be it Natural Fire Pup Day or any other day of the year, it is always our responsibility as pet parents to do what we can to keep our furkiddos out of harm’s way. And we are always here to help you do just that! Please don’t hesitate to connect with one of our pet experts if you have any questions.

Dr. Rebeca Oliveira DVM

Dr. Rebeca Oliveira DVM

Dr. Rebeca is a holistic veterinarian from Brazil with a passion for natural and integrative medicine. She’s been studying integrative medicine and alternative (and healthier) diets since 2015, and now started to study the power of herbs with the NHV Family. In her spare time, you can find her spending time with her golden retriever, Kuga.

Published: September 26, 2023

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