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Natural Anxiety Relief for Archie and Buddy: Pin the Tails Giveaway Winner

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Back in the holiday season, pet parent Lindsey was one of the lucky winners of NHV’s Pinterest Giveaway ‘Pin the happy Tail’ contest that ended on December 15, 2017. This means she got to pick a three month supply of supplements for her lucky pup, Archie- a half retriever/half Dachshund mix, whose unique characteristics absolutely melt our hearts. 



We found out Archie has a brother named Buddy, so we gave Lindsey a few options for the boys. NHV carries a range of herbal blends for various health concerns. From hip and joint health, digestion issues, skin and coat conditions to something that typically addresses a body function like heart, kidneys, and lungs. They are both generally healthy, with no immediate health concerns. Archie had some trauma from his previous life, and both boys needed a natural spray to keep the ticks away, and some omega-3 fish oils for overall health and vitality.




I’m also very excited to have this opportunity to try out some of your products as the prize! Archie is a shelter adoption and has some latent Doggy PTSD from his previous owners. I think Less Stress would be a great product for him to try. Additionally, the Target Spray for fleas and ticks repellent seems like a great choice to try when the warmer months come around. Another excellent option would be the Omega 3s, and you are quite right, his back will suffer one day 🙁 even though he’s a big version of a Dachshund, I still have a set of stairs up to the bed. I think about IVDD all the time, thank you for that recommendation as well, I think that one would be excellent to start him on. Of course, if I asked Archie (and his partner-in-crime, Buddy, a solid black Beagle/Boxer/Lab/Chef’s Salad combination), both dogs would see the delectable bags of salmon and turkey treats and ever-so-politely stand on both hind legs begging for a some of those!


It’s been a little over a month, so we are eager to see the calming effects and benefits that the herbs will have on these boys at the start of their holistic journey. We will be sure to keep in touch and provide updates on these two cuties.




NHV Lesstress is an herbal formulation that acts on the nervous and immune systems to help to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity and excitability. Lesstress can even help reduce destructive behaviours. It is a great supplement to use for various forms of nervousness, stress and anxiety, like separation anxiety, loss of a furry friend or addition of a new pet, special events or celebrations (fireworks) and during illness (stress can cause conditions to worsen). Lesstress also helps to boost the immune system.



Petomega-3. In the case of alleviation of arthritic pain in pets, fish oils help through their powerful anti-inflammatory effects. AA (arachidonic acid) is the most powerful precursor for pro-inflammatory mediators of pain. IVDD (as Archie’s breed is susceptible to) , is a painful condition where the cushioning discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column either bulge or burst (herniate) into the spinal cord space, causing pain, weakness, and muscle spasms.


Target Spray helps your pet rid itself of fleas, ticks, lice, and mosquitoes. Its soothing herbal formulation repels insects and calms skin irritated by the inevitable scratching bugs cause. This antiseptic spray can help prevent hair loss and secondary infections.

Need help narrowing down which natural blends are best for your fur kid? Contact a NHV Pet Expert.

Published: February 27, 2019

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