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NHV Gives Back: Violet The Neglected Sharpei

NHV Gives Back < 1 min read
NHV violet neglected sharpei

NHV gives back by donating supplements to help this beautiful girl.

One of the NHV team members came across an Instagram post with this neglected Sharpei who was found in a terrible condition. Thankfully, Violet was rescued by these amazing people @istandwithmypack and through the #NHVnaturalselfiecampaing NHV gives back by donating supplements to help this beautiful girl.

This is when Violet was first brought to the shelter. Violet weighs only 19lbs meanwhile her healthy weight should be 40-55lbs. She was extremely malnourished and was losing weight every day. She is a very sweet dog that was terribly abused and neglected.

Violet was diagnosed with Corona, upper respiratory infection, skin and eye issues, so we decided to send her NHV Felimm to help improve her immune system and fight the virus, NHV Stimmune for additional immune system support and to help her with the allergies and NHV Multi Essentials to help fill nutritional voids and for coat and digestion support. Even before Violet got her supplements, she was looking so much better from when she was rescued by the shelter.

Recovered NHV dog

Thanks to her lovely foster mom, Violet started to gain some healthy weight back and overcome some health issues.

Check back for more pupdates as Violet continues to improve.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: June 15, 2019

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