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The day you brought home happiness

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 6 min read
The day you brought home happiness

The first pitter-patter of their paws
The first walk around the block
The first attempts at high fives
The first time they peed on your pots

The first time they kneaded on your arms
The first time they bit your toes
The first time they slept in your lap
The first time they felt at home

They will always be your babies
No matter how grey their muzzles
You will always cherish
Bringing home happiness

You should have seen him when he was a kitten.’ ‘I wish she could be a puppy again.’ Don’t we hear this all the time? We miss those first few days …all the firsts are extra special. Even the first poop becomes a story that we share to date. They say pets have a way of finding exactly the home that needs them. They come to us for a short while and change our lives forever. Sometimes the start is rough and comes with a past. That’s when the ‘firsts’ become even more special.

We got talking to some pet parents who had some really interesting firsts to share with us!

Grune’s first meow

Grune's First Meow

“She was dumped in a parking lot where my husband worked at the time and he saw this tiny thing poking her head out and trying to meow. She couldn’t make a sound but still tried. She was starving and dehydrated so we quickly got her to the vet. Luckily she was healthy and just needed some antibiotics and to get her shots, food & water. She has inspired me to rescue cats and now I’ve been volunteering with a local rescue. We believe Grune rescued us and brought us closer together.”

Grune would always sleep on her mom's head, from the very first day
Grune would always sleep on her mom’s head, from the very first day
grune cat live and let meow jerry
Grune and Jerry became instant friends

“When we brought Grune home from the vet, they told us she was a boy! That’s why her name is Grune. We took her to a different vet to get neutered and when James went to pick Grune up they told him he was a she!”

You can follow Grune and her brofur Jerry on their Instagram account – @liveandletmeow

Steady's First Day At Home

“It was May 14, 2005. This was such a special day introducing him to big sister Bailey, adding the 2nd beagle boy to our family 13 years ago.”

Steady’s first beagle bark is a special memory for everyone in the family.

Steady's First Bark

Steady is now a canine cancer fighter.

Steady is now a canine cancer fighter. Making all those firsts even more special. Everyone at NHV calls him Super Steady. He gets an extensive regimen for his cancer and he patiently allows his mom and dad to help him in this fight. After his big sister Bailey crossed the rainbow bridge, Steadman has been his mom’s shadow and they continue to discover many ‘firsts’ even today.

steadman and mom

You can follow Steadman’s holistic journey with his mom on his Instagram account – @dignifiedbeagle

Kittty Mojito’s first snow

kitty mojito nhv pet first day

“She slept on our bed with us the very first night. She instantly bonded with us right from the shelter. She was adopted on Sept 8th, 2013 from PetSmart via Whisker Rescue. We brought her home and she instantly made herself comfortable, exploring, and being curious. Since it was winter, we took her out to the patio and this was her first reaction when she set her paws on the snow!”

Kitty Mojito was surrendered at the shelter by her previous owners, declawed and with burnt whiskers. Her human dad saw her at Pet Smart and knew that very second she was going to be his and his wife’s first child. Mojito came home as she knew it already. No shyness, no skittishness, no hiding under the bed. She knew she was finally home.

kitty mojito adventure NHV

You can follow this outdoor-loving kitty’s many adventures on her Instagram – @kittymojito

Lady’s first everything at 14

Lady pirisplace

“We met her at an adoption event. I spotted her right away. Her long tail wagged from the first moment we saw her. She licked our faces, ate treats from our hands, and soon after, just like that, she was riding in the backseat of our car ready to go to our forever home. I remember many firsts with her, some which were surprising and downright hilarious, but all so very heartwarming.”

Lady yoo cocker spaniel dog hugging dad

Lady was adopted by Jane and Yangkyu at the age of 14. Because those first steps don’t always need to be of a puppy or a kitten. Sometimes they can even be the wobbly walk of a senior pet.

You can follow the life of Lady, her parents, and all the doggy guests at her mom’s daycare on Instagram – @pirisplace

Black Beauty’s first day home

black beauty cat

“It was very special the first few days just processing that this was the same cat who we were trying to help on the streets for so long and she was now in our house, going to be loved forever.”

black beauty cat

For 9 months, this black cat acted feral and would only come to eat the food her rescue mom would leave for her. One night she let her touch her and these humans immediately took her to a foster. The vets informed them she was pregnant and about to have a litter. All babies found homes. One baby ended up at a friend’s place and that’s when the rescue mom learned, Black Beauty was surrendered to a shelter. She knew she just had to bring her home.

black beauty cat

You can follow Black Beauty on Instagram as she settles in her new home with her new siblings – @mr.maddiemoo


Aren’t these firsts so beautiful? They tug the strings in our hearts and remind us of the day we brought happiness home. So what are some firsts that are really close to your heart? Tell us in the comments below. We’re all ears.

Did you know that you can choose to be a holistic parent from the very start? Many pet parents come to us when their pet’s health is already going downhill. But the perfect time to start your pet’s holistic journey is as soon as you bring them home. It is the perfect time to invest in their longer and healthier lives.

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Turmeric – A super herb that is great for the vital organs – liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart. It is great for joints, circulatory system, nervous system and is also anti-cancer. Turmeric can be a perfect addition to make to your pet’s food from the very start. Especially since NHV Turmeric is safe for the long term.

Pet Omega3 – A fish oil blend that helps support kidneys and the heart. It also aids digestion, promotes better coat conditions, and is anti-cancer.

Natural support for daily troubles – Many situations occur in a pet household when you need to rush to the ER or schedule an urgent vet appointment. Diarrhea, ticks, flea, allergies, constipation, hairballs, anxiety – it is important to be aware of the natural options available to support your pet with these issues. NHV has lots of supplements to include in your pet’s regimen to help with these concerns.

Wet food – Wet food is very important for a pet’s healthy life. The best-wet food is home-cooked (we can help you with a recipe?) but if you cannot cook at home, then you can always consult your vet and find a good quality wet food brand that suits your pet’s age and breed. You can also include healthy snacks like Greek yogurt, puree pumpkin, fresh coconut water, or bone broth in their diets as food toppings.

From the very first meows and woofs, start thinking holistic and help keep them young and active for longer. We are always there to help. We love your pets naturally!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: September 7, 2018

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