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Vet Tech Rounds: Top Three Pet Health Monitoring Devices

Pet Care Tips 4 min read
Dog and cat laying on the floor looking at a tablet. op three pet health monitoring devices

As time goes on, technology advances. Using technology to monitor our own health is a huge market and has been incredibly beneficial to our society in many ways. We are now able to undergo faster procedures with fewer health risks and with more research and advancing technologies, doctors and veterinarians can now diagnose conditions much quicker than before, which can be crucial depending on the illness.

Not only does technology advance and benefit us, humans, it is also advancing in the world of pets. We worry about our pet’s health just as much as we worry about our own, so it only makes sense for their health to be monitored more closely too, right?

Sure enough, there are now many different devices that can monitor our pet’s activity, heart rates, respiratory rates, and many more. We are now able to go to work without worrying about our furbabies as much as we did before. Using these devices can help us to monitor their water intake and urine output and know if they become stressed at home alone. By knowing all of these smaller details, it can help us to notice when things are not right.

By using pet health devices, we can relay information quickly to our vets. That small amount of time difference could make a huge impact.

Dogs and cats cannot always communicate that they are feeling sick or feeling uncomfortable or what is causing it. We must identify these issues because we know their normal routines and behavior. We then communicate this to the veterinarians, who will run tests and examine our pets in order to give us a proper diagnosis. By using these pet health devices, we can relay this information quickly to our vets. That small amount of time difference could make a huge impact on our lives and our dogs/cats’ lives too.

So what devices can we use to help our pet’s in our daily life and routine? We have researched the top three pet health monitoring devices for dogs and cats that are available in this modern-day pet world.


Furbo is a camera that is set up in the home to monitor our pet’s movements. This video recorder allows us to monitor how much water they’re drinking, how much they’re eating, are they stressed, are they barking? It even has a motion sensor so that you can be notified via text or via an app that there is something happening in the home. As well as being able to monitor its surroundings, Furbo also allows you to interact with your pets by dispensing treats and talking to your furkiddo!



Fitbark seems to be the dog version of a Fitbit. This device can track your dog’s activity, sleep quality, distance traveled, calories burned, stress & anxiety, and general health & behavior. The Fitbark seems to be something that you can enjoy with your pupper, as you can set different fitness goals. The best thing about this device is that it can help you locate your dog if he/she is lost. Using the map on the Fitbark app, you can find your doggo by receiving 1-minute updates on their whereabouts.



This collar seems to be quite like the Fitbark. It is a high-tech collar that continuously monitors your pet’s vital signs such as heart, respiratory rate, pulse, temperature, and energy levels. The data collected by the collar is then analyzed and will alert you and your veterinarian of the first sign of any problems.

petpace collar and app

There are many more brands similar to the Petpace collar and the Fitbark. The main aim of all these devices is to monitor the changes in pet behavior. For people with older pets, it can prove to be greatly beneficial. Older pets are more prone to conditions like kidney & liver disease, arthritis, heart conditions, cancer, and cognitive decline.

Due to COVID-19, many people have been able to work from home. For some of us pet owners, it was a sigh of relief as we could stay home and spend time with our puppers and kitties. Personally, my mind wanders to the worst possible thoughts when my pup is home alone. Having these devices available to us can put our minds at ease once we step outside the door. Technology can have its downfalls for but for things like pet health devices, it has really helped us to avoid stressful situations for not only our pets but for us too!

Holly RVN

Holly RVN

Holly graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland. She also completed a 1-year Animal Care course. Worked in small Animal Veterinary practice for 3+ years before moving on to working in the Equine Industry. Holly is passionate about animals and spends much of her spare time going on long walks with her Boston Terrier, Lloyd.

Published: August 28, 2020

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