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Wolfgang: A Houseful of Frosted faces, Broken Tails and Thankful Hearts

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 5 min read
Wolfgang: A Houseful of Frosted faces, Broken Tails and Thankful Hearts

If you are passionate about animal rescue, you know how it feels when you see the lost eyes on a face at the side of the road. The money is all gone, there is no room in your house, yet those eyes hit that one chord, tug at that one heartstring that you can never say no to. ‘One last time‘, you say. Sometimes we wonder if it’s more than just love, or a passion…but more of destiny that leads people who rescue. Because life is never ready. But somehow they get by. Somehow they find a way.

waiting for breakfast - wolfgang 2242

NHV has been fortunate enough to know a very special rescue family –  the Wolfgang. This family of rescues consists of 7 senior dogs, 2 cats, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and Betty the chicken. And a few other special animals that are looked after by this amazing human being, Steve Greig.

Steve Grieg

To someone like us, the life of Wolfgang is like a dream. We love the animals and the joy that rescuing brings, but we quickly jump to the how’s, what’s and where’s. ‘When does he sleep?’, ‘how does he manage work?’, ‘don’t they fight?’, ‘how does he feed them?’ ….But that’s why we can’t all be people like Steve or families like Wolfgang.

Wolfgang 2242 - image of all pets on a bench

This is how rescue love is. Not thinking about the what’s and the why’s of bringing in another life that’s been rejected by everyone else. Just bringing it in and letting it all work out. Understanding this big happy family helped us uncover what it takes to rescue like Steve.

It takes a lot of hard work… and help that comes from friends and family. Another set of hands to help cook the different diets. Another set of eyes to keep a watch. Another human to help organize healthy activities like burrito run Saturdays that Wolfgang really loves. Steve works close to his house and manages to drop by during lunch hours too. His days start early at 5 am and revolve around the unique needs each frosted face has.

As a rescuer, Steve’s most selfless quality is to save another, regardless of how it hurts to say goodbye. His home is never quiet and his weekends are never “his”. He’d pat a mangy head with a bare hand. He’d feed a snappy senior dog with his own hands because he really cares. He is dedicated to loving all animals alike.

waylon steve's dog taking inhaler

These are the magic components of Steve’s big happy family that almost a million people are in love with. All the little things from this big rescue family are hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. What started as a pet rescue is now a big happy family. In which each member is special. Really, really special.

Waylon can slide away from his food bowl, so Steve has to support him with his feet as he eats. Englebert had no lower jaw, so would need Steve to make little mountains of food for him to eat easily. Bikini likes it indoors and warm, so he keeps the fireplace running all through the winter.

waylon steves dog eating food
bikini the pig steve wolfgang

They make beautiful memories together. It can be something as simple as Waylon’s inhaler puff that gathers the whole group around as if Waylon is getting a special treat that they are missing out on. Or Burrito Runs on Saturdays when the whole group goes out for an outdoor walk. Some are cradled in a bag and others are pulled around in a wagon. Steve also takes some of them on hikes, bike rides, and dog-friendly patios.

family - childrens book-steve
steve grieg on a bike with dogs

Each member of the Wolfgang reminds you how special is the joy of a family in which each member is so different. And somewhere it reminds you how special your own family is.

We’re one of those who’ve been touched by the one and only Wolfgang. If you are like us, you follow their Instagram like a hawk. If you are like us, every time he makes a new post you have to drop whatever you are doing and get excited for a glimpse of one of those frosted faces. If you are like us, you will read each post twice and then tag a few other friends who you want to share that feeling with. If you are like us, you probably squealed in excitement when you found out Steve’s lovely family can come to you in the form of a children’s book!

In this book a rabbit and a pig snuggle by the fireplace. A little flightless bird piggybacks a dog. A chicken decides to coup in the kitchen by the stove. An Irish Wolfhound is best friends with a 4-pound dog. And Steve’s antics make it a book that will tug at your heart. The very first children’s book showcases the importance of family.

To think it all started with one dog. One miniature pinscher named Wolfgang.

When Steve’s beloved dog Wolfgang passed away, says Steve, “I was miserable because we had been so attached, and then one day I had a thought: If something good could come out of Wolfgang’s death, something that wouldn’t have happened while Wolfgang was still alive, then that could be my homage to him. So I decided to adopt the oldest, least-adoptable dog I could find.” That’s when he brought home Eeyore, a senior Chihuahua with four bad knees and waiting for a family to adopt him at a shelter. All the other adoptions just fell in place.

wolfgang the dog

There are others out there too, who take up rescue as seriously and selflessly as Steve. When you get Steve’s book you are supporting the whole community of these selfless people. Because you are supporting the idea of senior animal rescue. With this book, you get a chance to tell the humans of tomorrow how precious senior pets are. And how important pet rescue is!

steve's book

We’ve pre-ordered a few copies, we hope you do too. It is available on

Wolfgang book on amazon

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Published: June 29, 2019

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