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A day in the life of Steadman – a naturally healthy pet. What’s different?

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 6 min read
A day in the life of Steadman – a naturally healthy pet. What’s different?

Do zoomies ✔️
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Be cute ✔️
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Make Mom laugh ✔️

beagle supplements all natural

For an almost 14-year-old Beagle, Steadman leads a busy life. He steals naps between playing fetch up & down the stairs, attends regular chemo appointments, arooos at the neighborhood noises from his backyard, and waits patiently for his parents to return from work. Steadman’s parents renamed their refrigerator the “Beagle Vending Machine” because it’s stocked with fresh healthy treats for his desired snacking pleasure, and, of course, his NHV supplements.

Does that sound like your dog’s routine too? Could be. Because holistic dogs or cats are very much like any other pets. Unlike what many pet parents think, keeping your pet naturally healthy is not a heavy task. In fact, it is a wholesome task that makes you feel more connected to your furkid.

Here are the little differences between Steadman, a holistic pet and any other pet:


To be naturally healthy means a lot of real food. But Steadman’s parents have regular 9 to 5’s and busy routines. There is only so much cooking they can do. They make it up by preparing his food 3 days in advance and freezing portions. Or topping up a high-quality commercial food with healthy veggies like blueberries, squash, carrots, pumpkin and cucumbers. Steadman was given fruits & veggies as snacks even as a young puppy. He still loves his watermelon treats and even likes to crunch on fresh asparagus. That’s a great way to keep your pet hydrated – fruits, veggies, frozen bone broth, and fresh coconut water. Though coconut water is given to him in very minimal amounts because of the natural sugar and his heart issues.


Initially, giving herbal supplements can seem difficult. Between cleaning litter boxes or taking walkies for pooping and peeing, vacuuming the fur, regular grooming sessions, and vet visits, this is one more task indeed – adding supplements! But once you get used to it, it’s not all that bad. Steadman’s mom, Jessica has neatly organized all his supplements and they are kept in the fridge with notes and instructions. She keeps a log (and we keep one too). His dad and mom take turns giving him his ‘drops’ as they call them. All these efforts not only keep Steadman healthier for longer but also save them from bigger vet bills in the future.

getting food with NHV

Day to day troubles

Dogs and cats regularly get issues like mild diarrhea or constipation from something they’ve eaten. They naturally resort to eating grass to fix themselves up. Just like that, many health troubles that we notice in our pets can be supported naturally. For instance, sprays to keep the surroundings fresh, little tricks to keep paws clean, etc.  Jessica used, along with NHV Tripsy, 2 tiny spoons of organic and sugar-free cranberry juice with each meal for one week to help with abnormal penal discharge that Steady was having in the first few sessions of Chemo.

Jessica and Steadman

Steadman demonstrates how Kefir is a great snack for pets. A tablespoon or two every now and then is very healthy for the gut. Especially this time when his tummy wasn’t well from chemo, Kefir really helped this holistic beagle.

Steadman Enjoying His Yogurt

Sometimes, you might feel it is important to head to the vet and get some drugs prescribed. You should do so right away! But other times, you will feel confident handling the situation at home or with the help of some herbal remedies like ours or others that Steadman uses.

Why is Steadman a holistic pet?

It’s not that holistic pets will never fall ill. In fact, many pet owners think of starting their pet’s holistic regimen when they are already showing signs of slowing down. So don’t be surprised if most holistic pets you meet are already fighting a disease. However, what holistic pets are safe from is side effects or rather a vicious disease loop where you treat one organ and lose the other. Our lead vet and animal nutritionist Dr. Donna explains this best.

Herbalism for pets

Supporting a pet holistically means thinking beyond what is at the surface. Like in Steady’s case. He is vulnerable to allergies and lives in Arizona. Drugs could easily harm his compromised immune system and as a senior Beagle liver and adrenal issues may be a concern.  His mom decided to support him with a healthy balanced diet, natural supplements, and regular vet visits. When he would get vet prescribed drugs, she would balance his system with healthy food for the gut, by finding healthy probiotics (Kiefer) and support for the liver (Turmeric).

steadman posing with his NHV supplements
steadman with felimma nd respaid

This lymphoma fighter has a comprehensive holistic regimen that works with his CHOP protocol. He gets:

NHV ES Clear – to support his body in the fight against cancer and keep the symptoms of cancer at check. Steady loves to play and he follows his mom like her shadow. Thus along with chemo, he gets NHV ES Clear to keep his energy levels up, appetite healthy and give his body the perk to fight with whatever lymphoma can bring.

NHV Milk Thistle – to support his liver and kidneys. Chemo and cancer can be hard on these organs. Toxins that build up as a result of his condition need to be eliminated naturally not only from the body but also from these vital organs.

NHV Felimm – to detoxify his lymphatic system. Despite chemo, Steadman’s lymph nodes could swell up. He is also at risk for respiratory infection living in the Arizona desert where Valley Fever thrives.  Felimm helps keep all of that at check.

NHV Lesstress – to help with anxiety. Stress is the worst enemy of a sick pet. Steadman tends to get very stressed when he is alone at home or when he is at the vets. He was used to having Bailey around at all times. After Bailey passed, he developed bad separation anxiety, and then cancer came up. Lesstress helps him cope with these situations without disturbing his health curve.

Steadman Before And After Using NHV Lesstress

NHV Resp AidNHV Tripsy, and NHV Natures Immuno are some other supplements that are introduced in his regimen according to his vet check up reports, the time of the year, his visible symptoms and as many proactive measures, according to his breed.

NHV supplements for STeadman the beagle
steadman watermelon

Being a holistic pet parent gives Jessica the ability to be a part of Steadman’s journey as a lymphoma dog and do more than give him pills or chemo. It is a very happy feeling to be able to do everything you can to support your pet. Being a holistic parent also makes Jessica aware of what is going on with Steadman and what she can do to help. You know what to expect but you are better prepared for it.

jessica skaaren and beagle steadman NHV

Steadman is a dear pet to all of us here at NHV. We love to work along with his mom Jessica and his vet oncology team to come up with regimens for him. We are always praying for our little trooper’s good health.

Steadman Shows Us His NHV Supplement Regimen

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Update December 28, 2018

After fighting cancer for almost an year, our dearest Steadman gained his wings. We are heartbroken because he became like a family member. But we are also happy that we were able to help him stay healthy and discomfort-free in his golden year!

December 28th at 3:00pm, Steadman passed away. He finished his fight, his precious heart decided to stop. Thank you for being our dearest friends. We love you all so very much. ♥️🐾
steadman last day

If his holistic routine inspired you to look for holistic support for your pet, get in touch with us today! We’d love to help you get started.

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Published: October 5, 2018

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