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Alopecia (Hair Loss) Health Kit

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Are There Natural Supplements to Promote Hair Growth in Dogs? 

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Photo of a black lab looking dog laying down on bed with a mount of hair next to the dog to illustrate a blog about natural supplements to promote hair growth in dogs

If you are looking for supplements to promote hair growth in dogs or to help deal with shedding, we have a few recommendations. But first, we would like to take the time to explain how proactive care and a healthy grooming routine can help avoid coat and skin issues in your pup.

Managing Hair Loss in Dogs

Most animals experience moderate hair loss. If you’ve found strands of your own hair in your pillow at night or on the bathroom floor, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The same can be said about your little one. The difference is they have much more hair to shed! 

Your dog’s cycle naturally sheds the old fur and opens space for a new coat that will provide more comfort each season.

Your pup’s whole body is made up of hair follicles that grow and fall in cycles. Each hair strand grows, ages, and falls naturally, being replaced by another. That is why it’s common to see an increase in dog hair around the house between seasons. That’s when your furkiddo’s cycle naturally sheds the old fur and opens space for a new coat that will provide more comfort according to that season.

Some breeds, for example, have an undercoat, an extra layer of fur to keep them warm when it’s cold outside. However, thinner hair replaces this layer in the spring for warmer weather. Despite the seasonal changes that cause natural shedding, these other factors can influence the amount of lost hair you find around the house:

NHV’s Supplements to Promote Hair Growth in Dogs

Even though your pup’s hair might fall naturally, it’s essential to be aware of some signs of excessive shedding that a health condition can cause. For example, a vet visit might be needed if you notice more of your dog’s hair around the house than usual. 

Another typical sign that something is wrong is when your furkiddo has bald spots or is constantly licking the hair and coat. In those cases, it’s also crucial to investigate the root cause with a trusted veterinarian. 

In the meantime, periodically brushing your pet and offering natural supplements to promote hair growth in dogs are good starting points. Grooming your little one helps remove dead fur while stimulating the regrowth of new healthy hair. This routine can help prevent matting and help reduce shedding. 

As for natural supplements, NHV Ouch Away spray helps heal inflamed, itchy skin and promotes hair regrowth. This topical formula contains ingredients like Rosemary, which helps promote hair regrowth. Another well-known ingredient of Ouch Away, Aloe vera, helps cool and soothe irritated skin while strengthening the immune system.

Other supplements can help, depending on the root cause of your little one’s hair loss. These are the most common cases in which proactive support can be beneficial: 

Dealing with Allergies

Image of a dog with a serious case of hair loss and big bald spots to illustrate a blog about natural supplements to promote hair growth in dogs

If your little one is losing hair due to allergies, NHV Stimmune may help. This blend was vet formulated to help address food and skin allergies and symptoms like itchy or red skin. Stimmune also helps support a healthy immune and histamine response.  

Managing Nutritional Deficiency

A balanced diet is essential for your little one’s skin and haircoat development. Any nutritional voids in your furkiddo’s food may cause areas of hair loss or cause the coat to be dry, dull, and brittle. NHV Multi Essentials can help complement your little one’s diet. This unique herbal formula contains all-natural ingredients high in vital minerals and vitamins. NHV Petomega 3 is another great support formula for skin and coat health, seeing as it’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Ectoparasites (Such as Ticks and Fleas)

Ticks and fleas can cause excessive itching and even allergic dermatitis that can cause hair loss. NHV Target Spray is a topical formula that may help deter fleas, ticks, lice, and mosquitoes and calm irritated skin. This herbal spray also helps avoid irritated skin, hair loss, and allergy flare-ups in your little one.

Trauma or Stress Can Cause Overgrooming

Animals tend to scratch, bite and lick excessively due to stress. This obsessive behavior can introduce unwanted bacteria, which can lead to infection. Keeping your furkiddo’s mind and body active, showering them with love, and using calming supplements like our NHV Lesstress can help. In cases of over-grooming, NHV Hairb-EZ is also a great aid, as it helps eliminate and dissolve ingested hair, reducing hairballs or constipation caused by hair buildup.

We hope that with these tips and our recommended supplements to promote hair growth in dogs and overall skin health, your little one can live a healthier, more comfortable life all year round. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us any time you have questions about holistic vet support and our pet herbal formulas.

Dr. Barbara Benitez DVM, MS

Dr. Barbara Benitez DVM, MS

Dr. Barbara is a veterinarian from Brazil with a specialty in pet nutrition. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2006 from the University of Uberaba. In 2010, Dr. Barbara received her Master’s of Science in Pet Nutrition from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. She has over 15 years of experience in research and development in the pet food industry. When Barbara isn’t helping pet parents, you can find her spending time with her family, including her senior dog, Caze.

Published: May 1, 2023

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