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Cat Community of Instagram comes together for Sylvester, the Senior Kitty

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read
Cat Community of Instagram comes together for Sylvester, the Senior Kitty

Sylvester is a senior kitty from Austria. He had liver disease almost suggesting jaundice, and was losing weight drastically between his condition, and the discomfort his teeth were causing him. He had some scary trips to the ER. His mom’s friend, Erika, knew he needed natural support. He was in need of a few different supplements, and that is when she reached out to our team. We recommended Resthyro for his thyroid issues, Hearty-Heart for his heart condition, Mouth Drops to help with post-surgery discomfort, and Milk Thistle to detoxify the liver, and other vital organs.

sylvester 1

However, although Sylvester was in desperate need of  NHV remedies, his mom had spent most of her savings on vet bills. At this moment, Sylvester’s Instagram friends came together to raise money for these supplements, and help alleviate the cost of some of his medical bills. His mom’s friend, Erika also an NHV Pet Parent stepped up. It didn’t take long to reach his fundraising goals. It shows how much more is possible with the power of a community. Sylvester is one courageous kitty, and he has so much love for his friends coming together.

I wanna help to get Sylvester in shape for his teeth surgery. He has so many health issues that this poses risks, but not having surgery is also dangerous. He has so many years ahead of him, he is a fighter and we want to help him battle a fair fight by getting medicine for him. We have contacted @nhvnaturalpet and we would like to get Sylvester into treatment to get him ready not only for surgery but also for the post-op recovery.
fundraiser for sylvester
Sylvester’ @nhvnaturalpet supplements are finally here! 😭😭😭 I am so freaking happy! ❤️ A lot of things happened that made me think this day wouldn’t come, but tried to remain positive and yayyy!!! I love this little guy so much, so I wanna send a big hug and a thank you to all the people that helped me out to work this miracle for him ❤️❤️❤️ Special thanks to @nhvnaturalpet for being so kind and showing that you can have a business but also deeply and lovingly care for your customers!
sylvester recieved his supplies

It took a village but Sylvester finally got all his supplements…

Sylvester And His NHV Supplements

…and soon we started to get happy updates!

Update – July 11

sylvester taking supplements

“Got news that he is eating his medicine and also having his Resthyro supplement from @nhvnaturalpet 🌿 he is very sneaky with anything that is not food in his bowl, so we take this as a victory 😺 I love them so much and miss them even more 🌹”

Update – July 21

sylvester @missoreo erika eravalo

“My sweet bestie Sylvester has health issues, he takes Resthyro from @nhvnaturalpet to help him with his thyroid problem. Thanks to ameowzing IG furriends he is able to take this and other supplements. Now Sylvester wants to give back by posting this selfie and help reach the 15,000 selfies goal, so that @nhvnaturalpet can donate $5000 worth of supplements to help kitties in need. It is so easy pawsies, just post a picture and use #nhvnaturalselfie 😻 let’s help @nhvnaturalpet help others”

Today, Erika is happy to report that Sylvester has gained weight and health enough to be able to go into the much-needed dental surgery. He still has a road of recovery ahead of him. His mommy is making every effort to reduce his postoperative discomfort, and we aim to continue to support his body in its natural healing process. We are cheering for this little guy, every step of the way.

He even sent us some healthy purrs!

Cat Community Comes Together For Sylvester

Look at how healthy he looks now that he is more comfortable and playful.

sylvester (erika cat)

Update October 2018

My buddy Sylvester is being such a good boy ❤️ He is eating and taking his medicine, as well as the @nhvnaturalpet supplements to help him with his health issues 🐈 I am so happy that his teeth surgery went great and that he has been recovering so nicely 😿 it really brings tears to our eyes ❤️🙏🏻 we love this sweet boy to the moon and back 😍❤️

Sylvester october 2018

The love of the COI community or the Cats of Instagram Community filled our hearts with happiness. They made sure senior kitty Sylvester got what he needed!

Do you have questions about natural herbal support for your kitty? Our natural herbal remedies help contribute to better health and improved well-being. Please contact one of our Pet Experts today. 🙂

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Published: October 10, 2018

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