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Old Timer for cats

For Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Discomfort Relief in Cats.

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Life With a Senior Cat – How Genghis’ Mom is Keeping Her Promise

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read
NHV's senior cat

Genghis, the senior cat, always showed his mom he’ll play by his own rules and look good doing it. He demanded to be loved, spoiled, and pampered and his mom was only too happy to oblige! Genghis gave her back his generous love and friendship that helped them go through life together. It’s been 16 years! They’ve seen a lot – good times and bad times… Genghis’ cancer. They’re in this together and his mom knows that love will always bring out the super in her boy.

This is the story of Genghis. A senior cat from Austria who is a very special part of our family of #NHVpets

There often come testing times in life where you find the bond you have with your pets is the only thing that keeps you fighting. You stay strong for each other and the connection grows further.

Such is the story of Genghis the Maine Coon mix. He and his family are battling his cancer and arthritis together with love, tenacity, and natural supplements.


His momma is very knowledgeable with natural, herbal ingredients so we connected with Genghis when she was looking for something to help with his senior cat problems.

A senior cat can slow down and you might notice that they are not following you around like they used to. They might jump a little hesitatingly. More spots around their limbs and back might now become territory human hands are not allowed to touch freely.

The kit Genghis used provides some much-needed relief and comfort

For a year, Genghis’ arthritis improved greatly and he was able to move around more freely with the help from one of our arthritis kits. Old Timer, Turmeric, and Yucca together helped to ease inflammation, relieve discomfort, and soothe uncomfortable joints; naturally!

The kit Genghis used provides some much-needed relief and comfort. You’ll see a more vibrant and happy senior cat doing the things he loves most! Whether it’s jumping onto the windowsill to laze in the sun puddles or chasing that toy around the house with his cat sibling!

As time passed, Genghis began to display symptoms of discomfort again.

He began to reject food as he lost his appetite. Momma did everything she could to ensure he got the supplements and nutrition he needed from liquid treats to home-cooked treats.

genghis khan the cat taking NHV supplements

Using Yucca works wonders as a natural appetite stimulant by adding it into things like bone broth or a favorite treat you know your pet just cannot resist. Adding Multi Essentials will ensure that your pet gets more of the vitamins they need to be able to fight disease. This will often ensure your pet can get the NHV remedies they need without the stress.

Later on, however, she discovered a big lump under her chin. It almost looked like a tooth abscess. Genghis had to be taken to the vet. He was diagnosed with cancer and his mom was devastated. She was in touch with her vet team and the Pet Experts at NHV. A regimen was put together that included surgery and radiation treatment at the Cancer Clinic of the Veterinary University in Vienna.

After I spotted the lump, he was operated on, and it turned out the “lump” was deeply rooted into his under-chin… the pathology tests showed it was an aggressive adenocarcinoma…which is known to reappear soon (as the operating vet told me). The radiation therapy didn’t manage to stop the process, unfortunately… everything after that is just palliative care as there was no chance for a second surgery on the spot…

The after-treatment included chemo and his NHV supplements.

Genghis’ family is an integral part of a very active cat community on Instagram and Twitter. The community sends them love and positive thoughts each new day.  She sends customized bow ties across the ocean for her Etsy customers and friends. She will share all the information she has when another pet parent is in distress. It also helps that his mom is a very caring human being who never hesitates from helping others. They are very loved and adored the world over.

Genghis’ cancer journey is like any other cancer pet’s. Filled with ups and downs. Somedays he will be slower and aloof and other days he will be perky and active.

genghis cat es clear

But the good thing is that he is continuing to fight. He has grown frail but is “still eating, peeing, and pooping like a champ.” He has decided to turn his nose up at everything that has medicines or supplements in it. In such a time, his mom has to be creative. Tricks like plain yogurt, puree pumpkin, shrimp, tuna, and bone broth work, but not all the time. She tries to keep him as regular as is possible with at least his ES Clear dosage.

NHV ES-Clear is needed to help support his immune response, ease inflammation, supply powerful antioxidants, and support his vital organs.

Life with a senior cat can often bring a devastating diagnosis. It could be kidney disease, lymphoma, or a tumor in a delicate spot. Often we are clueless about what to do to improve the quality of life for our beloved pets. There are supports out there for you and others going through this tough time. Natural supplements, a great diet, and a loving family can make all the difference. More than we’ll ever know sometimes!

We love our NHV family and are always thankful that we get to be a part of this senior cat’s stubborn cancer journey.

Genghis and his brother Pookhie are very adorable and have their own Instagram page so you can follow their antics with their dapper little ties.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 19, 2019

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