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Resp-Aid™ for Cats

For Coughs, Respiratory Disorders, and Bronchial Infections in Cats

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Peanut the cat reviews NHV Supplements

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 3 min read
Peanut the cat reviews NHV Supplements

Hey ladies, check out my many faces. It shows that I look young and am young-at-heart at the tender cat age of 10 (human age of 56). 😉  It’s thanks to good food with added NHV Natural Supplements @nhvnaturalpet.

Still, remember when I was limping badly due to arthritis inflammation?

Peanut Limping Around

Less than 2 months of acupuncture and NHV supplements of Yucca and Old Timer, I climbed to the highest point of our 2.2 meters (7 feet) tall cat tree.

Peanut the cat sitting on top of teh cat tree

My cat brother, Mini takes NHV supplement Felimm as he tested positive for FIV and Resp-Aid for his asthma (he has had asthma since he is one year old).

mini and peanut cat siblings
Me and Mini posing together

We all took Felimm to battle cat flu infection last year. Mini recovered first. 💪🏻 Hah, the FIV cat has the strongest immunity. We are guessing because he is on Felimm all along while the rest of us only took it when we were ill.

casper and panther
My bros Panther and Casper

Many companies claim that their products work wonders and it’s too good to be true. But It Is True for NHV Natural Pet Products @nhvnaturalpet. We are so glad we discovered this amazing holistic remedy. We’ll be trying out other products/supplements from NHV.

Oh btw, NHV ships internationally.

Peanut, Casper, Mini, and Panther are all rescued cats. These adorable cat siblings live in Singapore. Their parents often rescue and foster cats and kittens. Mini was diagnosed with FIV and asthma as a one-year-old and now, Peanut had also started to cough a lot. That’s when their mom reached out to us.

NHV Resp-Aid helped Peanut breathe better.

NHV Resp-Aid helped Peanut breathe better. Within a month she said, you could rarely hear Peanut cough and Mini too had drastically reduced his coughing. But then they caught the flu that broke out. All the cats were put on Felimm which was originally only there for Mini (FIV). They were able to fight it and recover healthily.

Once their mom knew our supplements were helping she reached out to us for more. Peanut now takes Old Timer and Yucca for arthritis and Casper has started to take Tripsy to help with early signs of kidney disease. The foster kittens to take some Natures Immuno to help boost their immunity while they wait for forever homes.

We are so glad we found this loving cat family. Their mom knows her herbs well and is always very proactive with her cats. She knows the high-quality herbs we use and trusts us to help her cat cope with all health problems, big and small. We send this family all our well wishes and we are always there to help them.

You can follow the adventures of these crazy cats on Instagram @casper_thenotsofriendly_cat

If you have a cat family at home and want holistic support for each of them or something that all of them can share to stay healthy, then please get in touch with an NHV Pet Expert today!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: April 26, 2018

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