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Arthritis and Joint Pain Super Relief Kit

Old Timer, Turmeric & Yucca

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Relieving Inflammation and Arthritis in Senior Pets Naturally

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Relieving Inflammation and Arthritis in Senior Pets Naturally

You may have noticed your older fur baby slowing down in recent years. Maybe they are playing less, sleeping more, and moving a bit slower. Although this might seem normal for an aging canine, arthritis could be the cause. Arthritis is likely to impact most dogs and cats as they age. Unfortunately, owners and veterinarians may not notice the early onset because pets will instinctually hide when they are feeling hurt, sick, or experiencing soreness and discomfort. This is why it’s important for pet owners to recognize the signs that signify their senior pets may be suffering.

beagle miso posing with supplements
Photo credit: @beagle_miso

Signs your pet may be struggling from arthritis or joint-related disorders include – slower at doing day to day activities, accidents around the house especially with cats as they may be unable to get into the litter box, they may yowl or scream on being picked up, they may even get aggressive when touched around the joints, Lameness and stiffness (especially after rest), slower gait and difficulty in getting up.

klaus the senior cat with arthritis
Photo credit: @theklauscat

What can you do to help your senior pets with arthritis?

1. Adapt their diet

A lot about your senior pets’  longevity has to do with their diet. They need a variety of foods, a healthy mix of cooked and convenient foods, that includes veggies, meat proteins, and even fruits. A balanced diet that changes with the season, with their age, is the best diet you can give to your pet. It also helps prevent obesity which can be very harmful to senior pets.

2. Supplement their diet

Simple natural additions like Turmeric, Yucca, and Omega3 in their regimes can not only help support their joints but also help provide their vital organs some additional support against common health problems like cancer, liver failure, and kidney disorders.

3. Think proactively

Talk to your vet or a pet expert and understand your cat or dog’s breed better. Most joint-related issues have an easily identifiable pattern.

▪️ smaller and longer dogs tend to develop IVDD
▪️ larger or heavier dogs and cats can get arthritic discomfort even at young ages
▪️ loss of appetite can mean lack of nutrition and hence, muscle weakness or lameness

Enhance their diet with breed-specific herbal supplements, plan frequent vet visits, and modify diet & environment to suit them.

4. Stick to a routine that includes physical and mental stimulation

Ensure you keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

It makes them understand their environment better. Ensure you keep them mentally and physically stimulated. A healthy nervous system is a key to good health in elderly dogs and cats. It is very important to encourage your pet to exercise, within their limits, to maintain the ideal weight, strengthen the muscles and prolong their physical capacity. Great exercise options are simple walking and swimming.

It is important to respect your pet’s boundaries and never push them too hard. Consult your vet with questions like – how many km a day does my older dog need to walk daily, and how many minutes of active playtime does my senior kitty need.

Pet parents share their experiences of how NHV helped their senior pets

My dog suffers from a neck disc and has been taking an NHV arthritis kit for 2 years now. Ever since being on the medication there wasn’t any recurrence and was able to maintain a normal daily routine. It is really a good supplement and I strongly recommend it to people around me.
Photo Credit: @beagle_miso

“Since being on these they have helped her feel more like herself. I’m very pleased.”

Photo Credit: @cuddles_with_erin

Here are some additional tips to help your senior pets with arthritis

  • Take your pet in for regular checkups so that your veterinarian can monitor your pet’s arthritis and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.
  • Getting or keeping your frosted face kitty or doggo at a healthy weight can help decrease the pressure on the bones and joints.
  • Carefully monitor your pet while playing, walking, or running.
  • As much as possible, keep your senior pets warm and dry, since cold and damp conditions can aggravate or increase arthritis discomfort.
  • Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation to a professional animal massage therapist, as massage can increase your dog’s flexibility, circulation, and sense of well-being.
  • Discomfort medication, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (commonly called NSAIDs), may help relieve discomfort. Natural alternatives and additions are available with NHV. Speak to your NHV Pet Expert which anti-inflammatory herbal blends can be most suitable for your senior pet’s situation.
  • Make the home environment more pet-friendly. This can mean cushy bedding for achy joints, using ramps to help with the car or bed.
  • Bone broth is an excellent snack for senior pets. If your pet is not allergic to chick or beef then this broth recipe will be very beneficial for your senior cat or dog.

“I believe that the most important thing we can do for our best friends when they start to age provides them with a good quality of life.” Dr. Amanda shares her experience with senior pets and a special story about her senior dog Bino.

Natural supplements for arthritis support

NHV Arthritis Joint and Pain Super Relief Kit contain three supplements to help combat the discomfort and inflammation associated with arthritis. Old Timer helps provide joint relief and eases inflammation for senior pets with achy joints. Turmeric also has discomfort relieving properties and aids with inflammation in the body, improves liver function, and can help to support the heart and circulatory function. Yucca is also a powerful anti-inflammatory with nutritive properties that can be used to support arthritic and joint problems. These combined are great support for an aging pet.

Does your fur kid need relief from arthritis and joint discomfort?

Find out how to help naturally.

Miso goes crazy for her NHV supplements… Yum yum! Here she is taking her supplements with traditional rice cake soup on New Year’s Eve.

Relieving Inflammation and Arthritis in Senior Pets Naturally

How Snuka is bouncing back from arthritis with Old Timer.

Bujang, the 13-year-old cat diagnosed with osteoarthritis, is jumping and playing again.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: April 5, 2019

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