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Single? Frenchies can fetch you dates.

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
Single? Frenchies can fetch you dates.

Picture this dull scenario.

Girls are stumbling across your Tinder, but all your photos are cropped-up group shots. Some even have stray arms around you or a head sticking into your face! There are some solo shots of you. But they’re from that one vacation you took years ago when you looked like a 20-year-old version of yourself. Chances are, you won’t get a right swipe.

Now, picture this!

Girls are stumbling across your Tinder. They see you hiking, Netflixing, chilling, or sunn-ing with an adorable hippo-ish looking dog, a Frenchie! His big eyes, always needy. Perpetually pouting squishy face. Pig tail bum that wants them to like all the photos with it. Frenchies will get you a right swipe right away!

french bull dog wearing glasses

Frenchies are playful, and they are also lazy.

Frenchies are playful, and they are also lazy. They have a comical personality that is complimented by their distinct underbite and bat-man like ears. Do you still need reasons to believe Frenchies will get you some interesting conversations and female attention? Okay, we’ll give you 5.

5 reasons why a Frenchie is probably the best wingman a guy could ask for.

1. They’ll get along with her dog or her cat

Frenchies are patient, playful, and intelligent. But most of all they are easy-going. The last thing you want is them getting too excited and forcing her skittish cat to go into hiding for a week or her Bichon pup to give up socializing. Well, Frenchies won’t do that. They get along with all kinds of animals, big or small. You can rely on them to keep her pet busy while you work your magic on charming her.

frenchie with grumpy face cat
frenchie with grumpy face cat frenchies

2. They stole the show from Robert Downey Jr.

Remember, Due Date? Sunny, the French Bull Dog in that movie became such a star. Everyone was following her and wanted to know what breed she was. With a round head and boopy nose, she totally stole the show. So much so that even Robert Downey Jr. wanted to adopt her, they say. Even when tagging along with Mike Tyson in Hangover, the French Bulldog got all the eyeballs. You sure know Dali? She’s Hugh Jackman’s famous French Bulldog whose pictures get more likes than his.

French bulldogs are considered the top canine choice in New York City (the number one most popular dog), Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami (number 2). – 
hugh-jackman-with-french-bull-dog frenchies
due-date-french-bull-dog frenchies

3. They can be mellow when you want them to be

There’s enough research to suggest that having dogs makes you look more approachable and trustworthy. Men with dogs look like they understand responsibility. Something about them makes women let their guards down. While having dogs makes you look more desirable, Frenchies totally rule the dating game. Most dogs are so active that even when you are looking for some quiet time on the couch, they will nudge you to get up and play. Not Frenchies. They are the perfect date mates. They will tag along for some activity but mostly they too, just want to chill. You know? Take it easy when you need them to. Ahem 😉

french bull dog cute Frenchie Gus Gus frenchies

4. Pick up lines will come to you. ‘Is that a frenchie?’ 

Conversation starters! Because they never outgrow their puppy face, everyone finds them adorable. No second opinions. They’ll want to know their age, their ‘gotcha’ story, and where you take them for walks. 😉 Before you know it, you’ll have yourself a date.

frenchie car ride Gus Gus frenchies

5. Look at that face. Come on!

Seriously, come on! Can there be a cuter side-kick? They’ve got all the buttons that push the ‘awwws’. If you want some more attention, dress them up. If a girl doesn’t find a dressed-up Frenchie cute, then there’s something seriously wrong there, dude.

While French Bulldogs are becoming more and more popular and by writing this blog we just convinced a few of you to adopt a Frenchie next, there are some things that you need to know about their health to be a good dog dad to them.

Breathing issues

Because of their push in faces, French Bulldogs are often diagnosed with breathing issues. All Frenchies are known for their loud snoring and some can develop respiratory problems too. NHV Resp-Aid can be a great herbal blend to keep healthy and help your French Bulldog wingman breathe better.


Their hippo-like bodies can lead to spine-related problems as they grow older. IVDD or a slipped disc are common problems in Frenchies. Make sure you give them a healthy balanced diet that includes some moist or wet content (preferably, homemade). Including natural support like NHV turmeric in their diet from a young age, is a great idea. Once they are 4-5 years old, NHV Old Timer will help keep the risk of IVDD at bay.

Skin allergies

Another common problem Frenchies are prone to be allergies. These allergies can be both environmental and food-related. They may rub their face and eyes on the carpet or excessively lick their paws. Try to keep your house free of common allergens like pollen, dust, and heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. NHV Alge-EX can be beneficial for environmental allergies, and NHV Stimmune is beneficial for food allergies. NHV Ouch-Away Spray can be kept handy to use on any kind of skin outbreak. NHV Heal-Care ointment helped Gus Gus heal his scabby nose in 2 days!

NHV heal care ointment review dogs frenchies

Don’t let these health problems stop you from finding the perfect companion. We literally mean, the perfect companion, because your French Bulldog will for sure find you one. Just make sure you keep him or her looking sharp and feeling awesome. Frenchie Gus Gus here has some awesome style tips. For health tips though, you might wanna get in touch with us at NHV! Au revoir. (Don’t know why we said that. French Bulldogs do not speak french. Duh!)

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: March 9, 2018

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