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Adrenal Super Support and Nutritional Balance Kit

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Jakey won’t let Cushing’s stop him from spreading cheer

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read
Jakey won’t let Cushing’s stop him from spreading cheer

A dog mom from Australia recently shared with us an update about her sweet boy, Jakey, who was suffering from an enlarged liver and Cushing’s disease.

January 2018

The products have been fantastic and have helped our little boy Jakey enormously, it’s like the clock’s been turned back about five years; he still has his off days but all in all, he’s going well, he’ll be twelve in May and folks who meet him think he’s still a young dog. I’m so glad I stumbled across your products. Jakey is loved deeply and an integral part of our family, over the years he’s visited many folks in nursing homes; he sings happy birthday, dances, does high fives plus a few other tricks so he’s not only bought us love and joy but he’s brightened the days of many. If there’s some other way of spreading the good word about your products I would be happy to do so.

We wish Michelle and Jakey many healthy and happy years together. We will try to do what we can to make sure this little furbaby can continue bringing happiness to everyone he meets, and stay healthy while doing so!

April 2018

I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of our precious little Jakey. The first one is before using your products; his liver is very enlarged and the next was taken a couple of weeks after starting on your products and the last one was taken a few weeks ago.  Quite a transformation.

dog transformation with herbal treatment for cushings

May 2018

Jakey is such a charming little dog. He spreads cheer and happiness wherever he goes. We wish this family many more healthy and happy years ahead.

Cushing’s disease can develop when a dog’s own body overproduces cortisol or when a dog is given corticosteroid medications at high doses and/or over a long period of time. Hyperadrenocorticism generally affects middle-aged to older animals. The treatment for Cushing’s is a lifelong one and mostly revolves around managing the hormone production and the related symptoms. If a dog has been diagnosed with Cushing’s, based on the dog’s age and how far along with the disease already is, your NHV Pet expert will recommend a suitable supplement pack.

Our Cushing’s Disease Super Support and Nutritional Balance Kit contains three vet-formulated herbal supplements that will help maintain healthy adrenal gland function, help liver enzyme levels, and helps improve your dog’s ability to fight infections.

NHV Supraglan is a unique herbal blend that can help fight adrenal gland dysfunction. This may be very beneficial for dogs with diseases like Cushing’s and Addison’s. With herbs like borage, astragalus, bistort, and eleuthero, Supraglan regulates water and electrolyte levels, produces hormones that help control appetite, and helps your pet’s body respond to stress and inflammation. Supraglan is one of our most popular remedies and pet parents often have amazing stories of recovery to share with us.

NHV Milk Thistle is a pure Milk thistle extract that is glycerin-based and works to support the liver when a pet’s system is fighting diseases, infections, and side effects of strong pharmaceutical medicines. It supports the regeneration of the liver and also supports overworked kidneys.

NHV Multi Essentials is a herbal multivitamin blend. It enhances the nutritional value of the food pets eat. For a stray or a rescue, or for a sick pet, this blend comes really handy. Dogs with Cushing’s have a hard time sustaining nutrition and can use all the help they can get at gaining health. Multi Essentials enhances the effect of the Supraglan and Milk Thistle while aiding digestion and boosting energy levels, which is why it is a part of our Cushing’s Disease Super Support and Nutritional Balance Kit.

September 2018 – Jakey gained his wings

jakey rainbrow bridge day
Thank you for checking in on our boy. Sadly, Jakey took a turn for the worst on 2nd September and we had no choice but to end his suffering, it was the most heartbreaking decision and has left us wracked with guilt and utterly devastated. Life without Jakey is a daily struggle and the tears rarely let up, he was my life and everything revolved around him. 12 years and three months weren’t long enough and I would trade everything in this world to have him back. I watch his videos daily and sleep on his pillow every night. I miss his beautiful face and spirit so much that my heart aches and there is a pain in every fiber of my being. We’re so blessed to have him in our life, he was truly an angel wrapped in fur. Thank you for your kindness, care, and ongoing support and also your fantastic products which I believe gave us extra, precious time with him.
Jakety cushing's dog

If your pet has been exposed to a long period of prescribed drugs or steroids, we suggest taking some proactive steps to avoid liver and adrenal disorders in the future. Please get in touch with us to discuss your pet’s holistic needs. We’d love to help.

Jakey won’t let Cushing’s stop him from spreading cheer

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: January 18, 2018

2 replies

  1. Jean Lewis" says:

    Hi,MY dog Bailey just turned 13 this past March and he was diagnosed recently with cushing”s disease.His only symptons were panting a lot and drinking more water.We are giving him natural products for the adrenal glands overproduction of cortisol as well as milk Thistle for the slightly enlarged liver.How do your products compare with the pet well being products that I am now using.\? His panting seems to be less aswell as he is drinking less water.He goes back to the vet for more blood test this Thursday.Thank You for your answer asap.I may change products if yours are the better ones.Cost is no object.I just want to keep it natural because the drugs will destroy my best friend.Jean Lewis TV Makeup Artist.

    1. NHV Natural Pet Products says:

      Hi Jean,

      We’re so sorry to hear of Bailey’s diagnosis 🙁

      Our supplements for Cushing’s have been going through clinical trials at the University of Georgia. We have seen great success in their benefits for easing the clinical signs of Cushing’s disease. We recommend giving both Supraglan and Milk Thistle together for maximum benefit. Our supplements do not contain any artificial ingredients such as preservatives or flavoring. We find that many pets much prefer the natural taste over the artificial flavoring. Our supplements are manufactured in Canada in a GMP and FDA certified facility. All ingredients are certified organic or ethically wild-crafted.

      Please feel free to contact us by live chat, email, or phone if you have any further questions.

      Send our best wishes to Bailey ❤

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