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#NHVtransformations – Did These Pet Parents Reach Their Transformation Goals?

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 6 min read
NHV Transformations in cat

It feels like just yesterday when we got some excited pet parents on board for the #NHVtransformations challenge. That was three months ago and it’s already time to pick a pet parent who will win a hamper of goodies as a reward for all the hard work!

What hard work, you ask? Well, as you may know for the past couple of months, we’ve been helping these amazing pawrents work to achieve their 2019 resolution. Except that they were not alone, their pets were their companions in this transformation journey.

Each participant was assigned an NHV Pet Expert and they all received a custom plan of action with tips and ideas of how they can reach their goal with their fur kiddos.

We’ve been helping them make little changes in their routine.

We’ve been helping them make little changes in their routine. It seems like we did a good job together because when we look at our team of challengers, it is impossible to pick a winner. And of course, as 2019 is not over just yet, we want to encourage everybody to continue working towards their goals.

Are You Wondering If Or How The Pawticipants Reached Their Goals With Their Fur Babies? Let’s See…

Cat mom Laura and her cats @therealjellicle were determined to get more active this year…

And they did it! Now they are all about playing and eating healthy. And they’ve incorporated the rule of ‘1S’ every day – Soup, salad, or smoothies!


“Smoothies, soup, and salad became part of mom’s meal plan. Look at these gorgeous smoothies we whipped up for our #nhvtransformations plan! Humom says they are a lot easier to make than she thought and more delicious! Yes we do get a little taste as long as the ingredients are safe for kitties “

– Laura’s cats from Instagram

We are definitely going to continue working on our goal using the helpful tips and plan you put together for us. – Cat Mom Lau

Beagle mom Bernadette and her dog Henry have been trying to heal their body together

They have moved into their new place with beautiful views. Henry @bunnylab421 is ready for his surgery and mom is also finding time to maintain her health. She has even taken some healthy cooking classes. Yum!

Henry arthritis
Have a great time on our property. I’m not supposed to run around but Mom has given up. Here’s what I eat daily which is pureed pumpkin, green beans, 1/4 cup of grain-free kibble, and 1/4/cup of either ground beef, chicken canned food. Added to my food twice daily are NHV Turmeric, Yucca, Old Timer, and Milk Thistle. Also omega 3 oil. All of these are helping my arthritis and pain. – Henry the beagle on Instagram

@KittyMojito and her mom Zafrina are getting more active and eating healthier

Fewer carbs for kitty mom because diabetes runs in the family and more play for the fur kiddo. She turns 7 soon and her secret to staying strong and healthy is her mom’s holistic lifestyle.

Eating good quality food, taking my @nhvnaturalpet supplements, and getting daily activity and plenty of sleep. Most of all, I live with lots of love!!” – Kitty Mojito from Instagram
kitty mojito transformations
Mama is trying to eat fewer carbs. She loves bread so she compromised and took one slice of this whole wheat bread with chia. It has 2g fiber per slice. She also packed some zucchini, meatballs and an egg. And an apple and mandarins for snacking. My meal prep include @primalpetfoods Chicken and salmon raw food, @nhvnaturalpet Pet Omega 3, some pumpkin puree cubes and some @granvilleislandpettreatery Tuna Flakes.
Kitty Mojito eating less carbs

Pitbull mom Zuly and @lil_jacx already had a healthy and active lifestyle. During this challenge, she discovered new healthy options for the two of them!

Mom gets more motivation if I eat some broccoli. – Jacx the bully mix
jax @lil_jacx
I actually started to meal prep for me for the week and also steaming some of JACX’s veggies and that works better for his tummy.   We didn’t do so well keeping up in multi-media though but the challenge definitely helped us to start eating better so thank you very much. – Jacx’s mom Zuly
@lil_jacx dog playing in snow

Even in the harsh snow days, Jacx and his mama got out for exercise.

Kitty mom Mona and her fur kiddos Blu and Fizz have made it a habit to do more exercise 

NHV Transformations definitely give us the motivation and guidance in order to achieve a purrfect mind/body/soul equilibrium and pawsome relationship with our furbabies!!! Yay!!! Since we’ve introduced new healthy treats in their diet (as part of NHV Transformations), Blu and Fizz seem to be even more affectionate than before, they keep coming around us so very often. I wonder why… Hahaa  –  Cat Mom Mona

Cat mom Stacie and Phebes @mittens1970 are continuing to be more active and lose some weight.

Since I cut the number of treats, she’s lost a half-pound! I also found a healthy food she actually likes too. Still, a very long way to go but it’s a start. I haven’t lost any weight but I bought a total gym and I finally set it up yesterday. Baby steps 🙂 – Cat Mom Stacie
Stacie Sullivan - Phebes

Cat mom Allison @katzzally picked the pickiest of her cats to join her on the journey to healthy eating.

Jonathan the kitty is still working on his transformation it seems. 🙂

Bob’s mom Amanda @thehippiehomesteader has been taking steps to focus on wellness this year for the mind, body, and spirit.

Having her sweet Bobby by her side most of the time is helping her reach her goal.

pet parents

Pet Mom Ashley and cat Maddie Moo @mr.maddiemoo wanted to read more books, spend less time online, and eat healthier.

I have definitely been using some of the advice from the plan you sent me. Things have been going well. – Pet Mom Ashley
pet parents

Cat Mom Karyna @misslukita knew she has been taking her body for granted. It was time to change together with her cats.

She decided 2019 is the year she turns things around. And her cats needed help with the same goals too!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Karyna Myluska (@misslukita)

#NHVtransformations - Did These Pet Parents Reach Their Transformation Goals?
#NHVtransformations - Did These Pet Parents Reach Their Transformation Goals?
#NHVtransformations - Did These Pet Parents Reach Their Transformation Goals?

We loved getting all these updates! Most of all, we loved making a small contribution to the pawticipant’s routine and getting to know all of them a little better.

Who else is excited to find out who the lucky winner is? 

We had 28 pet moms and dads who joined us on this journey. After careful discussions, NHV Pet Experts decided that they are all winners. They went to great lengths to stick to their goals and they tried to include their pets in those journeys. So we’ve decided to reward all of them with a little surprise.

pet parents

But there is still someone who is going to win a slightly bigger prize. That’s Henry the beagle’s mom Bernadette. She had a lot going on but she didn’t let it come in her way. She was determined to take affirmative steps towards a renewed lifestyle and we would love to acknowledge her for that.

Team NHV Pet Experts is now off to work on the surprise gifts for all the participants. But we’re always here to help!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: March 29, 2019

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