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Giving pets in need a second chance at life – NHV’s Charity Calendar 2019

NHV Gives Back 5 min read
NHV Charity calendar for NYCSCR

There are millions of pets in shelters – ones with a broken heart, a tragic past or the ones with grey muzzles, waiting longingly for a second chance. They need us the most. With our Charity Calendar for 2019, we decided to help these special pets in need.

We made 2019 a year of second chances with NHV’s Charity Calendar

All proceeds from the sale of this charity calendar have been donated to Second Chance Rescue of New York City. NYC Second Chance Rescue is a team of hard working animal caregivers who work round the clock giving abandoned, injured and senior pets a second chance. With this special calendar we gave our pet parent customers an opportunity to support them.

12 Stories of Rescue, Love and Second Chances

Our charity calendar 2019 features 12 rescue pets who found love and got a second chance – including the world’s happiest dog Super Scooty, the famous Stray Gangster cat Stray Liotta, the famous KhanCat Genghis from Austria and the ever charming senior girl Edna of Steve’s Wolf Gang. These are 12 rescue pets who were abandoned at a shelter, left alone on the roads or rescued as little kittens, puppies or frosted faces. These 12 stories are about the happy beginnings that they found when life gave them…a second chance.

NHV charity calendar

Every new month, this calendar reminds pet owners of the good they did by supporting the wonderful people at NYC Second Chance Rescue and every new month it shares a heart warming story that reminds them that there’s always hope out there.

We are proud to say that so many NHV Pet Parents supported animal rescue and added a good deed to their cart with this beautiful calendar. We were able to write a cheque of $1000 to the charity.

Look at some of the community posts that this wonderful initiative got!

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. Peanut: We received our NHV Charity calendars @nhvnaturalpet where I am featured in my Halloween costumes as Mr October . Sale proceed of the charity calendar goes to NYC Second Chance Rescue @nycscr. This calendar feature 12 pets with their stories of natural/homeopathic healing using NHV Natural Pet Products. If you didn’t already know, I’m a senior cat with arthritis. My shoulder was inflamed and limping badly back in 2017. Without taking any medication given by vet but only the right supplements and acupuncture, I am now climbing our 7-foot tall cat tree daily and running lightning ⚡️speed whenever Casper chase me (Mama says it’s good daily exercise since I am lazy ). I am proud to be part of the calendar (that I have to take pic with it at 3 different spots). #nhvnaturalpet #nhvpets

A post shared by Casper, Mini, Peanut & Panther (@casper_thenotsofriendly_cat) on

Second Chance Rescue NYC’s mission is to reduce animal overpopulation in shelters, rescue and rehabilitate critically injured and neglected animals, and connect the community to services that enable animals to remain in their homes. Utilizing an integrated approach to rescue and recovery, they leverage all possible paths to healing according to each pet’s specific needs and do their best every day to raise awareness surrounding animal equality, adoption education, and animal rights and welfare. They are just ordinary people taking extraordinary measures to save these treasured pets and in return, having their lives forever changed by each and every one of these amazing animals.

These rescued pets deserve a second chance. Our calendar was a small contribution to their happy beginnings. What’s next?

Abby cat rescued from a crate

Abby spent the first 3 years of her life in a hard iron crate. She was rescued from a hoarder with 74 other cats. Not all made it out alive but Abby made it to a loving home.

Edna - senior dog with kidney disease from Steve's @wolfgang2242

Edna’s family gave up on her because they didn’t have time for her. At 12 years of age, she found herself on the cement floor of a shelter..until her rescue dad came along.

Pets like Edna and Abby came together for this initiative and if these stories resonate with you, then be sure to stay close to us as we continue our efforts of supporting these pets – sometimes with our herbal blends and other times with such initiatives.

Animal rescue rocks. And we love to contribute to it, naturally!

Published: April 3, 2019

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