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Plantaeris for dogs

Natural Relief for Diarrhea and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

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Loving cat dad picks natural for his cat with lymphoma and IBD

Inspiring Pet Tails 8 min read
Loving cat dad picks natural for his cat with lymphoma and IBD

Jay was proactive enough to get him quickly tested for lymphoma.

We prepare our homes and stock up with toys, dishes, litter boxes, and such. The excitement of bringing home your new furry companion can be exhilarating as well as a little worrisome.

“Will my new pet like me? Will they like our home? What will they be like? Will they like my other pets?” Try as we might, you never know what you’re going to get (like a box of chocolates right?). We can only do our best in providing them with what they need and want and we hope for the best!

Jay has been an NHV Family Member for quite some time now. Jay has the cutest two munchkins as his cats, an Albino blue point Siamese named Matchka and a Tuxedo Maine Coon named Tom Tom Little Bear. He shared his “Gotcha Day Story” with us and we think you’ll find his tale just as touching as we do.

Matchie bit me in the ear the first day I had him and Tommy just hid under the bed. After biting me in the ear and a few other “getting used to my new dad” incidents, Matchie became a very easy going loving little guy giving lots of head butts and purrs. And Tommy Boy, who was a feral kitten when I adopted him quit hiding under the bed, is the most rambunctious, outgoing, talkative little rascal kitty I have ever had loves his brother, and has so much personality that he makes me laugh every day!

Matchka had persistent IBD and Jay was proactive enough to get him quickly tested for lymphoma. Just what he was afraid of, his sweet Matchie did have dreadful cancer. In the snippet below, Jay tells the beautiful tale of Matchie’s recovery.

Matchka, my ten-year-old albino blue point Siamese was diagnosed with low-grade lymphoma. He was first diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease cause his poop was a bit soft. I was told that IBD can cause or kick off low-grade lymphoma So, I did a more extensive test called a clonality test it was confirmed that he had cancer. But it was caught so early none of his organs or his intestinal wall, spleen or liver have even been remotely affected and his labs have been phenomenal. So, to try and keep him happy and healthy and around for as long as possible I now have him on the NHV Plantaeris and after almost 3 weeks his poop now seems to be slowly firming up. We are hoping for tootsie rolls sometime again soon! 

Matchka is also on the Nature’s Immuno, the mushroom supplement for cancer, and on ES Clear and he is tolerating them all well. He’s very playful, is eating well, and is still happy as heck! In fact, if I do not take him to bed with me he’ll show up and pull the covers back as if to say “Dad, did you forget someone”? Then he curls up against my chest and purrs us both to sleep!! I’m hopeful that with these great NHV supplements and his new Pet Omega-3 I can keep him around for another 5-8 years!
Matchka cat bluepoint siamese lymphoma and IBD

Isn’t that such a touching little story? We wish Matchka, Tom Tom Little Bear, and their lovely dad Jay, many wonderful years together. Years of happiness and health. Tom Tom is about 4 years old and he takes NHV help when needed. They are so cute, we couldn’t stop ogling at the photos Jay sent over! Take a look yourself.

Tom Tom Tuxedo Maine Coon Cat NHV herbal blends

Another quick update came soon after.

He is doing very well on the supplements and I hope to still be giving them to him 8-10 years from now!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for such a great and healing product. I’m so glad that my veterinary nutritionist, the phenomenal Dr. Lisa Weeth recommended NHV to me!! NHV is a “pawfect” product!!

…And yet another update!! – June 2018

I just did a follow-up endoscopy and bronchoscopy on June 18th and guess what the test results showed? No lymphoma, just the original diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease which is how I caught cancer. AND, way less inflammation in his G.I tract and in his respiratory system as well. Can’t thank you enough for making such a tremendous product!!!

….Another update from Matchka’s very happy human! – July 2018

Well, it’s been nearly 20 months since Matchka was diagnosed with low-grade Lymphoma. However, this past June 18th I went back to MASH, the Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital in Hollywood, and once again saw to loving and amazing Dr. Domenico Bianco, Matchka’s wonderful Internist! I did a follow-up endoscopy and bronchoscopy to check and see if there had been any progression of his cancer. And guess what? Not only did the tests show that there was WAY LESS inflammation in both his respiratory tract and his G.I. tract but, wait for it, NO SIGNS OF ANY CANCER!! So, I then did a repeat clonality test which is the test that diagnose his cancer and it too SHOWED NO SIGNS OF THE CANCER!! It only showed the original diagnosis of IBD, which can lead to lymphoma. I am 100% convinced that along with western vet medicine protocol of 1, 5 mg prednisolone (a steroid) every day and a chemo pill, chlorambucil once every 3 days plus the 3 NHV supplements of Plantaeris, which has taken his watery diarrhea and firmed it up quite a bit Nature’s Immuno, the multi mushroom extract for cancer and E.S. Clear for his way minor kidney disease have all worked together to get him into remission and hopefully keep him there.

…. Update – 2019 Summer

Matchka my 12 yr old Albino Blue Point Siamese was diagnosed with a bit of bronchitis and Asthma a while back. Started the Resp-Aid (which I use along with Plantaeris, Nature’s Immuno, ES Clear, Tripsy and Milk Thistle) a few months back. He was only coughing occasionally but enough to bug me. So Matchie has been on it now for 4 months and it has almost completely stopped his hacking. bronchial cough!! The other NHV supplements I use have reduced the inflammation in his respirator and GI tract and now do not show any signs of the lymphoma cancer he was diagnosed within 2017!!! My other boy my 6 yr old Maine Coon kitty Tom Tom Little Bear, uses the Tripsy and Milk Thistle as well for his minor kidney disease. In fact just had an extensive wellness exam complete with blood-work, Digital X-Rays, and an Ultrasound, and his kidney issue has not progressed at all!! I highly recommend NHV products CAUSE THEY WORK!!

Update – 2019 Fall

Jay happily reports that his beloved fur kids are doing very well using the NHV supplements along with the conventional treatment from his veterinarian.

Matchie’s Lymphoma is way in remission and not even detectable on any tests. (I monitor them both every 4 months with digital x-rays, ultrasounds, and senior blood panels) And his poops are even looking like tootsie rolls more often than not! Also, Tommy’s minor kidney disease is well under control with little to no, progress and his minor heart murmur was not even detectable at his last wellness exam in May! So I’m a very happy cat Dad right now. I truly believe that along with their traditional “western vet medicines”, NHV has been a significantly huge factor in keeping them happy, healthy, playful! and thriving!!! ~ Thank you from Matchka, Tom Tom Little Bear, and they ever perplexed Dad, Jay.

Matchka’s struggle is continuing. Lately, the kitty warrior has been experiencing symptoms that hint at diabetes. But Jay, his vet, and the NHV Pet Experts are already on it. It helps that Jay calls us regularly and talks to us about any new developments and updates from the vet visits. We feel like Matchie is our own kitty!

Latest Update – February 2020

Matchka currently takes: Resp-AidPlantaerisNature’s ImmunoES ClearTripsyMilk ThistleMellitYucca
Tom Tom currently takes only Tripsy and Milk Thistle for his very mild kidney disease. But…….
Tom Tom is a Maine Coon and has a very slight heart murmur. So, in my research, I found that Maine Coons are also susceptible to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. In my quest to help him combat even getting this I have now just ordered Hearty-Heart to hopefully keep the murmur as slight as it is now and to keep his heart strong and supported. The murmur is so slight that sometimes it’s not even detectable during his twice-yearly wellness exams. Also, Hearty-Heart will be good for Matchi as well since he previously had Heart Worm for 2 years before being diagnosed with that disease. Thankfully cats are not natural hosts for the disease as dogs are and once he was put on Revolution he got rid of it.

Recently both boyz hearts were checked by a cardiologist, which I do every 18 months and both were given a clean bill of health with no significant changes. Yea!
Update for Matchka. Just like in humans, chronic or continued steroid use can kick off diabetes and well, he got it! His blood sugar levels were at 457, a pretty high level! And to say I was worried is an understatement! So, as soon as he was diagnosed, I went up to the NHV website and did some research. Once again the wonderful and caring reps guided me to the Mellit and Yucca supplements. I once again conferred with the greatest Veterinary nutritionist on the planet, the tremendous Dr. Lisa Weeth! She again took the time to contact NHV with all of her “vet” questions to make sure there would be no conflicting ingredients with all the other supplements. Once she OK’d them I ordered the Mellit and Yucca and Immediately got him started on them. And that was 10 days before I started giving him his insulin shots!

Per his primary vet Dr. Peter Lowenthal’s recommendation, we also cut his daily steroid dose from 5 mg daily to 2.5 mg. I started giving him 2 shots a day of 3 units of insulin 12 hours apart for about 2 months. His blood sugar levels kept coming down. In fact, the shots, the lowering of the steroid, and the NHV supplements now including the Mellit and Yucca worked so well we actually got them down to 91 which was a tad too, low!! So we then LOWERED the amount of the insulin shots from 3 units twice daily to 2 units twice daily. And we are now at a really good steady level of 140-150! I’m so happy!

Both boys are doing extremely well. Matchi is maintaining his weight and thriving. They are 2 very happy, healthy, loving playful guys who continue to put a smile on my face and surprise and amaze me daily! We 3 are SO very happy that Dr. Lisa referred us to you and we are looking forward to many more happy healthy, fun-loving years together! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You NHV!!!!

This proud Papa keeps his fur family healthy, playful, and thriving. Matchka is now 12 and Tom Tom is 6!

This Gotcha Day Story touched our hearts. Jay is the epitome of a great pet parent! Dedicated and loving, he sees his beloved little fur kiddos through thick and thin.

Jay, you’re keeping your promise to your fur family and we are so lucky to be a part of your life and have you be part of ours.

We are so happy to have a little role to play in this lovely family. Lymphoma in cats and dogs is becoming more common than you’d imagine. A preventative regime and proactiveness by the pet parents go a long way in helping the pet timely. Please ask your NHV Pet Expert for help and guidance with lymphoma in pets.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: December 13, 2017

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