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Pet Cancer Immunity Plus

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Help give your pet's immune system the support it needs while fighting cancer. These supplements work together synergistically to help improve your pet's quality of life while battling cancer.

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Lumps on Dogs: Myla’s Miracle

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White dog with lumps on dogs biting a stick and playing in the backyard.

Noticing lumps on dogs and cats is definitely every pawrent’s greatest fear. It can be even more life-shattering when the cancer diagnosis is confirmed. Overwhelming as it is, Myla’s story may give some hope to furmilies fighting this battle. 

Symptoms of Canine Cancer

Myla’s mom, Kaleigh, knows exactly how it feels like to see your best furriend struggling with cancer and some of the debilitating symptoms that it can cause. That is why, in addition to traditional treatment, she decided to try our natural supplement to offer extra support to her little warrior. 

She had golf ball sized tumors all over including some near the lymph nodes and some hindering her breathing. So we were simply hoping to just keep her comfortable and these products far exceeded our expectations.

The signs of cancer in pets vary depending on the type, prognosis, and stage of the disease. However, here are some general indications that something might be wrong:

Signs of cancer vary depending on the type of cancer they get.

  • Noticeable lumps on dogs and cats
  • Bleeding with no apparent reason
  • Having trouble breathing and eating 
  • Skin discoloration
  • Chronic wounds
  • Non-stop diarrhea or vomiting 
  • Weight changes

If you see any of these signs mentioned above, take your furkiddo to the vet as soon as possible. Not all lumps are cancerous, fatty lumps, also known as lipoma, are benign and usually demand slight observation. But only a cytology or biopsy can confirm if your little one is dealing with cancer or not, and early diagnosis and treatment are vital in helping them heal. 

Natural Supplements for Cancer & Lumps on Dogs

Myla has been taking the NHV Pet Cancer Immunity Plus Kit for over five months, and her mom has really noticed the changes over the weeks.

After 2 weeks she got her energy back. After 3 weeks the tumors started to shrink. After 4 weeks the tumors were gone and it was like she was a pup again. She urinated A LOT so we often joked that she was literally peeing the cancer right out of her system. After 6 weeks we had forgotten she had cancer.

The bundle that Myla is taking contains our main cancer support formulas – NHV Natures Immuno, NHV ES-Clear, and NHV BK-Detox. These powerful yet gentle supplements can support your little one’s battle against cancer, a healthy immune system, and body detoxification.

Myla’s Road to Recovery

White dog with lumps on dogs

Pet parents that have experienced the scary C word in their pup know that the battle can be a long and windy road. Gladly, Myla has a furmom that understands the importance of long term support.

I purposely waited an extended period of time to review this product so I can see results over a period of about 3 months. The supplements themselves for my 90ish pound dog lasted about 5-6 weeks and she loves the taste of it. I didn’t expect a whole lot as we were thinking she had a few months to maybe 6months if we were lucky.

NHV supplements are all liquid-form which makes it easy to mix them into your pet’s food. Our formulas don’t have any added taste, but they are glycerin-based, which gives them a naturally sweet taste making them more palatable, especially for dogs like Myla.

Many furparents that use an integrative approach, combining natural support with pharmaceuticals, wonder how much the herbal supplements actually help. Kaleigh confessed that she had the same question, but when she stopped the use of our Pet Cancer Immunity Plus kit, she noticed her little girl’s condition deteriorating.

I purposely did not order a new set to see what would happen. It’s been 3 months and the tumors have not come back but her energy is slowly depleting, her skin condition that she had before is coming back and she is in some pain. To be fair she did tear her acl earlier in the year and after gaining energy back, we think she tore the other (so braces were ordered). Now I have decided to keep her on full time with the supplements for at least a full year before we reevaluate to maybe a different set of supplements that NHV has to offer but time will tell. I truly think she could comfortably live many more years because of NHV’s products. If you’re on the fence, hop right over that sucker!

That is why we always say consistency and patience are key when it comes to natural cancer support. We are glad to hear that Myla is back on the supplements and feeling like her old self again! Sending a lot of pawsitivity and love to Myla’s furmily.

It’s never easy to see your little one suffer from cancer or lumps on dogs. Recommendations might vary depending on your little one’s diagnosis and symptoms, so please contact our team of Pet Experts for help. Tap on the button below to start talking with one of them!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: December 21, 2022

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