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Manny the Cat Finally Finds Some Relief From Vasculitis

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Manny the Cat Finally Finds Some Relief From Vasculitis

We received a very happy update from Honey, a selfless pet mom who rescues, fosters, and adopts cats and dogs in need. Honey has a big fur family to look after and we are happy to play a small role in it. This update is about Manny. Manny the cat suffers from Vasculitis. Vasculitis destroys blood vessels by inflammation. Both arteries and veins are affected by this awful disease.

Besides putting Manny on some herbal blends to start detoxifying his blood and vitals, we recommended getting NHV All Clear Ointment to help soothe the inflammation externally. And it worked! Here’s what’s latest from this handsome cat:

Manny is happy to have a brief moment out of cone and shirt. The areas of vasculitis which have healed thanks to the help of @nhvnaturalpet All Clear salve have formed a smiley face made from dark fur that has grown over the wound areas. His vasculitis is still spreading into his fur, but my vet suggested not shaving any more of his body as it will continue to spread. And now that he stays covered, he doesn’t shred his skin as he was formerly doing. Our Manny cat suffered for weeks with lesions from vasculitis. All clear has been the only thing (including the many prescription medications) that has helped him heal at all, and quite quickly too.

We are thankful to Honey for the lovely words. We are going to continue working together with her to help Manny regain some fur and comfort. Did you see what a happy smiley Manny’s fur now makes? Here’s Manny’s brother Tigger’s happy tale too!

Toothless Tigger’s happy tale – autoimmune disease and rodent ulcers

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Published: November 29, 2017

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