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Milk Thistle for Cats

100% Natural Liver and Kidney Detox and Cancer Support in Cats

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Natural Ways to Detox a Dog or Cat

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
Photo of a black and brown dog laying down on a grass field with belly side up to represent natural ways to detox a dog or cat

It’s understandable when parents reach out to us wanting something to help detox a dog or cat. After all, most animals are at constant risk of exposure to toxins that can cause damage to their entire body. The good news is that keeping your pet’s liver and kidneys healthy and minimizing their contact with these harmful elements can go a long way. 

How Your Furkiddo Processes Toxins

If your little one’s body is functioning as it should, different organs work together to help remove toxins naturally from their system. Toxicity can occur when a pet is exposed to more toxins than the body can eliminate. So keeping the main organs responsible for the detoxifying process healthy is crucial! 

The liver works like a filter, processing and removing toxins from inside your little one’s body.

The liver works like a filter inside your little one’s body. This organ processes and removes harmful substances from the blood by metabolizing them into less toxic ones. This way, the body can naturally eliminate the toxins safely.

The kidneys, on the other hand, filter waste products and toxins from the blood, which are eliminated in the urine. With that, keeping your pet’s liver and kidneys healthy is a great way to detox a dog or a cat proactively. 

Protecting Your Pet’s Detox Organs

If you are looking for natural ways to care for the most important organs in your little one’s natural detoxifying process, NHV Milk Thistle and NHV Tripsy can help. Milk Thistle has been used for centuries to help protect and regenerate the liver, and Tripsy was vet-formulated to help support kidney function.

Other organs and systems must work well to help naturally detox a dog or cat. Thus, providing your little one with a balanced diet, plenty of fresh water, and regular exercise is essential to support their whole body. 

The lungs, for example, also play an essential role by removing toxins from your furkiddo’s body as they exhale carbon dioxide and other waste products. Even the digestive system plays a vital role by eliminating toxins through bowel movements. Lastly, the skin helps get rid of harmful substances from your cat’s or dog’s body through sweating and other processes.

Help Detox a Dog or Cat at Home

Photo of a tabby cat with green eyes laying down with belly side up and looking straight at the camera to illustrate a blog about natural ways to detox a dog or cat

Another easy way to protect your furkiddo is by minimizing their exposure to toxins. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Make sure your furkiddo isn’t eating or accidentally ingesting poisonous plants, toxic foods, chemicals such as pesticides, medications, etc.
  • Use pet-friendly cleaning products, and prevent your little one from absorbing toxins like insecticides through the skin.
  • Pets may inhale toxins from cigarette smoke, air fresheners, or other pollutants in the air. Avoid their exposure. 
  • Drinking contaminated water that contains harmful algae or chemicals can also affect your little one’s health. When taking your pet for an adventure in lakes or rivers, keep your eyes out.
  • Even insufficient nutrition can lead to the accumulation of toxins in a pet’s body. Make sure your little one is eating a balanced diet.
  • Some chronic health conditions, such as liver or kidney diseases, can cause toxicity. Yearly check-ups with your local veterinarian can help with early diagnosis and prevention.

For extra support dealing with toxins in your pet, our formulas NHV BK-Detox and NHV TumFlora can also help. BK-Detox is a herbal blend that can aid in flushing toxins out of your pet’s blood and vital organs. Whereas TumFlora promotes a healthy gut, intestinal flora, and digestive function.

Toxins can severely harm pets and can even be fatal, depending on the type and amount. So if you suspect your pet has been exposed to a harmful substance, seek urgent veterinary care. Collect any information about the possible poison in question, including the name, the amount consumed, and the time your furkiddo was exposed to it. This information is essential to help your veterinarian find the best treatment for your little one.

If you have any questions about safe ways to detox a dog or cat proactively, please reach out to us. We are always happy to help!

Dr. Amanda Nascimento DVM, MVSc, PhD

Dr. Amanda Nascimento DVM, MVSc, PhD

Dr. Amanda completed her undergraduate degree in veterinary medicine in 2010 and graduate studies in veterinary pathology (MVSc. 2012 and PhD 2016) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of São Paulo. She completed her post-doctoral training at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Saskatchewan in 2018. Dr. Nascimento will be hosting her own blog series and sharing her knowledge with our extended NHV family.

Published: May 23, 2023

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