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Natures Immuno For Cats

Blend of medicinal mushrooms (turkey tails, cordyceps, reishi, shiitake, agaricus)

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NHV Remedies Help Bella the Cat Fight Intestinal Cancer

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
NHV Remedies Help Bella the Cat Fight Intestinal Cancer

Intestinal Cancer is a complicated one. But unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of it these days in older cats. While the conventional approach of cancer drugs and shots might work but it will have its side effects. Bella the cat was caught in a loop of these side effects when her mom, Kim found us.

My 13 year old black and white long-haired cat, Bella, has intestinal cancer. The vet prescribed [**pharmaceutical name removed] shots and prescription food (which she doesn’t like very much). About 8 months after her diagnosis I noticed her appetite had decreased significantly and she had gotten so skinny. I started her on ES Clear and BK Detox about a month ago and she is doing Amazing! In just a couple of weeks she had gained weight and is now back to her old self! I plan to order more of both products as well as add a couple others. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks!

Bella is now ready to start more cancer-dedicated remedies like the Natures Immuno along with the ES-Clear and BK-Detox. Es Clear helps manage the cancer symptoms and BK detox helps detoxify the blood (very important in intestinal cancer). Milk Thistle and Tripsy are also two supplements that are also crucial for intestinal cancer. Milk Thistle supports hepatic health and Tripsy keeps the kidneys functioning comfortably.

bella the cat intestinal cancer remedy

We wish Kim and Bella many more healthy days together.

UPDATE! November 2017

I wanted to give an UPDATE on my cat with intestinal lymphoma…I started the Lymphoma Gold Support about 2 months ago and she’s doing amazing! I can see it in her eyes, they’re clear and she’s much more active (day and night). This really is a ‘gold’ combination!

Thank you Kim, for the lovely update. We are so happy to see sweet Bella coping well and fighting like a champ. Holistically! Look how cute this Tuxedo kitty is with the milk moustaches.

Bella cat intestinal cancer

UPDATE May 2018

Beautiful Bella sticking to her NHV regimen! We are always so delighted to receive lovely updates from pet parent Kim.

Hi!! Here are some photos & videos of my Bella and her supplements today at breakfast. She’s likes to wait on the counter while I prepare it, then I follow her into my bedroom and she jumps on my bed where she eats (hence the beach towel over my duvet. She has ME trained, for sure!). Not the best videos — obviously she doesn’t like to be on camera while she eats! Such a prima-donna 🙂

Bella Fighting Off Her Intestinal Cancer
natures immuno cancer mushroom blend

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Published: August 12, 2017

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