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NHV Tails: Walker’s Dog Allergies and Ear Infections

Inspiring Pet Tails < 1 min read

*”This is a Picture of our 165+ pound Lab/Chesapeake dog, his name is Walker, he has a 3 page allergy list and most of them are the items placed in dog food. He had a severe problem with his ears and with skin infections and hair loss. We were spending up $500.00 a week at the vets office and in meds and shots that would help but not cure him. When I found out that they were affecting his liver and cutting time off of his life I researched for weeks on-line to find out I should take the dog back to his natural diet (raw meat). So I did and the skin problems healed up but the ears didn’t. So after 5 different vets could not get it to clear up and stay that way I went back on line and found the web site for NHV and ordered the ECHO GOLD for his ears, 3 weeks of use and his ears are perfect! No more infections, no more black liquid draining from them and no more horrible smell, it has been 6 months now and still perfect. I also placed him on STIMMUNE for his food allergies and so far he has been able to have snacks and some natural dog food with no problems. Thanks NHV you’re the GREATEST!!”

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Published: December 4, 2013

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