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Olympia: A Pet’s Journey With Multiple Health Issues

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Olympia: A Pet’s Journey With Multiple Health Issues

“After the storm, comes a calm” is the perfect sentence to this pet tail we’re about to share with you. Olympia is a 15-year-old kitten with multiple health issues, but her meowmy, Amy has been doing everything she can to keep her healthy and strong and we’re all super proud of both of them.

She’s asthmatic, and I’ve been able to reduce her steroid dose to less than 0.5 ml every other day with Resp-Aid. Her liver and kidneys are supported by Milk Thistle and Tripsy. Long-term overuse of steroids (prior to finding this company) messed with her blood sugar and pancreas, but a change to an all-meat diet, frequent meals, and the Digestion Kit have kept us off prescribed medication.
Olympia, the grey cat lying on the floor.

Olympia’s regimen consists of:

  • Resp-Aid has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help ease chest and nose congestion, support healthy breathing, relieve shortness of breath, and help fight respiratory infections
  • Milk Thistle helps support the regeneration of the liver and helps improve liver and kidney function
  • Tripsy is specially formulated to gently and effectively promote proper urinary health as well as easing uncomfortable urination that often accompanies kidney problems in cats

The Digestion Kit comes with

  • Yucca – support for inflamed muscles and joints in pets, may help relieve discomfort, may stimulate and improve appetite and helps with digestion
  • Multi Essentials – stimulates metabolism, promotes healthy skin and coat, reduces fatigue and increases energy levels and helps fill nutritional voids

Olympia’s had digestive issues that her vet can’t figure out

Lately, Olympia’s had digestive issues that her vet can’t figure out, even after blood tests and x-rays but a switch to different cat food and the addition of the BX-Detox has helped keep her comfortable. BK-Detox is an all-natural, gentle, herbal support for cats, dealing with compromised immune systems, that helps detoxify the vital organs and blood.

Despite all this, she’s often playful, always sassy, cuddly, and curious as she was when much younger. NHV is responsible for the relative excellence of her health. Great customer service, too.

We are so happy that we have been able to help this little warrior stay her adorable self. It is never easy having a pet with multiple health issues, but we are here to support you and your pet in these challenging situations.

If you want to learn more about our recent studies with Resp-Aid, you will find the detailed studies here.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: May 20, 2020

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