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Recipe: A Birthday Cake For Sophie The Canine Cancer Warrior

Easy Recipes For Pets 6 min read
The canine cancer warrior

Some people will never understand how much Elsie loves her dog. But that’s okay, her dog does. Sophie is a pampered pit bull but oh so brave and lovable too.

Sophie the wonder woman dog canine cancer warrior
Sophie's sisters Tinka and Boo

Sophie’s mom started to learn about holistic ways to support dogs after one of her dear dogs Tinka lost her fight to cancer. A year later, Tinka’s sibling a Shar-pei named Boo also crossed the rainbow bridge due to suspected autoimmune issues. Her lovely pack of three was now down to one dog, her princess in the pearl necklace, Sophie.

sophie dog birthday

Sophie was a healthy dog of 12 years old when Elsie started to worry about her changing appetite, inconsistent pooping, and rough coat. People may think that dog parents worry too much, but we think, it’s better to be safe and proactive than too late to help. Elsie had the mommy feeling and she took Sophie in for blood work and tests. Turns out her darling princess too had developed cancer, and an aggressive one too! Sophie was diagnosed with anal sac carcinoma and she had a tumor in her rectum that was causing a lot of discomforts and disrupting her pooping behavior.

This time, Elsie wasn’t going to take any chances. She pulled up her sleeves and did thorough research. We were there with her at each step as she went from vet to specialist to oncologist to figure out the best supportive regimen for her princess.

Sophie dog anal sc adenocarcinoma supplements

Besides canine cancer, Sophie had other issues too that needed attention:

  1. Joint issues – Like most large dogs, Sophie had started showing signs of joint discomfort at a younger age, and with time the glucosamine and discomfort and inflammation vaccinations were not enough. Sophie’s mom was interested in looking at something natural for her stiffness and discomfort.
  2. Larger doses – Being a bigger dog of 80 pounds meant larger doses of medications and NHV supplements and of course, bigger meal portions too. With the new developments, Sophie’s kibble diet didn’t seem to suffice. It was important that Sophie ate what was safe and healthy, as well as being easy for her to digest and pass.
  3. Possible allergies – In the past Sophie had shown signs of food and environmental allergies (itchy paws and runny eyes). NHV Pet Experts made sure that her canine cancer regimen accounted for these allergies too.
  4. Blood work concerns – Sophie’s vet had noticed concerns in blood work that demanded kidney and liver support. Her mom stays on top of her bloodwork reports and follow-ups and she makes sure that she gets the NHV supplements for each organ that needs support.

A journey of ups and downs with Canine Cancer:

Sophie’s been a brave dog throughout and the NHV team checks in on her every week. What has really helped her team support her the best is the effort that her mom puts into her logs. It was through her logs that we are able to understand which supplements to recommend for her next refill and which ones can be skipped.

NHV supplements for Sophie

Some days are bad days when Sophie doesn’t eat well or feels crummy because she can’t poop. Some days we are all worried because the tumor in her rectum appears to be denting her poop and hence makes her mom think it is also more uncomfortable now. Some days are spent rushing to the vet for an emergency check-up because she has been too sluggish and not pooping at all.

poop Sophie

But trust us when we say that most days are spent getting lots of love from her mom and dad, chewing up toys, unboxing deliveries, going for car rides, wearing adorable costumes, and getting lots of kisses from everyone she meets.

NHV is so happy that Elsie shares Sophie with the world through her Instagram posts. She is not only an advocate for pitbull dogs but also an advocate for canine cancer and she shares with the world how these dogs too can enjoy a great quality of life. You just have to wear your tutu, chew your stuffies and slobber your humans with kisses.

stuffy dog chewed up

Diet For Canine Cancer:

Sophie’s intricate health situation needed a special diet.

Sophie’s intricate health situation needed a special diet. Elsie got in touch with Dr. Amanda and bought a specialized diet plan for her brave girl. The diet was balanced for her need to increase protein intake but at the same time includes the nutrients needed to help her body fight cancer and poop healthy. The diet also accounted for the possible allergy triggers that Sophie had shown in the past.

Sophie’s mom meal preps 1-2 times a week and always makes sure her supplements are stocked up. She gets in touch with us before ordering a refill to make sure any recent developments do not go unattended.

Sophie with her food and supplements

Sophie and her sisters would celebrate all occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween with tailor-made costumes and adorable photoshoots. This year, Sophie’s birthday was extra special. It was her 13th Birthday and Sophie had fought cancer bravely for a year. Elsie wanted to celebrate it in a big way but she did not want to break her routine and eating habits.

She reached out to us looking for a cake recipe using the limited ingredients that she was allowed. We were excited to help. Dr. Amanda put together a quick recipe that could serve as a snack for Sophie and would accommodate her diet restrictions as a canine cancer warrior.

Recipe For Sophie’s Doggy Birthday Cake:

Birthday cake for dog with cancer


3 medium grated carrots

6 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup

½ cup of olive oil

4 eggs

2 and ½ cups of rolled oats or  wheat flour

1 tablespoon of baking powder


Mix all the ingredients together. Pour the batter into the prepared baking pans and bake for 40 to 45 minutes.

(Just remember that it is a treat, It cannot be given in large quantities to your birthday pup.)

On the big day, Sophie wore her princess costume, put on her tiara and she enjoyed the yummy cake her mom made for her.

Sophie birthday princess

Sophie is continuing to fight and she is fighting strong 🙂

We never fail to check in on her and her mom never misses a dose or a vet visit. We are all a part of Sophie’s care team and we are looking forward to more birthdays for our beautiful pitbull and canine cancer warrior.

You can follow Sophie on her many adventures in her clubhouse with her many stuffy friends on her mom’s Instagram – @tinka_boo_sophie

Sophie with her mom

If your pet wants some holistic help, please reach out to us and we would love to help your Sophie fight cancer naturally. We are always here to help.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 13, 2019

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