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Supraglan™ for dogs

Natural Cushing’s Disease, Adrenal, and Addison’s Support for dogs

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Safely Using The Borage Plant for Dogs and Cats

Herbs For Pets 2 min read
a bundle of borage flowers with stems and pods to the right of the frame. safely using the borage plant for dogs and cats.

Have you ever heard of the borage plant before? Don’t worry if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you about it! Keep reading to learn about what it looks like, where it’s from, its uses in herbalism, and how to use it for pets!

What is Borage?

Borago officinalis is a self-seeding annual plant that is native to many parts of Asia and Europe. It was introduced all over North America and can grow just about anywhere south of Canada’s mid-latitudes. Its bright blue flowers and oval-shaped leaves help make it unmistakable. It also has tiny prickly hairs reminiscent of two-day beard stubble all over. Borage blooms from spring to midsummer in most places. The most common parts used for infusions and liquid extractions are the leaves, flowers, and seed oil. 

History of the Borage Plant

The borage plant has a reputation for lifting the spirits, according to the Generall Historie of Plants (1597). Syrup made with the flowers is said to comfort the heart and decrease melancholy. Liquid infusions with the leaves and flowers are said to drive away sadness and increase merriment! In cuisine, this fragrant flower garnishes salads, and candied borage blossoms decorate cakes.

Borage leaves and flowers are very beneficial for balancing the adrenal glands.

Medicinal Properties of Borago officinalis

Borage leaves and flowers are very beneficial for balancing the adrenal glands. Borage seeds contain an impressive amount of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid, which your pet’s body cannot create on their own. Adding GLA to their diet is beneficial for liver issues, heart disease, and metabolic disorders.

a glass bottle containing borage oil is sitting on a wooden table top with a bundle of borage flowers and stems sitting next to it. safely using the borage plant for dogs and cats

How To Safely Use The Borage Plant For Pets

Boragofficinalis is a non-toxic plant that may offer a range of natural benefits for your sweet furkiddo! But like anything in life, too much of a good thing can still be too much. Keep in mind that this herb is only safe for pets when formulated at a safe dosage for their weight. Don’t forget that you can always consult your veterinarian for proper supervision and dosage information.

NHV Products That Use Borage

Borage is an excellent herb for any condition relating to adrenal gland function. It is very helpful for pets coping with Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, or any other adrenal gland dysfunction. We do not use borage oil in NHV products but we do use the flowers and leaves in our formulation of Supraglan.

We formulated Supraglan specifically for pets suffering from adrenal gland disorders. It uses borage along with other herbs to support balanced adrenal function and can help with symptoms like excessive thirst and dull coat. Many of the herbs in the formula are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and vitamins B and C.

For any questions about herbs for pets or anything else, our team of Pet Experts has you covered! Click the button below to start chatting with us!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: June 14, 2022

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