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Social manners for dog days of summer

Pet Care Tips 6 min read
Social manners for dog days of summer

It’s the best time of the year for dog lovers. Parks, hikes, picnics, barbecues, patios outside cafes & pubs, ’tis the season to bump into dogs everywhere we go. We might be able to resist saying hi to every dog we see, but our furry friends might not know how to curtail their excitement. Let’s face it, not everyone loves to get licked by a dog. We have to be mindful of the other doggos and respectful of the social etiquette of dog days of summer. What’s that? Let us explain.

1. Respect the leash


If your dog greets people and fellow dogs by jumping all over them or is a teething puppy who tries to show affection by chewing and pulling, then it may not be a good idea to go off-leash. Maybe get your furkid some training and teach her to mellow down. There are all kinds of dogs out there, and some are on leash because they could be facing trauma or are generally shy and fearful. An overly excited dog could startle them and create a dangerous situation.

Identify fearful dogs, children, or adults and keep your dog away from them. Be prepared to intervene or protect your dog. Carrying an umbrella is often a good idea. You can open it and place it between the two dogs while you try to pull them away from each other. If you know she can get too excited or aggressive, it might be a good idea to put a comfortable muzzle on her when out socializing.

2. Always, clean up after your dog – not just poop

dog poop fine rules

As responsible dog parents, we are needed to do more than just pick up after our dogs’ poop. Sometimes our dogs may vomit after chewing upon the grass. Well, that needs picking up too. Because we don’t want another dog to chomp on it. Or another dog parent to step on it. Ugh! It is our responsibility to not expose other pets to risks of infection or diarrhea. If our dog is shedding or drooling, then in indoor places like patios or pubs, and cafes, we should carry some wet wipes to clean before heading out.

3. Train her to stop whatever she is doing when you make a certain sound

dog socializing rules

You and your dog have your own lingo and unique ways of communicating. But when your pupper is excited or distracted, you’ll need to do more than just call her name and yell ‘Stop that’. For such situations, you should have a code or a noise that makes her drop everything and come running to you. This comes especially handy in busy summer events like street festivals where there’s food everywhere and huge crowds of dog people (and non-dog people). By establishing such a code, you are not only being respectful of the other people and dogs around you, but you are also keeping your own doggo safe.

4. Train your dog to not beg

dog patiently waiting for food

It’s important to always feed your dog in the same spot at home. This conditions her to think that she will not get food anywhere else. As a result, when the nachos are sitting on the table or when friends come over for pizza night, your pup will not make conversations impossible by whining and begging. It is also important to never feed your dog table scraps when outdoors. You can keep them with you and give them to her when you have a moment alone, away from the other guests.

5.’Sorry’, ‘Please’ and ‘May I’

dog aggressive with other dogs

These golden words taught in school work well in dog parks too. Especially if your dog is being a silly goofball. Offer to fix what she has broken. Ask for permission before petting a dog or before allowing your dog to go sniffing up another dog’s butt.

6. Don’t reward negative behavior

dog days of summer rules

Respond according to the situation and whenever she greets a dog nicely or obeys your commands, reward her with treats.

When you pull the leash each time a stranger walks to you, you give your dog the signal to turn on the ‘ALERT’ mode. Similarly, if you scream at her whenever some dog comes close then that gives her the signal that other dogs get her screamed at. Instead, stay cool and watchful. Respond according to the situation and whenever she greets a dog nicely or obeys your commands, reward her with treats. Often we are forced to give out treats in stressful situations to get their attention. We should try our best to avoid such occurrences. It is not healthy to reward aggressive or incorrect behavior.

7. At the pet store, don’t let her pick up toys you won’t be buying her

dog rules at pet store

It is annoying to find toys with drool and chew marks all over them. Don’t be the dog person who leaves those behind. If your dog has picked up a toy, buy it and take it home with you. Otherwise, try to not let your dog drool on any of the toys.

8. Refill the water bowl after using

dog water in the park

After your thirsty little kiddo has emptied the water bowl at the beach, please refill it for the next dog who will come by.

9. Routine is key

dog hiking rules

Make sure you get your dog to follow proper pooping, peeing, eating, and walking routines. The summer activities should not interfere with these essential activities. Many dog owners assume that taking their dog on a hike would mean no walkies the next day or altered poop timings to suit the hike. But we need to understand that pooping, and walks to pee are essential activities for our dogs. They need those to be comfortable and to be on their best behavior when out with you on adventures. If a visit to the dog park will be the only outing your pupper gets, then she will obviously be super excited and out of control. Instead, if she’s been out a couple of times to pee and poop already, then the trip to the dog park will be handled well by her.

Summer’s the time to get out there and do new things with your furry best friend. If you need any natural support to help your dog make the most of the outdoor weather then we have the best all-natural supplements for you.

  1. Lesstress and Matricalm are two supplements that help reduce anxiety and stress. (Read how Marron found help with dog park anxiety)
  2. Multi Essentials is a herbal multivitamin that helps boost energy, appetite and fills any dietary gaps.
  3. Yucca is a natural discomfort reliever and anti inflammatory that can help older dogs move better.
  4. Target Spray is an all-natural anti tick, anti flea and anti mosquito spray.

Go on! Make new memories this summer and have lots of fun. We are here to help you and your pet naturally!

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Published: June 19, 2018

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