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Coco Furcare for Cats

Naturally Scented Cat Fur Care

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Spoiler Alert! No, Seriously. Go Ahead And Spoil Your Pet.

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
Spoiler Alert! No, Seriously. Go Ahead And Spoil Your Pet.

We talk a lot about pet health and wellness, because hey – it’s important. We also know that another part of the quality of life for your pet is having fun and getting spoiled. We treat ourselves on a regular basis, whether it is a food reward for meeting a weight loss goal or a new toy because we have worked so hard. We want to help you show your pet the same kind of love and gratitude for always being that happy face that is so excited to see us every time we come home (even if we were only taking out the trash)! Let us help you spoil your pet!

We have scoured the internet to find you the coolest things for pets that can be fun for them alone or are something you could share together. Here’s what we found:

When you are in the mood to celebrate, your furry friend is right there beside you, only now they can join in!

Heck, you could even bring out a six-pack and invite a few of Fido’s friends over for that next birthday!

Dogs: When you pop that top on your favorite brew, pop one for your furry companion too! Companies like Bowser Beer have a wide selection of doggy beers and contain natural ingredients and it’s made and sourced in the USA. This sure does make it easy to include your dog in your celebrations. Heck, you could even bring out a six-pack and invite a few of Fido’s friends over for that next birthday!

Cats: Who says wine has to be in a glass? Next time you are about to swirl smell and sip, consider including your purrfect friend. With two sophisticated flavors, like Pinot Meow and MosCATo, it won’t matter that it is in a bowl, your favorite feline will be happy, thanks to Apollo Peak’s natural ingredients grown and made in the USA!

You can’t always be there, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun!

Dogs: For those pups that just can’t get enough of playing fetch, the iFetch Frenzy might just be the perfect toy!  Not only does it save you on arm power, but it doesn’t need batteries or electricity!

Cats: Let’s face it, cats can turn anything into toys, or at least our dear kitties Jonika and Zimba can! We buy the coolest toys and yet somehow that little plastic piece from opening the milk jug seems to be the favorite. Instead of buying another toy, let your cats entertain themselves with the ones they already have. Something like the Peek-a-Prize toy box is perfect, just stuff it full of all those toys laying around, and not only do you get to tidy up a bit, but your cat gets to “hunt” for hours.

When you treat yourself to a new bed because you work hard and deserve a great night’s sleep, pick one up for your furry friend too.

Dogs:  With Casper mattresses growing in popularity for humans, we can only assume that their dog beds are not that far behind. Treat Fido like the king he thinks you are!

Cats: The thought of having a cat bed mixed in with your décor makes you cringe? Spoil your pet with a comfy new bed that can also blend in as a useful piece of furniture like the Igloo Cat Bed or the Kitty Ball Bed from The Refined Feline.

For those days when you want to treat yourself, but can’t get that little health conscious voice out of your head… sorry, you’re on your own with this one, but we have your fur companion covered!

Dogs: Give your pampered pooch a taste of the wild without having to worry about it being healthy! My Little Wolf dog treats are not only succulent, but they are also healthy, and grain-free!  Perfect for training and rewards these are available in 2 great flavors!

Cats: Treat your kitty like the little king or queen they are. My Little Lion cat treats are delicious, grain-free, soft little morsels featuring all-natural proteins and are available in 3 tasty flavors.

Pssst…. We’ve heard that feeding your pet all-natural and healthy treats takes calories and fat out of cheesecake! (may not be true). So, go ahead, spoil your pet!

Got some other great ideas for spoiling your fur baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published: September 2, 2016

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