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Diabetes Kit with Metabolism Support

Mellit, Milk Thistle & Multi Essentials

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Support for Button the Diabetic Cat

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Support for Button the Diabetic Cat

It isn’t easy to make being diabetes look fabulous, but Button always seems to find a way. You may find him on Instagram as @buttonthediabeticcat singing songs about being a ginger cat, attending many fun pawties, performing in a ballet, or bringing attention to important issues. What you don’t see is what happens behind the scenes, when his parents have to take special care of him to help manage his diabetes. Button became a part of our #NHVpets family on Instagram even before he started taking our supplements. His mom came to us in 2018 for suggestions of supplements to help Button be as comfortable and healthy as possible.

We recommended our supplement Mellit as it is formulated specifically for pets with diabetes and pancreatitis

Even though Button’s pawrents have been doing a great job of managing his diabetes since he was diagnosed in 2014, it is a progressive disease and a little bit of extra support can go a long way. We recommended our supplement Mellit as it is formulated specifically for pets with diabetes and pancreatitis can help control blood sugar levels and strengthen other organs from the serious imbalances that are triggered throughout the body due to diabetes.

I started giving Button Mellit for Cats And we love it! Button is 13 and has diabetes, so I worry about keeping him healthy. The nice people at NHV recommended Mellit. We add it to his food daily and he gobbles it up. We love the results. Button has had problems with constipation, and sometimes diarrhea, in the past. He would sometimes get an upset tummy and seem uncomfortable. After a month or so on Mellit, his poops are more regular and a nice normal consistency. I haven’t noticed him having an upset tummy either. We are very pleased. We are so glad we tried Mellit for Cats. Thank you for helping Button feel his best.

After Button had been using Mellit for a little while, we checked back in to see how he was doing:

Button is doing great!!! We have been using the Mellit and noticed his glucose levels are starting to be lower regularly. Wow. If that continues, maybe he won’t need insulin one day. He had his annual check-up this month and is doing great! His appetite and weight are good. Fur is smooth and eyes are clear. He is my happy boy!!!
Thanks for helping us take even better care of him. Button’s levels are more consistent than ever and lower than ever. We credit the Mellit.

In early September, a dear friend of NHV and Button named Mittens crossed the rainbow bridge after living a long and happy life. Instead of throwing away her supplements, her mom decided to donate the supplements to friends who could use the support. Thanks to Mittens and her mom, Button started taking Milk Thistle as well to help detoxify the body, support the liver, and support the kidneys from damage that can be caused by diabetes.

Even though Button makes being diabetic look fabulous, it can be really difficult to care for a diabetic cat. Thanks to all the hard work and care from his pawrents and friends, he is able to be a healthy and happy cat. Our pet experts are here to help not only with suggestions of supplements but also with other tips that can make supporting a diabetic cat a little bit easier. Our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Amanda also offers personalized nutrition plans that can help to manage blood glucose levels. Caring for a diabetic cat can be scary but it doesn’t have to be, we are here to help as much as we can.

Vet Tech Rounds: How to Best Help a Diabetic Cat

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: January 14, 2020

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