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Plantaeris for cats

Natural relief to help your cat’s diarrhea and inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS)

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Supporting Bandit with IBD

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Bandit was dealing with a really bad case of IBD when we first met him. With some extra love and some supplements, he's back on the right track! Keep reading to learn more about ibd in pets.

There’s nothing worse than an upset tummy, right? Our furkiddos can totally agree. There are many triggers that can cause inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in pets. Keep reading to learn more about the signs and what you can do to support your little one with IBD.

IBD in Pets

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a common condition in dogs and cats. There are many factors that could cause IBD in your furkid, including genetics, stress, change in diet, food allergies, bacteria, parasites, and even a weakened immune system.

There are many factors that could cause IBD in your furkid.

Signs your little one may be dealing with IBD can include chronic diarrhea and vomiting, and weight loss. It’s important to check in with your vet if you’re noticing symptoms like these, as prolonged diarrhea and vomiting can lead to more serious conditions like dehydration.

Bandit’s IBD

When we first met Bandit, his furmom Amanda had let us know that her sweet boy had been having explosive diarrhea on a daily basis, for nine months. Even after Bandit’s vet had run multiple tests to try and uncover what was causing Bandit’s discomfort, nothing was found. Bandit had also tried a vet-prescribed medication that made his tummy worse and made him foam at the mouth.

That’s when Amanda decided to try a more natural approach and found us.

Bandit’s Natural Healing

When we heard all the discomfort Bandit was going through, we came up with a plan to get him back on track.

First, we recommended Plantaeris. The herbs in this all-natural blend can help to maintain a normal bowel function, soothe the digestive tract, and can help support discomfort.

Next, we suggested Inulin-PK as it can help to promote healing of the gastrointestinal tract, support the immune system, and can help to inhibit parasites like worms.

Our newest supplement, TumFlora can also be a great option for furkiddos with upset tummies as it’s our main support for pets dealing with IBS or IBD. TumFlora can help to naturally ease uncomfortable symptoms, inhibit infections, and can help prevent vomiting and diarrhea.

Amanda got back to us shortly after trying out Bandit’s new regimen and had some absolutely amazing news to share with us!

I went with this to see if any relief could be given. Holy cow…. In DAYS, it has taken away our explosive bowels 100%. I’ve been so happy to have found this, I’ve shared with a few select other people in FB groups I’ve seen experiencing possible IBD. I’ve had not one, but TWO come back and tell me thank you for telling them about this product.

We were thrilled to learn that Bandit has been doing so well after so many uncomfortable months! We wish him and his furmily all the best!

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Published: January 15, 2022

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