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The Benefits Of Arnica montana

Herbs For Pets 3 min read
wild arnica flowers

Like us humans, our pets also can suffer from inflammation. The inflammatory response is not a disease itself, but it can be caused by a condition that requires immediate medical treatment. Therefore, veterinary guidance is extremely important to figure out what is causing the inflammation. The Arnica montana plant has many benefits that can help with an inflammatory response.

Symptoms of Inflammation

If your pet has an inflammatory response you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Discomfort: the pet manifests discomfort through restlessness, groans, or changes in appetite and behavior.
  • Heat: the inflamed area has an increase in temperature that is noticeable to touch.
  • Swelling: refers to the swelling that occurs in inflamed tissues and that is also easily noticeable through physical exploration.
  • Flushing: The inflamed area can be red, which is especially visible when the inflammation is around skin wounds.

Treatment for Inflammation

It is important to note that you cannot give anti-inflammatories to your pet, especially the ones that are for human use. It can be extremely dangerous, however, once the underlying cause of the inflammation has been determined, it is possible to treat your pet with natural anti-inflammatories. Natural anti-inflammatories work effectively without causing the side effects typical of some chemical drugs with anti-inflammatory activity.

Arnica montana is one of the best topical anti-inflammatories for pets. It has been widely used as a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of several ailments but is frequently used for contusion, wounds, rheumatism, and inflammation.

wild arnica flowers

Properties of Arnica montana

A wide range of chemical compounds including sesquiterpene lactones and their short-chain carbonic acid esters, flavonoids, carotenoids, essential oils, diterpenes, arnidiol, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, coumarins, phenolic acids, lignans, and oligosaccharides, etc., are found in different parts of the plant.

Dicaffeoyl quinic derivatives/ phenolic acids of Arnica montana plant. (Kriplani et al., 2017)

The plant extracts have been reported to possess antibacterial, antitumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and immunomodulatory activity. Some extractions of Arnica montana were tested, and they were not found to be toxic for pets. They were not irritating, sensitizing, or phototoxic to the skin, and they did not produce ocular irritation.

Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidative Activities

Arnica has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potential. Some studies have shown that Arnica significantly reduces inflammation while in the case of histamine-induced edema, the action of histamine was inhibited, and the vascular permeability was increased.

Arnica has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potential. 

Defense against microorganisms

Previous work has shown that Arnica montana extracts also exhibit help against microorganisms and other bacterial and fungal infections.

Anti-Osteoporotic Activity (Ossification)

Arnica montana is a significant source of flavonol aglycone glycoside which when combined in a specific dose with calcium, assists in the absorption of calcium through a chelation delivery system.

Improves Circulation

Arnica montana is reported to relieve symptoms of diseases relating to the restricted blood flow to nerve endings and the limbs of patients, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, which includes fibromyalgia, toxic neuropathy, and diabetic neuropathy.

Hepatoprotective Activity

Studies have reported that Arnica is able to reduce liver injury by reviving the bile forming function of the liver and improving the release of chelates and bilirubin and the removal of cholesterol.

Therefore, Arnica possesses significant healing benefits. NHV Heal-Care ointment contains Arnica montana in its formulation. Heal-Care ointment has properties that are beneficial for pets suffering from inflamed muscles and supports the healing of wounds and bruises. It also may be helpful to protect and soothe uncomfortable paw pads.

Dr. Amanda Nascimento DVM, MVSc, PhD

Dr. Amanda Nascimento DVM, MVSc, PhD

Dr. Amanda completed her undergraduate degree in veterinary medicine in 2010 and graduate studies in veterinary pathology (MVSc. 2012 and PhD 2016) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of São Paulo. She completed her post-doctoral training at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Saskatchewan in 2018. Dr. Nascimento will be hosting her own blog series and sharing her knowledge with our extended NHV family.

Published: November 28, 2020

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