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Time Spent With Older Pets, How Can We Make The Most Of It?

Pet Care Tips 6 min read
caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.”

– John Grogon, Marley and Me

Time flies when you’re having fun. One day you bring them home from the shelter. You find them the right bed, the best toys, you make trips to the vet, you smile, laugh, clean pee and poop and before you know it, it’s been 10 years and they are now seniors. Of course some of us adopt senior pets in the first place, and time flies even faster for them as they try to adjust to the needs of their senior furbaby.

Every passing day we fight the fear of losing them. When they fall sick or when they won’t eat, we start looking up signs of the worst possible diseases. In such a time, it is difficult to not panic. We don’t want to lose our companions. If only love could keep them healthy


We’ve been talking to some NHV pet parents and have some suggestions for you. To help you spend more time with your older pets or make the most of the time you have ahead.

Support their liver – Tip from Dog mom Jane who adopted her dog Lady at the senior age of 14.

caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments - dog Vino

Image Copyright @Jaeun2

Lady was found with high liver enzyme values. She was put on medication and her levels normalized and it was found that the condition wasn’t permanent and was probably high because she was foraging for food as a stray. But for precaution and maintenance purposes we decided to put her on Milk Thistle to help keep her liver healthy.”

Most pets, especially dogs, will develop liver issues as they grow old. This could be due to prolonged inclusion of processed foods in their diet or due to exposure to pharmaceutical drugs and steroids. Or it could be simply idiopathic, you could discover it in their routine blood work. Support their liver by including Milk Thistle in their regimens. Even a 3-month liver detox with this wonderful herb, once a year should be good enough for a healthy senior.

Crunchy blueberries are good for the liver and can be given as a snack every now and then with some plain yogurt.

Keep their teeth healthy – Tip from rescue and foster dog mom Yesenia whose senior dog Vino had to get multiple tooth extractions

caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments - dog Vino

Image Copyright @my_dexy_dex

“I started taking Milk Thistle this morning to help clear effects of anesthesia following his dental procedure yesterday. Thank you @nhvnaturalpet for always helping me find the right supplements for my pets”

Dental health is very closely connected with cardiac health, kidneys and liver function. What they process from the mouth is what enters the body and brings about changes – good or bad. Besides pain, fever and infection, dental plague can lead to clogged arteries and effect their body’s vital functions. It is important to keep their teeth healthy form a young age. Brush their teeth once a week or twice a month with a gentle toothpaste. NHV has herbal mouth drops that help reduce germs in the mouth and promote healthy teeth and gums.

For your senior pets, dental health becomes even more crucial. A tooth extraction will mean going under anaesthesia which may or may not be something their old bodies can handle.

Try to support urinary health – Tip from cat mom Thirza whose senior cat Spook caught an infection

caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments - Cat Spooks

Image Copyright @thirza_meta

Most cats at some point will develop some kind of urinary trouble, especially cats who weigh more than average. That’s what Spooks mom realized and she immediately decided to get him started on Tripsy. These troubles can be stones or cysts, urinary infection or damaged kidneys. Signs of urinary disease can vary according to the cause. But if you notice your cat

peeing too less or too often
or yowling in the litter box
or drinking too much water
or peeing in strange places
or excess grooming the belly area

…then you should fix an appointment with the vet. NHV Tripsy is a blend that helps promote normal renal function in pets of all ages, breeds and conditions. It is especially recommended to start your senior cat on Tripsy to help prevent these common senior cat problems.

Keep their joints healthy, help them move better – Tip from dog mom Amanda whose senior dog Milo is fighting Cancer and was facing worse joints due to the impact of chemo therapy.

caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments - Dog Milo

Image Copyright @milothesilverlab

“My lab has hip issues and trouble recovering after long playing sessions. I’ve noticed a huge improvement since he’s been on Old Timer; he doesn’t struggle to get up or have trembling in his back end anymore. He’s doing so well!! There’s a spring in his step and he’s running/jumping almost like a pup!”

Amanda enjoys taking her canine cancer fighter dog on long hikes. She believes it makes him feel better, rest well once home and they make wonderful memories together. As pet parents, that’s something we all want…. beautiful memories of fun adventures. Our pets may not realize, especially our dogs, that they need to slow down. They will jump and pounce like a pup, even when they are limping with pain. Support their joints by giving them a healthy wet food diet and include natural inflammatory and pain relieving herbs like Yucca and Turmeric in their diets. NHV has a blend that includes herbs like these and is perfectly safe for long term use. It helps dogs and cats with all hip and joint related conditions. It’s called Old Timer.

Keep them active – Tip from rescue cat mom Caryn whose cat Peanut showed signs of slowing down at a relatively younger age.

caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments - Cat Peanut

Image Copyright @casper_thenotsofriendly_cat

“Less than 2 months of acupuncture and NHV supplements of Yucca and Old Timer, Peanut climbed to the highest point of our 2.2 metres (7 feet) tall cat tree”

Caryn has 4 cats and fosters kittens often. She is always struggling to find time to give to all of them. With Peanut now being almost a senior, she keeps him busy with getting toys, games and dressing them up for photos. Easy activities to keep them busy and entertained.

We often think that our senior pet needs to rest and that is true. But just equally important is physical and mental simulation. Try to work out a balance and dedicate some time to your senior pet every day that is solely their time to play with you and bond with you.

Feed them fresh and real food – Tip from dog mom Jessica whose dog Steady is a lymphoma fighter and loves to chomp on veggies and fruits

caring for senior pets NHV natural supplments - Dog Steadman

Image Copyright @dignifiedbeagle

Older pets need wet food to keep their system hydrated. It helps keep joints healthy and aids digestion It is hence important to top up your senior pet’s food with healthy snacks like pureed pumpkin, homemade bone broth, plain yogurt or some lightly cooked brocolli or even some pet-safe fruits.

It is even better if you could cook for them according to their changing dietary needs. Our in-house vet Dr. Amanda is here to help with special recipes.

Jessica makes sure Steadman gets a well balanced diet that helps him cope with lymphoma as well as stay energetic because he is a puppy in a senior dog’s body. Such balance can be best achieved in the kitchen, under the guidance of a vet.

We hope this article helps open your mind to ways you can support your senior pet better. NHV’s team of experts is always there to help answer any questions you might have.

caring for senior pets with NHV

Long walkies with old paws
Special Din-din for old tummies
Extra kisses for old faces
Guilty goodbyes every morning

In some moments you feel helpless
In other moments you feel blessed
But every moment is special
It’s going to stay with you forever

NHV Natural Pet Products
We love your pets naturally.

Published: July 6, 2018

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