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When Dad’s in Charge – How To Prepare Him For The Good, The Bad And The Messy

Pet Care Tips 4 min read
When Dad’s in Charge – How To Prepare Him For The Good, The Bad And The Messy

In the journey of your life together with your partner is a third little someone. Your furbaby! From your vacation plans to your grocery list, everything you two do revolves around your kid with paws.

Let’s make vacations, work trips, and time away from home stress-free for the entire family. If you are the main caregiver to your furbaby, you naturally would be worried about everything your furkid’s needs, as well as wanting to make sure your partner has everything required to deal with your time away.

This five-step guide for pet moms (and their partners) comes to the rescue when dads are left in charge of the furkids.

Step one. Stop worrying.

Look at the bright side! These moments the furkids spend with their dad are going to strengthen their bond more than ever. Maybe dad will start enjoying the extra pet chores you hand him and you’ll come home to a new and improved household arrangement 😉

Lady yoo dog getting a bath
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Step two? Prepare for the daily needs.

Just like parents prepare for their tiny humans when one of them is going away, these pet parenting situations also involve similar pre-planning. Start with preparing him for daily needs. Meals, pee, poop, walkies, playtime, medicines.. these are things that their dad can handle very well if you include him in your routine in ordinary times. Help each other take care of the pets in the house. This also helps the furkid accept your partner as someone she can trust and love – someone who gives food, takes her for walkies, cleans the litter box, etc.

If your partner has a very busy work routine and would need help getting reminders when you are away, then good ‘ol sticky notes and phone reminders work the best.

Organize everything that your husband may need by placing labels and dividing portions.

Organize everything that your husband may need by placing labels and dividing portions. But remember, how much ever you may prepare, things don’t always go as planned. A pet mom tells us about this one time she spent an entire evening preparing her pet’s meal for the week ahead only to find out that it was lovingly enjoyed by her husband and their pupper was fed kibble 🙂 So just a heads up, you too might have a laughable story to tell!

What to do with supplements and medicines?

You can place their medicines in a pill organizer. Place a label on your pet’s NHV supplement that mentions the dosage. If your pet is getting multiple NHV supplements you may pre-mix the doses for each time in a small jar. This way all your guy has to do is use up a jar in each meal. It will help if you start practicing this at least a month before. Especially if one of the pets is a mommy’s darling and won’t let anyone but mommy give her the doses. NHV Pet Experts are always there to help pet dads go about NHV doses while you are away.

making batches for every week

Bonus Tip:

Complete your pet’s information on your NHV Account so that your pet experts have the latest updates about your furkid. This way we won’t have to hassle pet dad with any urgent order information. It also helps us be prepared to help pet dad with any out-of-the-blue situation when you are away.

Step three. Put the seat belt on for the roller coaster.

Most likely you and your partner are already doing this together. But just because it’s going to be only one of you looking after the pet for some time, just make sure you do a final check-in before leaving.

Bonus Tip:

Equip your phone with useful apps like Pet First Aid by American Red Cross, Dog Buddy (is for both dogs and cats), and Tractive Dog Walk.

Step four. Keep your emergency cabinet equipped.

Account for separation anxiety (no, we don’t mean in the dads. Or do we?) To help pets with separation anxiety and restlessness, start administering doses of NHV Matricalm for cats or NHV lesstress for dogs a month in advance too. Your husband can safely double the doses during the days when you are actually away. These natural anxiety supplements for pets are safe and gentle and will help make the time away from mommy more comfortable and enjoyable. Also consider leaving objects that smell like you accessible – your cap, your stole, or your jacket. It helps your pet feel secure.  

Account for any immediate needs

Toughie pet dads become big softies when your pet shows them her big sulky eyes. They can get her some generous servings of foods and treats leading to tummy upset and diarrhea. We also often hear stories like ‘our dog is allergic to chicken but I was away and he got into the cat’s food. Now he’s got itchy skin everywhere. Here are some NHV products you may want to leave handy for their dad:

Plantaeris – natural remedy for diarrhea and GI upset

Yucca – natural discomfort reliever and anti-inflammatory. It can help with discomfort and low appetite too.

Ouch Away Spray – helps reduce skin inflammation and itchiness

Coco Furcare Spray – helps protect against ticks, flea, and bugs besides keeping the coat clean and fresh

Step five. And the same as step one. Enjoy the moment you are in and trust your husband to do the rest.

They are doting fathers and they are secretly head over heels in love with their pets. They just don’t express it the way you do. They too want you to be happy and stress-free when on vacation. So prepare them and then let them have a good time with the furkids. Send lots of happy pictures every day and bring home awesome souvenirs for your man and your little ones.

secret life of pet dads

Here’s to loving pet dads everywhere. The superheroes who always come to the rescue. *Clink*

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: June 16, 2019

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