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5 Gifts Pet Moms and Pet Dads Will Love this Christmas

Pet Care Tips 6 min read
5 Gifts Pet Moms and Pet Dads Will Love this Christmas

Oh! What fun. Family, fireplaces, halls decked up to welcome good vibes. And the pitter-patter of your furry kid’s paws. The most beautiful time of the year is here again. All we want to do is snuggle in the bed with our furbabies and watch Christmas movies. But the 2-page long list of Christmas Shopping is sitting in your phone, waiting to be attended to. Aaaargh! Nobody wants to give a gift that ends up being re-gifted. 🙁

In fact, the best gifts you could give to a doting pet parent, are things to keep their pets healthy, safe and happy.

This year, we asked all NHV Pet Experts to tell us the gifts they’d want to receive and we all seemed to agree on some things. Guess what? They were all things that would help us with our pets. When it comes to our pets, all pet parents can definitely use some extra love and help. In fact, the best gifts you could give to a doting pet parent, are things to keep their pets healthy, safe and happy.

We went ahead and made a list of 5 gifts that will make your Christmas shopping really easy and will make your friends who have pets, feel really special. 5 best Christmas gifts for pet parents. Easy Peasy! 

1. Herbs to help their pets live healthier… and longer!

Can there be a better gift? Once our pets start aging the worry of losing them gets real with each passing day. We’ve all been there. Once their health starts going downhill we look for a magic wand, a miracle that can make them healthy again. If only someone told us to help them from the very start. You can be that someone for your friends by introducing them to the medicinal miracles of herbs. At NHV, we’ve spent years researching and formulating blends that suit dogs and cats and help them live better.

Two blends that top our Christmas gift list are Turmeric and Milk Thistle. They are both under $50 and getting two bottles at the same time saves you $3, gets you free shipping in US and Canada, and is almost a 5-6 month supply for a cat or a small dog.

NHV Turmeric and NHV Milk thistle

Turmeric – the super herb for pets of all ages and breeds

It’s helpful for the liver, kidneys, and heart. It helps reduce internal inflammation. It is great for aching joints and general discomfort. It supports pets with cancer and also supports healthier skin and coat conditions. But Turmeric or Curcumin alone is not bio-available to pets alone. With dogs, cats, and humans too, turmeric needs a carrier to help extend its properties to their blood and vital organs. NHV Turmeric is formulated to be pet friendly and comes in a liquid form which makes it easy to administer. It is glycerine based so pets don’t mind the taste in their food or treats. This will be a Golden Christmas Gift for almost all pet moms and dads.

Milk Thistle – to undo health damage from the past

Processed food, surgeries, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals around the house – there’s a lot of potential liver damage that pets are exposed to. If you know a pet who is coping with some disease or has been taking continuous medications, you know the liver has been working extra hard. Many chronic diseases like cancer, Cushing’s, kidney failure, fluid build-up are triggered when the liver is weak. Milk Thistle is a liver-supporting herb. NHV Milk Thistle is extracted with the purpose of suiting and helping pets. It is the perfect gift for pet moms and pet dads with pets with a past.

2. Pet Insurance to help prepare them for any grey days

Having a dog or cat will give you the most beautiful days of your life and some of the worst. Every pet parent needs to prepare for those grey times. There can be times when you might need to rush your pet to the ER or get some elaborate blood work and tests done. That’s when pet insurance helps. If you have a close loved one who is a pet parent and you’d want to sponsor something for him or her every month, you could help with insurance. You could prepay for a few months and help them get started. Trupanion is popular pet insurance and they’ve prepared a table that helps you compare different pet insurance companies in the US and Canada.

3. Gift Certificate from NHV to help them naturally

NHV natural pet Products Gift certificate

There’s so much that we have for pets. Older pets? Arthritis kit. Cancer dog or cat? 6 different cancer supporting bundles to choose from. Pets with recurring allergies? Allergy Relief Kit. Natural anti-tick spray for holistic moms and dads who want no chemicals on their pets. Heart problems in dogs, thyroid troubles in cats, middle aged pets showing signs of kidney disease… a pet’s holistic NHV regime can easily be tailored to his or her needs. So if you think you don’t know which NHV blend to give to your friend’s pet, you can simply gift them a NHV gift certificate. They come in denominations of $25 and can help your friend pick the herbal blends she needs the most.

4. Their pet’s portrait or a mini-me of their pet

Now who will not love something that reminds them of their pet. We have their pictures plastered on our screen savers, Instagram, Facebook wall and our living rooms. And we still can’t get enough of them. There are some great pet portrait artists on Instagram. Depending upon how much you want to spend you can pick an artist. Paws and Pencils and Pet Portraits Noila are some good ones. We really liked the hanger our dear Pet Mom Elsa got made for her dog angels, Tinka and Boo. There is also the option of getting a little mini version of your pet.

Pet portrait by Noila
decal pets
cuddle clones

5. Dog camera that dispenses treats

These are quite the rage these days and especially useful for dog parents. Leaving your pets behind every morning is a very sad feeling. If anything can help bring some joy to that situation then it is definitely worth a try. A quick search on Amazon will give you quite a few options. Go ahead and make your pick. If you know your friend’s suffers from separation anxiety though, then a treat dispensing camera might not be the best idea. A calming blend like our Matricalm for cats or Lesstress for dogs will be a better option. These will help keep the dog or cat calm, soothe nervous aggression and make the long day easier for them to cope with.

Image Copyright – Petchatz taken form

There you go! Our favourite picks for Christmas this year. If you can divide your gift list into people with pets and people without pets then we’ve helped you with 90% of your list, isn’t it? 🙂 Please reach out to your NHV Pet Experts if you have any questions regarding a pet’s holistic needs. We’d love to help you pick what’s best. Have a furry Christmas and happy new year, every one. Everyone at NHV wishes your furry little members the best of health and happiness.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: December 8, 2017

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