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Pet Cancer Super Support Kit (Cancer Kit 3)

ES-Clear, Milk Thistle & Turmeric

USD $131.85
Pet Cancer Super Support Kit (Cancer Kit 3) USD $131.85 Add to Cart

Judy the Yorkie Takes Her NHV Doses on the Dining Table

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Judy the Yorkie Takes Her NHV Doses on the Dining Table

This cute Yorkie just started her NHV regime and her mom is noticing the difference already. Besides skin cancer, this dog also suffers from cardiomyopathy. We’ve included NHV Hearty-Heart and NHV BK-Detox in her regimen and she’s ready to fight things like a champ, naturally. We were positive this was the best regimen for this furbaby and we were waiting for a happy update from mom Hazel. But along with the update, we got the cutest picture of Judy taking her supplements. She eats right on the table! A furry little human, isn’t it?

Here’s what her mom Hazel, told us:

My 6-year-old Yorkie was diagnosed with skin cancer. I bought the cancer kit 3 and so far I feel like she has gotten more energetic. Been sharing her bottles with my other dogs too. I just love that they are all-natural. Buying the hearty heart next as my Yorkie also has cardiomyopathy.

Update after 2 weeks: 

She is doing so much better! Back to her old self. My vet said if you put her on a scale of mild-moderate, severe, and very severe. She is now only mild. Her urine has improved. Another ECG around Christmas will mean she can travel with me on my Holiday planned a month later.

Update January 2018: 

The supplements are really helpful. I’ve read so many good reviews. I am so glad I found NHV for my Judy. (Judy went on the month-long holiday with her mum and is having a fun time. Healthy and happy!)
dog nhv cancer remedy eating at dining table

NHV’s Cancer kit 3 includes 3 supplements that holistically help pets fight cancer.

We are excited to see more progress with her and are going to keep a close check on her. NHV’s Cancer kit 3 includes 3 supplements that holistically help pets fight cancer. ES-Clear is a cancer managing blend, Milk Thistle is a liver detoxifying herbal extract and Turmeric helps reduce internal inflammation. But why did we then ask Hazel to add to her dog’s regime two new supplements?

  1. BK detox helps detoxify the blood. It is helpful against blood disorders and for skin cancer, it is the most essential blend after ES clear.
  2. Hearty Heart helps with cardiomyopathy. When the dog is already diagnosed with cancer as well as a heart condition, we have to attend to each specifically.

We urge pet parents to keep NHV Pet Experts updated with their pet’s health and progress. We will ensure we do what we can to create a customized regime for your pet that’ll work the best!

Update on Judy – we went live with her in February 2018!

NHV’s live session with Judy the cancer warrior Yorkie

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Published: November 30, 2017

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